CosTalk Featuring: CyberIncision

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery” – Charles Caleb Colton We love Cosplay, unabashedly so, and one of the cool things about hanging out at Cons is hearing why someone enjoys a character or genre. Cosplay is the biggest form of that flattery, and we aim to bring you the stories behind all those people in funky, fun dress up.

Today we welcome, covering cosplay from coast to coast… CyberIncicsion Cosplay


“I have an N7 tattoo under my right collarbone. I LOVE video games and comics.”

MoGT: Who is CyberIncision Cosplay? CyberIncision: Well…. Me! I’m 24, Oregon born, but I live in New York currently. I’ve been cosplaying since early 2008, but I only gave a name to myself as a cosplayer/content creator a little over a year ago when I created my page. It spawned from a love of horror films and has since become my brand name as a (sort of) online personality. It’s really weird, googling my handle and seeing pages of info on myself pop up as well as pages of my images….. I have had a hand in making costumes for a majority of my life, but it all really started with conventions. As a cosplayer, I tend to be more fond of video games/comics and red headed females. I spend most of my time playing and reading. I’m a walking arsenal of useless comic info and let’s play tips XD In 2008, I’d only had vague images of what a convention actually looked like or what happened there. I was 17 and a coworker of my mother’s invited me to come along to Sakura-con (A Pacific Northwest convention). I attended with one costume, L from Death Note. Store bought Jeans and a white t-shirt. Eyeliner smudged too darkly underneath my eyes, you get the gist, you’ve seen a million. But the experience was amazing non-the-less. The community was so friendly. I made dozens of friends, took a millions pictures and had one of the best experiences of my life. Over the years, I feel I have progressed a lot as far as costuming goes. I have done over 30 costumes and been to over 20 events. I have been a guest at a convention, staffed a convention, won a few awards for accuracy and likeness and met some really amazing people! I am a content creator for a cosplay page called “Cosplay Madness”. I just really love getting to know everyone in the online community. MoGT: What does cosplay represent for you? CyberIncision: For me, Cosplay represents a fun loving, friendly pastime. I have made so many friends because of cosplaying and conventions. So many experiences that I could not have otherwise had. Cosplay represents a community where you can meet people and just kind of…. Geek out. I have never been in a situation where the majority of the people around me have “seen that anime” or “played that video game” (or ANYTHING else related) unless I’m in the con setting. That isn’t to say there are no people around me that are into the same things, but to be surrounded by it is an amazing feeling. Even if it’s only for three to four days and it can be really exhausting at times, a con can be like a second home. There are some people who take it in a negative, competitive light. They feel they must be the best and only at cosplay. They put people down for not having picture perfect costumes or not being necessarily the right size. I feel that this is wrong. Cosplay isn’t about being the best and certainly not about being perfect. It’s about fun and community. It can be about strength and branching out too. I refuse to let the negative people change what cosplay means to me and has done for me.CI1   MoGT: Do you have any cosplay guidelines? CyberIncision: Well, I basically won’t do anything too risqué. I won’t cosplay for the sake of cosplaying something just because it’s popular or someone else likes it. I have to be a fan of what and who I’m cosplaying. I won’t do full on fur suit (nothing against furries, just not interested) and I would never use a personal tragedy as a means to showcase my costumes and gain publicity.   MoGT: You’ve been to conventions all over the country. What were your experiences in different areas? CyberIncision: Well let me just say that it depends on the kind of convention. An anime specific convention is going to be very different from a comic specific convention. For example, Sakuracon in Seattle, Washington is very large, highly populated but very spread out. It is an anime specific con and is 24 hours. New York Comic Con is a comic specific con in Manhattan, New York. It is just as large and populated but closer quarters so it’s a bit harder to see everything. But no matter where you go, everyone is there for the same reasons.   MoGT: What are your favorite events to attend? CyberIncision: I like most events in general, to be honest. I think my favorite event is Sakuracon every year that I attend because I always make more friends and see some amazing costumes. The last Wizard World I went to, January of 2014, I met a lot of celebrities. Robert Englund kissed my hand, Neal Adams complimented my belly button O_O (I was in my belly dancer themed Moltres Gijinka cosplay), Ron Perlman hit on me and Elvira -Cassandra Peterson- complimented my outfit (Once again, Moltres). It was one of the more amazing con experiences to say the least XD MoGT: Who would you say is your biggest supporter?CI3 CyberIncision: There are a lot of people who have supported me. My mom is a big supporter. She’s always helped with crafting and supplies. She has always provided transportation to conventions and ideas for costume construction. If not for her consent, I might never have went to a convention at all. My fiancée, Anthony is a huge supporter as well. Even when I’m feeling down with a costume (Like Parasoul from Skullgirls which I am currently working on) he helps me pick it back up and makes me feel better. Plus a willing cosplay companion is always a plus. He himself cosplays under the name “Zaxiade”, as well as music making, and let’s plays under the name “The Final Vox”.   MoGT: What are your biggest pet peeves while Cosplaying? CyberIncision: I hate when my makeup runs under my eyes. It never fails, a couple of hours in and I’ll go to the bathroom and SMUDGE SMUDGE SMUDGE. OR get photos back like that >.< We all have those photos I’m sure, but nothing kills the mood like the perfect photo ruined by the smallest costume detail flaw.   MoGT: What’s the cosplay culture like where you’re from, do you have friends that cosplay as well? CyberIncision: I’m from a town called Medford (Ruch technically, but it’s barely a town) in Oregon. There WAS no cosplay community when I first started. I had friends that were into anime, we’d watch it together and check out manga from one of several libraries in the Rogue Valley. We’d get together on weekends and cram into Kevin’s (one of my best friends) room to play video games. But no one cosplayed or spoke of conventions. I went to my first convention and raved about it when I came home. We immediately planned to attend Kumoricon 08′ and eventually over time found a few more local friends who cosplayed and went to conventions. It’s wonderful to see it growing there from literally nothing to a small community of its own.   MoGT: What are you hobbies outside of dressing up? CyberIncision: Well I work as a freelance (formerly contracted) Model. I like dressing up even outside of cosplay for photographs and have helped a lot of friends out with their photography portfolios.CI4 I have an odd hobby I call blood photos. It started as me and my cousin Kelly with a pint of fake blood and a needle-less syringe (blood squirter) taking “gothesque” photographs on her woodsy property. I have done so many of those. I’ve always been a fan of horror and gore, I love creating brutal or just bloody scenes to immortalize in photographs. I spend A LOT of my time on playing video games. And I mean A LOT. Console and PC. I’m partial to PlayStation but we also have a WIIU (For smash, obviously), 3DS, Gamecube, Sega, N64, Super Nintendo, etc. Some of my favorite games are Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Metal Gear Solid, LOZ:LTTP, LOZ:LBW, LOZ:OOT, Tekken, Warframe, Silent Hill, Last Of Us, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, KoF, Final Fantasy and Soul Calibur. I LOVE to read. Fantasy, SCIFI, and Horror are my favorite genres for ANYTHING. I’m a writer too (surprise surprise). I am a published author, and I’m working on a book loosely based on real life events. MoGT: How did your costumes come about, did you make them or do you have good shopping tips? If you design and create your own Cosplay tells us about the process.CI5 CyberIncision: It depends on the costume. A majority of my costumes were made by me. Goodwill is an excellent place to get pieces to alter, Joann’s and Michael’s are favorites for from scratch building and ebay is an excellent source for good wigs on the cheap. I use pinkyparadise for contacts. Here’s the thing: I don’t, and -in the history of me cosplaying- have never, owned a sewing machine. Everything I have sewn has been sewn by hand. It takes way too long and my arms and hands get tired but I just can’t bring myself to shell out cash for a sewing machine just yet. I also have less than conventional ways of measuring. I use measuring tape most of the time but if I’m without I guess and check. Ill lay the fabric out and lay on it to measure myself against it. I use fabric crayon to make markings. This is the way my Ravio – LOZ:LBW robe was made. I do want to let it be known that creating a costume is not for everyone, but cosplaying is. There is no shame in buying a costume or commissioning one.    MoGT: Any good dating stories about breaking the news of your Cosplay/nerdom?


“I enjoyed working with and (he) is really popular in the Pacific Northwest is Jason Desomer at Jailbreak Designs. Check out his stuff, he’s really good!”

CyberIncision: The best story I think is how I met my fiancee. It never would have been possible if not for The Legend of Zelda. We had both been fans since early childhood. I lived in Oregon and I had decided I wanted to cosplay Ravio from the newest (at the time) Link Between Worlds and was looking up references on Google images. I found an image of what I thought was probably the best Ravio cosplayer I was ever likely to see and followed the link (Ha…. Link….. between worlds… ) to his deviantart. He lived in New York, the complete other side of the country, a place I had never been. We began talking and the rest is history. I now live in New York with him. Without Zelda, cosplay and all around nerdom, this wouldn’t be possible.     MoGT: What movies/comics/video games/books/shows inspire your Cosplay? CyberIncision: I like quirky/dark stories where the characters stand out and make a definite impact. I don’t always like the shows that are super popular though. But I like shows like Ouran that are silly too. If I can get into the stories enough/identify with or like the character I’m cosplaying enough, it can inspire me to cosplay it. Like my Jinx cosplay from LoL that is almost completed. I do think that if you’re going to cosplay from something it should be something you’ve seen/played/read and liked. Same with the character, if you don’t like them you probably shouldn’t be cosplaying them. Cosplay for yourself.


“My dream cosplay of all time is Fran from Final Fantasy 12.”

Some specific things that inspire me are Fullmetal Alchemist, Tekken, Metal Gear Solid, Batman, Dragon Ball, Legend of Zelda, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, League of Legends, Dragon Age, and Gorillaz   MoGT: Cosplay is not consent is a huge movement Cosplayers are getting behind, what are your thoughts/experiences? CyberIncision: I am 100% behind the movement and I think it has an important role to play for everyone of all sexualities and genders. Everyone needs to feel safe and secure. Harassment is never ok. But that doesn’t mean it’s 100% foolproof. What I’m about to say is a very delicate opinion, but for a movement like this it is very important to get everyone behind it for the right reasons. I have seen people exploit this movement, use it very negatively to hurt those around them (bragging about it later and using it as publicity). It is delicate because you can’t look at someone and say their claim is invalid. But an organization is only as good as the people it helps. And it’s as negative as the people it hurts too.   MoGT: Do you have any upcoming events/projects you can tell us about? CyberIncision: I am actually working on several Long and short term projects right now! My short term cosplay goals are: Sheik – LOZ:OOT, Harley Quinn – Batman, Parasoul – Skullgirls, Annie – SNK, Jinx – LoL, Makoto – Street Fighter, and BMO Gijinka – Adventure Time. My longterm include: Painwheel – Skullgirls, Calne Ca – Vocaloid, Hilda – LOZ:LBW, and Laughing Octopus – MGS 4. I am working to set up my channel on youtube for some Let’s Plays, Vlogs and skits. This is, I’d say, a short term project (to first post) so keep posted if you’re interested! I will be attending quite a few North Eastern events so keep posted on my social media pages for more detailed info! MoGT: Any advice for fellow Cosplayers? CyberIncision: Do what makes you happy and show ’em what you’re made of. No one can tell you what to cosplay. It is your right in the cosplay community to cosplay as you see fit. Learn as you grow, it’s all up from that first step, trust me. My first cosplay was a crappy L 🙂CI8   MoGT: Are there any cosplayers that have inspired you or that you look up to? CyberIncision: Shea Standefer (that’s her facebook page name)/Ruroni-Jedi/Jaina Solo is my cosplay idol. Each cosplay is perfectly crafted. She is really amazing. Not to mention she has the most perfect Fran – FF12 in existence of Fran cosplays XD I look up to her and hope I can be half as good some day!   MoGT: Where can fans follow your work?   Well there’s my cosplay page: My personal tumblr. I’m pretty active: My Steam where I play games all day XD: My Deviantart for Cosplay/Modeling/Blood Pictures: My Model Mayhem account: My twitter that I post on sparingly: My Instagram:   And finally my youtube account. There’s only like two relevant videos on there but I’m prepping for Let’s Plays/Skits/and vlogs in the future so keep posted:


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