A Few Good Screams Feature: Author & Artist Gabrielle Faust


A Few Good Screams Presents: Acclaimed Horror Author, Gabrielle Faust


Gabrielle is best known for her post-apocalyptic vampire series Eternal Vigilance


Please Join us in giving a thirsty welcome to  the lovely Fangfully awesome Gabrielle!


MoGT: Lets get the blood flowing with your take on the Vampire genre in its entirety, there’s a lot of variations, especially lately. How should the culture be seen and what would you like to see go away for good?


Faust: Well, that is a fairly expansive question. The “culture” and the “genre” are intertwined, but still two different aspects of the vampire mythos as a whole. Both are constantly evolving. As for the genre (literature, film, art, etc.), the beauty of the mythos is that it, like all legends, are left up to the interpretation of the artist behind the creation. In recent years there has been a trend to “defang” the vampire, as I like to put it. In other words, mainstream media has taken a predator and domesticized it, made it the boy or girl you want your parents to meet and no longer truly our evolutionary killers. This is not my cup of tea, but that is not to say that it isn’t someone else’s. Personally I like my vamps with a bit more bite. As for the culture… For a long time it has been viewed as one, as with many subcultures, that was nearly eating itself from the inside out with drama. However, in the past year I have witnessed what could possibly be the beginning of a new golden age of unity and peace, one that will allow the culture to evolve and mature past the pettiness that has hindered it in the past. There’s a mutual sense that anything is possible right now. I hope it continues…


MoGT: In Eternal Vigilance you combined an apocalyptic world with Vampires, which in our humble opinion is generous to readers who like their drama hot and heavy, what inspired the background of the series?ETERNALVIGILANCE1

Faust: The series was actually inspired by 9-11. I began writing the first novel after weeks of watching the carnage and suffering on TV. I found my voice as an author when I started truly delving in to the darkness of humanity’s incessant need to destroy itself and its seemingly unending repetition of the past. However, I also wanted to develop a world in which there was still a spark of hope and common struggle for survival, however small it might be. Eternal Vigilance is not simply a vampire series, but a study of the rise and fall of civilizations.


MoGT: There’s a fourth book in the series now, for those who haven’t picked it up yet, any spoilers?ETERNALVIGILANCE3

Faust: The fourth book, Meditations on Darkness, begins a new trilogy which will cover the arc of a new battle between Tynan and a rising new dictator Cashel Sinclair. Here is the official synopsis:

When Tynan Llywelyn awoke in the year 2111 after a century of Sleep he found himself tethered to the culmination of a war between a global technological dictatorship and the rebel uprising, the Phuree, it sought to crush. Forced against his will by the Elders of the surviving vampiric Immortal community to become the pawn of their efforts to dismantle the Empire’s crusade to become immortal by resurrecting a god called the Vicinus, Tynan realized quickly that his path in this new world was nothing less than extraordinary. With the guidance of the Ancient Immortal Nahalo and his own conviction to save the Phuree and his own dying race from extinction, Tynan found the strength within himself to face, not only the Empire, but also a primal god bent on wiping the face of the Earth clean of humanity in its entirety.

In the wake of the death of Lord Cardone III and the system failure of the Chronous matrix, the technology that powered the grid upon which the Tyst Empire thrived, humanity is now struggling to redefine itself in societal darkness. Leaderless, an internal battle for supremacy has begun to fester as the Tyst elite clamber to seize while outside the fortress wall, chaos breeds within the perimeters of the amagins as the Phuree close in on the unprotected cities to reclaim them from the Tyst. A new animalistic hierarchy is also being redefined as the Immortal race and the humans turn to face each other, predator and prey, to decide how to rebuild the world in the light of the new awareness of one another. Unable to simply forget, the question lingers of what the dominant species will be?

Within the walls of the Elder Phelan’s estate, Tynan himself is caught in a new political war of his own. Emerging victorious from his final battle, the Immortals have appointed him a place of power amongst their ranks, as a leader and advisor to their species and possible King within the new societal structure they seek to build alongside the human race. However, Tynan’s desire to return to his previous path of the past century as the philosophical leader of the vampiric race creates a moral and ethical divide within him. Amidst a seething, unstable world where conspiracy and violence thrives in every shadow, Tynan must walk a perilous new path of politics and religion lest he watch the world he just saved burn to ashes around him.

Eternal Vigilance: Meditations on Darkness will be released in early 2015.


MoGT: You’ve been declared Vampire royalty, along with many other accolades, which bring you the most pride?

Faust: Being crowed Vampire Royalty of New Orleans by the Vampire Lestat Fan Club, alongside Charlaine Harris, was most definitely an amazing and humbling experience. But I suppose I take the most pride in the amazing support of my readers and fans. Every time I hear from them or meet them in person at conventions and events, I am humbled beyond belief.


MoGT: What do you have planned for 2015? Anything exciting you can share? Events you’ll be attending?

Faust: Right now I am focusing on the promotion of the first trilogy of the Eternal Vigilance series, which I have re-released through my personal publishing house Nightshade Publications, as well as the release of the fourth novel. In addition I am working on re-launching the Nightshade Vampire Boutique and hope to reopen the store in early 2015, if not sooner. As for tour dates, I have just begun scheduling appearances, but HoustonCon and Texas Frightmare Weekend are always on my radar. More events will be listed on my website as we get closer to 2015.THELINEAGE-COVER


MoGT: What are your favorite Movies/shows/books outside of your own work in the genre?

Faust: I tend to watch a lot of independent and foreign films and shows. At the top of the list of my favorites are “Slings and Arrows”, “Modigiliani”, “The Man From Nowhere”, “Boondock Saints”, “The Commitments”, and “True Romance”, among many many others. I am also a huge fan of the Beats such as Kerouac, Ginsberg, and Leonard Cohen. Another literary hero of mine is Hunter S. Thompson.


MoGT: You did the primary graphic design work on the World Horror Con in 2011 held in Austin, Texas, what was the event like from that aspect?

Faust: From the behind the scenes aspect it was a very well coordinated event. I wish I could have been there to see my handiwork in person, but alas I was out of town that weekend on family business. I hope to attend the 2015 World Horror Con in Atlanta…


MoGT: Lastly any closing words to the wise for Vampire fans out there?

Faust: Keep your fangs sharp, your friends close, and your enemies closer. No matter what anyone might say, the vampire is here to stay for generations to come. And as long as I can, I will continue to contribute the best vampire stories I can for you to sink those pearly fangs in to. You can connect with me on Twitter @Gabrielle_Faust, Facebook at facebook.com/gabrielle.faust, or on my website gabriellefaust.com. Thank you for your continued support. XOV’’’’VOX


Thank you to Gabrielle for letting us into her world

Your Frightful Host

E.S. Norton



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