CosTalk: Featuring Emmie Marshmellow

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery – Charles Caleb Colton

We love Cosplay, unabashedly so, and one of the cool things about hanging out at Cons is hearing why someone enjoys a character or genre. Cosplay is the biggest form of that flattery, and we aim to bring you the stories behind all those people in funky, fun dress up.

The Ministers would like to welcome November Marshmallow

Emmie brings us everything from Darth Vader to Spiderman, here is her story:NM1


MoGT: Who is Emmie aka November Marshmallow, tell us what you like to Cosplay?

Emmie: First off, I’d like to say thanks for asking me to be apart of your website. It was lovely to be asked! I’m Emmie, I’m 22 and I am a Cosplayer and general nerd girl from Shropshire, England. I go by the name of November Marshmallow for my Cosplay and other shenanigans. I like to cosplay a wide range of characters as I enjoy being able to create different looks and being able to turn myself into any one that tickles my fancy is pretty awesome. I like to do a lot of inspired Cosplays and put twists into my costumes so that I can combine my personality into them and make them slightly different to everybody else’s.

MoGT: What are your favorite events to attend? Tell us any good stories…

Emmie: I enjoy any event where I have an excuse to dress up! I’ve just started out with putting my Cosplay out there. I used to just do it in my bedroom whilst I was alone and kept it to myself, but now I’m enjoying putting myself out there. As I’ve just started I haven’t been to many events, but I’m planning to attend an MCM event very soon and hoping to take my Daenerys Targaryen costume!

MoGT: How did you get your start and who’s your biggest supporter?NM3

Emmie: I started by posting photos of my creations on Instagram and Tumblr. I like these social networks as the hashtags draw in anyone of the right audience. After that I made my own Facebook page to post my stuff on. I combine my Cosplay with cosplay make up posts. I then made some tutorials for cosplay makeup on Youtube. It’s hard going at first and you think that you will never gain followers, but as I’ve experienced, posting regularly and spreading the word between family and friends, the likes and followers soon start rolling in. So my advice for anyone who is doing this is to just hang in there and be patient! I have several great supporters, a lot of family and friends and also a couple of people who live the opposite side of the world who have become loyal to my page. I love all the people that have supported me and my pages and if it wasn’t for them I probably would have given it up a while ago, so thank you to them!

MoGT: What are your biggest pet peeves while Cosplaying?

Emmie: My biggest pet peeves would have to be when you get an issue with your contact lenses, they never seem to not annoy me at some point! I always seem to get things flying into my eyes and irritating them! Anyone else have this problem? Or is it just me? Haha.


“I haven’t yet worked with any photographers, but this is something I’d love to do! I’d love to get some nice pictures with my Poison Ivy costume in some pretty picturesque woods. So if any photographers in the UK are reading this and fancy giving me a shot I’d b very pleased! Haha.”

It also annoys me a lot when Mother Nature finds a way of ruining your costumes. For example, the wind will blow your hair out of place or rain might ruin your lovely painted face so you have to make extra time to plan for these things, but hey, what can you do?!

MoGT: What’s the cosplay culture like where you’re from, do you have friends that cosplay as well?
Emmie: I live in small village and the nearest town is also quite small so it’s hard to meet people who are also into Cosplaying. I have come across a few people who have actually asked me what Cosplaying is. I was shocked! They hold a small scale expo in the town where I live, I enjoy it but it is nothing compared to the big ones they have else where. So for me, I have to travel quite far to get to them. I’d love to travel to the U.S and attend some over there!

MoGT: What are you hobbies outside of dressing up?

Emmie: My hobbies outside of dressing up are drawing, or anything crafty that I can make. I love art and I enjoy drawing and painting anime styled things. I have two pet bunnies (who sometimes dress up with me) and loving and caring for them is a hobby to me. Listening and watching anything to do with K-Pop is one of my favorite things to do. I enjoy watching TV shows, anime and I’ve also recently taken it upon myself to learn Japanese from home.

MoGT: How did your costumes come about, did you make them or do you have good shopping tips?

Emmie: I most often buy my costumes that are ready made or I’ll buy separate things and throw everything together. I enjoy making my own costumes (although I’m no pro at this). I usually take some dress patterns and cut my shapes out sew them all together to make the shape of whatever it is I’m making and if I wanted certain patterns on it, fabric paint is a good quick way of achieving this! I’d love to make more of my own, but as a university student I don’t get much time to do so unfortunately. I will always find the most money saving way to get a costume. If a ready made one is too costly, I will find my own things that look similar and put everything together. Cosplaying can be a very expensive hobby!NM2

MoGT: What would be your all time epic cosplay?

Emmie: Chi from Chobits!!! I love this Cosplay and I’d want to make it look real good so I’d wand to buy a real cute Lolita dress for it and they cost a lot so I haven’t been able to do it yet. One day hopefully ! That’d be real cool!

MoGT: What movies/comics/shows inspire your Cosplay?

Emmie: Sailor Moon!! I love Sailor Moon and I’ve already Cosplayed Sailor Mars. I’d love to Cosplay a lot of characters from this show, like a human version of Luna, and Female version of Tuxedo Mask and Queen Beryl! I love Lucy and Nana from Elfen Lied and I love the little Japanese school uniforms so Cosplaying Tohru from Fruits Basket would be cute!! When I was younger I watched Pita Ten and the little Lolita styled dresses on Misha were so adorable. I love Lolita styles so anything that has that would be awesome!

MoGT: If you could have your dream roll in a Movie/TV show what would it be and who would be in the picture?
Emmie: I’ve always wanted to be the female James Bond! Starring along side the likes of Channing Tatum, Tom Hardy or Leonardo DiCaprio would be pretty darn awesome! Oooh yes 😉

MoGT: Cosplay is not consent is a huge movement Cosplayers are getting behind, what are your thoughts/experiences?


“I have a few costumes I’d like to put out there, including a human version of Pokemon’s JigglyPuff and my own version of Elsa from Frozen. After doing my costumes, I’m planning on making tutorials for how I did my makeup for these as I like to create cute anime looks for all my characters.”

Emmie: I totally agree that ‘cosplay is not consent’! I’ve seen a lot of girls posting that when they’ve been to a con, they’ve been groped or what have you. I think this is totally wrong! The point in Cosplaying and going to conventions is so that you can dress up as your favorite characters, show off your costumes and mingle with people who enjoy doing the same. It is NOT a place where people decided to go so that they can be harassed and mistreated in such ways. I’m sure that there has probably been guys who have been mistreated this way too, I know most people probably think of this issue and relate it to girls but lets not forget about the guys too!
MoGT: Are there any cosplayers that have inspired you or that you look up to?

Emmie: I know it’s cliché but I love Jessica Nigri. I love her not only because she’s awesome at her cosplays but because she’s also girly and pretty despite her nerdyness and she make’s Cosplay appear more mainstream. I’d love to become as well known as she is for my Cosplaying, she has inspired me to try and put myself out there and share what I do with people, although I doubt I’ll ever have the success that she does! 😀


Keep up with November Marshmallow: on: Facebook, Instagram, or  Tumblr, Youtube & Cospix


Cosplay on friends

~E.S. Norton~


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