Emerald City CC Review: Seattle Rocks the Con

How much fun was Emerald City 2015? The three day event packed in so much fun they’ve made it 4 days for 2016 and that was a huge buzz on the floor. Anytime you can generate excitement for the next year while the current con is in process you’re doing something right.467870106

Let’s talk highlights, from the incomparable (and very ginger) Jewel Staite, the ageless Stan Lee and the lines of adoring fans (more on that later), to Orlando Jones and the ever growing love affair with his fans. There was a point where John Barrowman had to have his booth moved due to exchanges with Alex Kingston, one including an almost mooning. Needless to say crowd control got a little hectic for the minions (yes they are called minions) running the celebrity booths. Not to be left out of the having their own fun, Julie Benz, Clare Kramer, & Charisma Carpenter got their Buffy on every chance given, even tweeting a picture of them going out on the town. Hayley Atwell inspired more than a few cosplays and the young ladies went all fan girl every time Tyler Hoechlin made a showing.16788662790_d444261a1a_o-XL

What am amazing show room floor as well, it was packed from start to finish all 3 days. When walking room on every inch of the floor is sparse you’ve got many talented artists, writers, and collectables for viewing pleasure. We were impressed by more than a few booths, but we have to call out Matt Stevens and geekograph.com & Todd Lockwood toddlockwood.com for some really sweet gear. If you made your way to the very back you may have been lucky enough to run into AZ Powergirl, Ani Mia, or Ivy DoomKitty which we did, although due to a few late celebs on day 1 we missed Ivy’s panel (Men of Cosplay with Bill Doran) we heard from many fans it was rocking.

Speaking of panels, some of a few we liked, Comics, creativity and the law, was an informational take on how to navigate some pitfalls, Jewel Staite and here adventures in space, the lovely ladies of Buffy (Duh?), our favorite, Stripped: The Comics Documentary on the life of the comic strip and what the future for that genre holds. Lastly how cool of a dude is Orlando Jones? Now we’ve had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Jones at SDCC last year and came away even bigger fans than ever before, he upped our admiration at ECCC by a heartfelt thank you to his fans and something you may have seen make the rounds….I will survive 

Now what could have been done better? I’ve always got a few suggestions, Stan Lee is the man, we all agree, and this wasn’t the first time ECCC has seen him appear. Let’s not kid ourselves the man is a legend and deserves his own room, just for crowd control purposes. Stan’s placement was suspect and created unneeded issues getting in and out of the celeb room and photo ops lines. The cosplayer sanctuary was far from that, and that’s a shame with as many awesome cosplays that made their way through ECCC. Anyone was let in that area and pictures were asked for, this wasn’t as contusive for breaks and repair as it should have been. There wasn’t enough second chance shows, we missed Ivy’s show and the Fight Club 2 panel because of late arriving celebs, which can’t be controlled in some cases, so why no second panel for these awesome shows?ECCC Emerald City Comicon 2015

All in all ECCC showed why it’s in the top 5 of Cons in America and we are excited for an extra day of this crazy event next year.IMG_1306


~ES Norton~


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