A Few Good Screams: ZomBeavers Cortney Palm

This movie rocked our socks so much we had to ask our favorite actress in the flick a few questions, Cortney Palm was kind enough to give us some insight. So please give a Good Taste welcome!



MoGT: Thank you so much Cortney for joining us, let’s start with what you were thinking when you got this script?

Cortney Palm: When I first read the script, I laughed and completely connected with Zoe. But the script changed after I signed on, the script changed and I loved it even more. I was drawn to the role of Zoe immediately. She is charismatic, a free spirit, and has a bit of an attitude, but all in good fun. Deep down she cherishes her friendship with Mary and that’s what makes her charismatic I think.

MoGT: How did anyone on set make it through a scene with all the jokes and craziness of zombie beavers?

Cortney Palm: The director, Jordan Rubin, continued to remind us to play it straight and the comedy will play itself out. Not once did any of us flop a scene, we were all truly invested and genuinely expressed our fear of the beavers.

MoGT: How did you get into acting? Any advice for people trying to break through?

Cortney Palm: I love performing, I love feeling things. I actually played with Barbies until I was a freshman in high school because I loved acting out stories and expressing different emotions. I went to California Lutheran University where I studied acting and was in numerous plays such as: Medusa, The Learned Ladies, and Tape, to name a few. My advice is to get training, casting directors love to see that you study.

MoGT: You’ve done both horror and Indy, where do you see your career heading?

Cortney Palm: It’s really hard to say where my career is heading. But I am getting more serious roles such as Detective Kate in Bond: Kizuna.

MoGT: What are your favorite movies, TV shows, or genres of films?CP1

Cortney Palm: I love horror, it’s all I ever want to watch. But my favorite movies, those that I can watch every day and never tire of, are: Dirty Dancing, Ever After, and Mulan! Otherwise I love Titanic, Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, and GI Jane. Total nerd fan of GOT and Rookie Blue (on TV), and my favorite authors are Sara Douglass, and James Clemens in the Fantasy book genre.

MoGT: How was the chemistry on set?

Cortney Palm: In my opinion, the chemistry between all of us was immediate about an hour into our table read. We are all professionals and it was so easy working with everyone.

MoGT: What are your non-film passions?

Cortney Palm: I am passionate about keeping our oceans protected with groups like Green Peace, Ocean Conservancy and The Sea Shepherd. I am also truly passionate about animal welfare and am a big supporter of The Gentle Barn, Mercy For Animals, and rescue organizations for animals. I am an ambassador for peace and vegan living. I also volunteer at homeless centers, animal hospitals, rescues, and with children at the YMCA when I can.


Cortney is incredibly talented and we hope to see her in many more of our favorite genre of scream films. Check out her catalog IMDB & Facebook along with a few other project

“Hellevator Man” http://www.fangoria.com/new/exclusive-gruesome-photos-poster-teaser-vincent-j-guastinis-hellevator-man/

“It’s Not a Date” starring Eric Roberts http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U288Up6DrNs
Don’t forget to check out ZomBeaversZombeavers
Your Frightful Host
~ES Norton~





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