Retro Review: Edge of Tomorrow

We always look at what’s coming up, coming out, in the rumor mill. Let’s not forget some of our favorites…




When I first sat through the preview of EoT I admittedly giggled and joked out loud Tom Cruise was stealing Bill Murray’s Ground Hog Day thunder. Cruise had been washed up and mostly off the major map since the early 00s. His stint into crazy scientology and couch jumping was so over the top he nearly ran himself out of Hollywood. It was hard to take his comeback (ongoing) seriously with some of the bombs he laid down from 1996 (Post Jerry McGuire) to 2008 (Valkyrie), really it could be argued in that 12 year span Tom had one very good role (Collateral) and a host of yawns (MI2, MI3, The Last Samurai, Vanilla Sky).

Now you want me to believe in an apocalyptic repeater? Alright what made me change my mind once I watched it? Director Doug Liman did a great job using Cruise in the role he should always play, anti-hero does well and wins (kinda) the girl. I’ve watched this flix a few times now and it’s quickly becoming one of those “if it’s on, I’m in” movies. I actual dig the story and the explanation they put behind the condition that causes Cruise to repeat his military feats.

Maybe I got suckered in by classic Tom Cruise anti-hero or Bill Paxton and his hilarious Battle is the Great Redeemer. It is the fiery crucible in which true heroes are forged. The one place where all men truly share the same rank, regardless of what kind of parasitic scum they were going in.” Maybe, but the battle scenes are pretty cool.EoT3

Lastly and probably the winner for me, Emily Blunt, Rita Vrataski is one of the most under rated bad ass women characters in the last century. Her witty dislike for Cage (Cruise), and “Is there something on my face” line makes me laugh every time. The Angel of Verdun is also pretty smoking hot, Blunt is on my list of most appealing women to watch for sure, with that English accent, mmmhhmm.

My one and only criticism is the ending, (retro review I’m allowed to get in some serious spoilers) I don’t think I buy the last reset. It felt awkard, but one last chance at Rita’s little attitude was acceptable. All in all this film won’t ever make my top 10 favorites list but I enjoyed it.

EoT1If you haven’t given it a chance I’d semi-highly recommend it as a decent 2 hours of entertainment. And if you hate it……

“Come find me when you wake up”


~ES Norton~




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  1. The most winning thing about EoT (besides Emily Blunt *swoon*) is the surprisingly good sense of humor, especially in the second act.


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