A Few Good Screams: ZomBeavers an Instant Cult Classic

The horror genre can bring you chills, nightmares, screams, paranoia, and an occasional laugh. Personally I prefer my horror to either scare the living hell out of me, which isn’t often, or to be so campy that you can actually cheer for the slaughter of innocent (well maybe not so innocent) college kids.




The Sharknado craze isn’t the first of its kind but it has brought back the idea that you can make a totally ridiculous horror comedy and people will watch it with a groundswell for the niche audience. I was excited to hear through a few friends about a movie right up my alley, killer zombie beavers, and fail me not when I looked it up, those beavers are attacking a group of attractive women, what could possibly be wrong with this flick? Let’s find out!

We quickly discover, thanks to a pair of bumbling truck drivers just how the beavers became so angry, and it doesn’t take them long to get hungry. Our fair maidens of course are on a road trip, how else would you expect this to go? We have the Nerdy girl (Rachel Melvin), the Blonde (Lexi Atkins), & the sarcastic Brunette (Cortney Palm), nicely done with the stereo types. Hey look no cell service!

It isn’t long after they reach the cabin that they decide to take a dip in the lake, which happen to guess what? Have a beaver dam! Let’s go check it out, topless. I know what you’re thinking, this is awesome right? So we’ve got ourselves a few suspect creepers as well, this is shaping up well.

Something goes bump in the night, let’s go check it out…Frat boys..yes more victims! These guys are grade A douche bags, we’ll be glad to see them eaten some. Cut to corny horror sex scene…”Oh I feel like a Power Ranger”…that has me rolling on the floor.

Shower scene…and the angry beavers emerge…our Blonde friend barely escapes…grab the boys to check it out. The thing almost takes out an ankle. So you can see where this is going, they may have escaped and killed that lone beaver but it’s not called ZomBeaver for nothing! I’m not going to ruin the rest of the movie, wait could I? I digress, as the epicness continues. This campy film has everything you could want if you’re a fan of cheesy horror flicks. ZBchicks

In all seriousness I highly recommend having a few beers (or whatever it is you do), inviting your likeminded friends over and having a few hilarious laughs. It really is a well done mock a minute flick, maybe play a little game around not trying to say “that what she said”.

Look out for these ladies in 2015 as the have a few other decent upcoming projects, if you can pull off being scared of a zombie beaver, you’ve got talent.

Check it out where ever you can find it, it has limited release in theaters and we found a copy on Amazon. We give a Good Taste 4.5 stars, and a cult classic in the making!

Check out our upcoming interview with one of the movies Stars, and the one we rooted for most, Cortney Palm!ZB1


Your frightful host

~ES Norton~



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