A Few Good Screams: The Black Dahlia Haunting


The Black Dahlia Haunting (2012)  by Brandon Slagle loosely ties in the 1947 gruesome murder of aspiring actress Elizabeth Short, who’s horrifying death has been chronicled in numerous films.


Slagle brings a mind trip of bouncing scenes together to tell the story of Holly, played by Devanny Pinn who clear steals, sells, and screams her way to the best part of the movie. Holly takes an ill fated trip to Los Angeles upon hearing the news that her long lost brother has murdered their family. Tyler, her blind brother (Noah Dahl) has a rather unusual psychiatrist (Britt Griffith) and as the story plays out we see a rather psychopathic man who’s into some odd hobbies.

What was enjoyable about the film was clearly Pinn who sold her character Holly and who’s acting was solidly fun and frightening. Alexis Iacono was also hauntingly spooky as the Ghost of Elizabeth Short, her haunting of Holly was the some of the best shots of the film, and played to one of the more frightening shower scenes since Norman Bates owned a hotel. Outside of small bits by Jessica Cameron (Norma Jean Baker) & Sarah Nicklin a lot of the other scenes were filled with attempts to be a little to over the top creepy, which is a shame since the story was better thought out then some other bad attempts at horror movies. bdh2

Slagle has the potential to deliver solid scares on future projects but be wary of taking the moody , screen jumping haunts to far. Devanny Pinn as we’ve pointed out before is one to closely watch out for in the horror genre, she blends old soul skill with some modern shock treatment and a dark beauty that sells the darker side of a heroine. BDH3

The Black Dahlia Haunting is a killer late stormy night flick, It won’t blow you away but has solid scares and a kick back to the forties when you could get away with murdering a pretty young actress.


Your Frightful Host

~ES Norton~


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