The 2014 Good Taste Tasty’s

The Ministers of Good Taste present the 2014 Tasty’s

Look we like award shows, as meaningless as they could be, we feel a little left out. How could such Good Taste not be allowed to cast ballots for the Academy awards, the Heisman, or even a Grammy? It’s an obvious oversight that these fine organizations will be allowed to correct, (call us, we forgive you), until than here is the first ever Good Taste Tasty awards:



“Mr. Orlando Jones getting his Jedi on with the MoGT crew during SDCC”


First off, 2014 was a fantastic year of traveling around the country seeing many events we’ll never forget. The entertainment world brought us some hope that maybe Hollywood hasn’t lost its touch after all. TV has us maxing out our DVR’s, we frankly couldn’t even come close to covering all the awesome shows you deserve to know about. Drama, you want drama? Yes a lot of crazy happened in the world as well, but we’ve been telling you not to send those photos to that guy you’ve gone out with three times. But maybe in 2015 the world will heed our warnings. Finally we’d like to thank J.J Abrams, yoga pants, Alton Brown, & Derek Jeter just to name a few for making 2014 a memorable year.

Now without further ado, the 2014 Tasty’s


Our Actor and Actress of the Year: Jennifer Lawrence & Chris PrattJlaw

Easy choices here as these two had circled the field. Pratt staring as two very polarizing heroes, Peter Quill (Guardians of the Galaxy) & Emmet Brickowoski (The Lego Movie), he stole the year and rocketed to Super Stardom. JLaw graced us with X-Men & another Hunger Games, her sultry glare knows no bounds in our hearts among over yeah, it’s an honor for us to call her our first Tasty Winner.

Flick of the Year: Interstellar

Gone Girl was pretty gripping, The Grand Budapest Hotel was a riot, and Guardians of the Galaxy will remain one of our favorite Marvel movies. But our #1? Interstellar, hands down a wonderful movie that rekindled our love of space travel and what the human spirit is about.

TV Tasty of the Year: Game of Thronesgame-of-thrones-10

The Walking Dead was solid and Carol almost had them pulling an upset, we watched a lot of new some that we enjoyed with potential in coming years. This year however was about how much George R. R. Martin kept us shaking our heads. Yes, we like Jon Snow, know nothing.

MoGT Product of the Year: Ultra Sabers

Who doesn’t love a light saber? These guys do it right, and if you’ve ever talked to them at a Con, truly a professional group who enjoy bringing that excitement of owning a freaking awesome piece of hardware.


“The Deadpool crawl at Dragon Con”

Con of the Year: Dragon Con

SDCC was its unreal self but definitely took a step backward from past years, as amazing as the city of San Diego is, the luster is wearing off, a possible move looms, the space issue, and how in-accessible it has become too many. Atlanta and Dragon Con on the over hand are the new place to be, a con for the Con-goer. The equal parts party, convention, and percentage of unique cosplayers put DC over the top.

What we want to remember from 2014: Robin Williams, Cosplay is not Consent, & Bringing ALS into the spot light.

We lost a giant, frankly a man who will never be replaced in the hearts of this generation. Let us never take mental health issues for granted.

A groundswell of cosplayers have had enough, and it is about time the Cons get on board. Cosplay is a hug part of the attraction of going to a Con, now let’s protect those from the bad intentioned few who manage to gain entrance to an event and disrespect our fellow geeks in action.

ALS got as much attention in 2014, due to the Ice Bucket Challenge, then in any ten year span since Lou Gehrig’s Luckiest Man speech. A personal cause of the MoGT, as it hits close to home. We were lucky enough to see one of our Alma Maters greats stuck down with the terrible disease get inducted into the Washington State University Hall of Fame. No White Flags – Steve Gleason

All right back to the fun,


“MoGT Tasty’s Cosplayer of the Year”

Our CosTalk Tasty Cosplayer of the Year: Vixie Pow

We are lucky enough to get to follow and bring you many awesome stories of cosplayers around the world. We meet so many during Cons, it wasn’t an easy choice, and there are certainly many great people doing great plays, big names and newcomers alike. But one special cosplayer rocked our charts for the entire year. Congrats to Vixie, we can’t wait to see what see does in 2015!

Lastly our article of the year: the Best Scream Queens of Now!

It took 10 lovely & bloody talented women to take home our top Tasty award. A special thank you to Brooke Lewis, Jessica Cameron, & Devanny Pinn who all placed on our list and were kind enough to share our humble list with their fans. Hope to see you all on next year’s Scream list.


The Lovely & Talented Brooke Lewis, fangs included”




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