Cosplayers Against Bullying



Each and every human on this planet is different, no two alike completely. It’s one of the tremendous treasures we get to experience throughout our lives. We bond with each other out of complexities, some matching, and some polar opposites. We group together socially based on these intricate likes and dislikes. Unique cultures, life styles, beliefs, professions, upbringings, hobbies, and so much more make the world a diverse place to educate yourself, experience new things, and mold future societies.

For many, being different does mean getting to experience the world in this exciting way. Its estimated 160,000 children miss school every day due to fear or intimidation, and 56% of all students have personally witnessed bullying in the school environment. Furthermore it is estimated 280,000+ students are physically attacked each month, 90% of which are 4th through 8th grade students.

The “Nerd” culture which we all so much adore was born out of this harsh environment, many of which have used comics, movies, books, cosplay, and the like to get away from the troubles of their environment by becoming, even for a short time, in their mind, someone or go someplace else.

Every one of us must stand up when confronted with these situations, and since most have in one form or another been through a run in with a bully, we’ve grown up and learned how to properly handle someone in the wrong. But what about those who still haven’t learned to protect themselves? Only by standing up for those who can’t stand up for themselves can we eliminate those heart wrenching statistics I mentioned above. Education, tolerance for difference, and intolerance for threats and violence must be one of our biggest tools teachers use in today’s world.

Being part of the Nerd community gives so many great opportunities to give back, to help those struggling in the same form or fashion many of us have experienced. From visiting hospitals in cosplay to make sick children smile, to reading groups at libraries, and so many more outlets to help those how need an outlet way from the worries of their world. We at the Ministers of Good Taste will be spending the next few months, with your help, raising money for education against bullying and programs to help those coup with the traumatic stress that can be the aftermath.

Please help us be donating to our go fund me campaign or if you cosplay donating your autographed prints to our giveaway. For every donation of $1 (Multiple entries welcome, get yourself a better chance and feel good about it) gets an entry into an exclusive drawing for autographed prints of some of our favorite cosplayers from around the world. Let’s band together, if everyone who watched that blue circle spin during SDCC ticket day gave back simply $1, we could make an incredible difference in the lives of future Con goers, cosplayers, writers, actor/actress, and who knows what else this amazing young generation could achieve without the fear of intolerance and violence.

Proceeds of this endeavor will benefit children through the Coalition for Children (,, & possibly more, so join us @


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