Thank You Mr. Nimoy


 Star Trek: The Original Series

Today is an incredibly sad day, this fact is undeniable. One of the hardest things we do in life is losing those heroes we grow up molding ourselves after. In a world were true heroes are few and far between any more, Leonard Nimoy was one who transcended his on screen character and became an icon for how he treated the world off screen. A gentle giant in an industry of malcontents and flawed facades.

As an awkward child growing up I related to the character Mr. Nimoy played in the famed Star Trek. Handling ones emotions and taking an analytical, logical view on events. This has stayed with me through all of my adult life, and kept me out of many of the pitfalls of the way I grew up in the chaotic world we live in. You could say Spock’s way of life is partially why I am who I am today, and I can’t think of a character I relate to in the way their life unfolded more than Spock.

Often when you idealize someone as a naïve youth it is often spoiled as you reach your 20’s & 30’s, far too often the human flaws of our heroes are bared fully uncovered for all to see and judge. Nimoy was the anti-Hollywood star, a transcending human, kind, giving, thoughtful, artistic, and above all he knew the impact he had on the world that looked up to him. He didn’t waste it, far from it, like few others in his industry he fully embraced what he could do with his fame to help and educate others.

Leonard Nimoy was a talent like few others, his character Spock brought logic and hope for the struggle with emotions and the human way. His friendships on and off screen were inspiring, his work in his community was highly valued for its inclusion and equality work.

I will forever remember and miss the man whom I’ve idealized on many levels for my entire life. Thank you & God speed Mr. Nimoy, may you Live Long and Prosper in all of your future lives as you did in this one.

Tears at our desks today

~ES Norton~



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