Star Wars: The Force Awakens – MoGT Review

The best part about the Star Wars Franchise is everyone’s enjoyment of continuing the story with their own twist. I’ve really enjoyed reading all the opinions and interpretations about what scenes meant and what’s next for our galactic heroes. So now here’s a take from a certified Jedi


Rey & her origins
Daisy Ridley is beyond the sensation everyone has made her out to be, “the strong female” lead, the adorableness, and everything else I’ve seen positively written about her. All

She wins our hearts early with her hard working yet playful nature. Then kicks some serious tail when needed. She isn’t the princess Leia was, nor is she the curious and stubborn Luke. I thought she made that role her unique own statement.

Her independence of Finn’s helpfulness was a welcome comedic addition to their scenes on Jakku. I also liked how she warmed up to Finn as the film went along, it wasn’t as tough a friendship battle as Han & Leia, but still sly and sweet at the same time.

As for her origins, it’s painfully clear we are looking at being lead to a Skywalker heritage. Story lines are certainly not set in stone, but it makes sense of course. Now can she harness the force? I have in my theory a large hurdle she’ll have to overcome, more on that later.Star-Wars-shatters-opening-wee

I do believe she was left on Jakku, maybe not so much by Luke himself, but much like with Luke and Leia as they were placed, by someone who she trusted and was looking out for her well-being, and yes I think Lor San Tekka was there as a watchful guardian.

Kylo Ren
Either you loved him, or you hated him. A tough guy mixed with a raging child and an Emo teenager. Adam Driver was altogether pretty solid, there is a lot going on with Kylo. We didn’t scratch the surface other than his distant relationship with Han & Leia and the mentorship that inevitably broke (or did it?) between himself and mentor Luke Skywalker. I have a theory I’ll share later.

His relationship with Supreme Leader Snoke and fantastic angst with General Hux makes for a dysfunctional First Order, which I found somewhat unfrightening.

One of the scenes I thought most interesting was when he threatened Hux with the idea of the return of clone troopers. This is exciting if true, could Boba Fett have returned to Kamino to finish what his own father, Jango, started? Did he even make it out of the Sarlacc Pits alive?c9f73167-025b-4a60-be2a-f98caed40e50-620x372

If this was Driver’s focal point in this trilogy I’m disappointed, I don’t think it will be. There is far more he can bring out in Ren, as talented as he is as an actor. Hopefully, we’ll see the full development of his rage as he slithers away to meet Snoke and finish his training.

Lastly, his lightsaber scenes with Rey & Finn were some of the best in any of the films, but I found myself way to focused on the handguards on his saber. I really liked them at first but found them far too distracting in the actual movie.
John Boyega was as solid as it comes. He’s walking chemistry with everyone who’s in a scene with him. FN-2187 embodies the inner struggle between doing the right thing and the selfishness of the darkside. It’s clear he can control his fear and rarely hesitates to get into the action._1445350717

Now the overwhelmingly interesting part of Finn is his instant ability with a lightsaber. Could he be a Jedi? I’m actually hoping not, he’s got to have some interesting heritage, let’s hope they expand on that instead of taking the easy way out. Could he be a Windu or related closely to a someone we’d be familiar with? I’ve heard the easy speculation that Billy Dee Williams could return as our old pal Lando Calrissian? It doesn’t fit, and it’s lame, plain and simple.

Lastly here, the bromance with Poe. It’s a true bro thing of beauty, let’s treasure it and hope it lasts forever. Bro.635865760794072561-XXX-FORCEAWAKENS-ADD10-MOV-78132668

Poe Dameron
Oscar Issac… of all the roles in all the planets I doubted thee from the start. I was so wrong, with ten minutes I had convinced myself, Poe Dameron was who I wanted to be when I grew up. Poe ended the film as arguably my favorite “good guy” in any Star Wars episode. You know he’s only the best pilot in all the resistance.3504

As great as Poe is I wonder how we keep him relevant going forward? What is the story arc? There could be something with his parents and tragedy as they aided the resistance? Let’s see him out of the pilot seat and into the story, with a bit more bromance.

Mas & Lor San Tekka
Lupita Nyong’o was flat awesome. I straight adore Maz Kanata. To the point, I won’t complain a minute about a stand alone centered around her. Can we make this happen?

When she lands that line to Han, “where’s my boyfriend”? “I love that Wookie”. It’s fantastic. We need to know how she got Luke’s saber, was it given to her by Lor San Tekka for safe keeping?

Captian Phasma
I’m a big Gwendoline Christie fan, so I was most disappointed in the lack of Phasma. This could have been the coolest of characters. Maybe VIII will have what I’m looking for. Or at least, show us how she got out of the trash heap.

Luke is that a gravestone
I’ve been saying I thought this was a lead-up film, great for nostalgia and lining up for the epic finish. When it comes to Luke or lack thereof, I feel like there’s some vindication in that idea.

Sure it seems like he didn’t take Dad’s death to hard. Getting into Jedi training and possibly having a family. But somewhere along the way Snoke and the betrayal of Ren chased Luke away. So here comes my theory…

In the closing scene, Luke appeared to me to be standing over what I took as a grave marker. Was this the act of betrayal? Did Snoke convince Ren to kill Rey’s mother and Luke’s wife? To me this makes sense and it’s a subtle J.J. Abrams hint. Nor kind I find an imagine of this scene.

The Jedi Temple
Was this where we find Luke? I’m very much interested how the Jedi Temple will be portrayed. I think it’s obvious to wonder if it will be the center of Episode VIII and Rey’s becoming of a full padawan. Let’s hope it’s not just dismissed as another place for a scene.

Supreme Leader Snoke
This is probably the most fun character to speculate about, everything from Darth Sidious, Darth Plegueis, or even my personal favorite Boba Fett fresh from the Sarlacc Pit out to finish his quest for revenge. From all of the information Andy Serkis gave up, this will probably not tie back neatly to anyone specific. He’s stated doing a none holographic version of Snoke wasn’t possible, which is an interesting statement, if of course you read into it to much.

Anyone’s guess about what’s next
The great thing about the Star Wars universe is the fan theories and stories. We’ll luckily get to spend the next two years speculating about what could be next. So many people have great ideas, so let’s enjoy them all until the next film. If we are lucky Rouge One might even give us some clues. It’s truly an awesome feeling seeing Star Wars back.

Goodbye Han Solo7f2e790b6ebb34699b887181d7a6a3ed
Lastly, as many, (including myself) predicted, we had to say goodbye to everyone’s favorite smuggler. Oscar Issac’s now takes the mantle as the heartthrob. Harrison Ford was truly a sarcastic genius as Solo. His iconic character has been going strong for generations, and luckily as rumor has it, we’ll get a stand alone prequel to the Solo story. Sadly, it just won’t do without Ford. Thanks for the memories.



~E.S. Norton~

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