Emerald City Comic Con: Preview

Seattle, the city of epic adventures


In just under a week the Pacific Northwest’s premiere comic convention arrives in gorgeous Seattle, Washington, a hop, skip, & jump from the home town of the MoGT. This will be our first Con of 2015 and it seems like forever ago we hit Dragon Con 2014. Needless to say we are ready and in full gear for this show.

The first thing I’m excited to talk about are the panels we hope to attend. There really are something for everyone at this show, so we can’t cover them all, just the highlights of our wish list.

The Men of Cosplay: Hosted by the lovely Ivy Doomkitty & Bill Doran – This should be an interesting take on the struggles of cosplaying for dudes. The struggle is real folks, not to mention getting a chance to chat up Ivy and learn from one of the best.

The Ladies of Buffy: Featuring Charisma Carpenter, Julie Benz, & Clare Kramer – This requires no explanation. A biting good time, although we’d consider partying it up with Nic Brendon to be a fair alternative.

Stripped: The Comics Documentary – Featuring the first-ever recorded interview with Bill Watterson, if you enjoy comic strips as much as we do this will be a blast.

Fight Club 2 – Acclaimed Chuck Palahniuk talks about the sequel to the cult classic

Personally #1 on my list, and one of my Favorite Ed Norton flicks.

Steven Yeun: Surviving the Walkers – Yeah let’s talk Zombies! Scott Wilson has a panel as well!

Getting as much Zombie on as possible is always a plus. Gotta ask them what’s up with Rick Grimes!

Orlando Jones: Don’t lose your head – Get your Sleepy Hallow on with one of our favorite dudes!

Orlando pretty much made our SDCC last year (Sorry Sam L.), we’ll be looking for him to top it @ ECC!



There are so many more, props to ECC for doing panels right.

The guest list kicks some serious butt as well, we’re stoked to see Julie Benz (Bringing our Boondock Saints Cosplay), Charisma Carpenter, Hayley Atwell, Clark Gregg, Anthony Daniels, & the immortal Stan Lee just off the top of our list. Deciding how to spend our autograph $$$ will be a chore.

Getting our Cosplay on, there are rumors of some Breaking bad, and Boondock Saints tributes. No matter what goes down the standards will be high with the likes of Ivy Doomkitty & Ani-Mia in attendance. Can’t wait to see two of the top cosplayers around in action.

Lastly it’s Seattle, a place of many memories for the MoGT crew, is always a fun town to hangout in. So many stories memories are sure to be made in just a few weeks’ time. Lookout for our ECC review in early April. Hope to see many of you there!!



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