In Good Taste: Desert Bus for Hope gets our Stamp of Approval


Here at the Ministers, it is our privilege to tell you about things in good taste. Once such example is Desert Bus for Hope.

Eight years ago, Loading Ready Run, an internet comedy sketch troupe, decided they wanted to help raise money for the Child’s Play charity. A noble goal, but how were they going to do that? They decided they would stream a game live and let people donate money to force them to keep playing.

Oh, but not just any game, my friends, no, they managed to get ahold of one of the most mind-numbingly boring games in existence: Desert Bus, from the unreleased Penn and Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors game for the Sega CD.

Desert Bus is a simple game: It’s a ‘bus driving simulator’ in which you drive a bus from Las Vegas, Nevada to Tuscon, Arizona. In real time, which is to say, eight hours. Eight. Hours. And if you go off the road, you crash and have to start over.


Sounds pretty easy, right? Oh, one little thing i forgot to mention…the bus continually veers to the right. So you drive this bus for eight hours, having to constantly tap the left button on your controller (for EIGHT HOURS!) to prevent your bus from veering off-road, and what’s your reward for all this hard work? One point. One. Measly. Point. And then you get to drive back…and the cycle begins again.

Now imagine doing that for twelve hours at a time. Crazy, isn’t it? The folks at Loading Ready Run are prepared to suffer live, on camera, for the children: the more money people donate, the longer they have to play. Last year, they ‘bussed’ for just over 156 hours, or a little over 6 days.

But that’s not all! Loading Ready Run is a comedy group, and watching people play a boring game is rather dull, right? You can issue challenges, where if they perform something you request, you agree to donate money. Perform what? Who knows, it’s up to you. It could be “Perform Who’s On First”, “Have Loki and Skeletor Sing a Love Song”, or maybe “Read Doom Fanfic while using the Speech Jammer App”, and if it’s at all possible, the Loading Ready Run crew will attempt it…making Desert Bus for Hope a 24/7 variety show streamed live for almost a week.

But wait, there’s more! Desert Bus for Hope also has live and silent auctions running throughout the marathon. Perhaps you want a Pyschonauts figurine, or limited edition Ghostbusters art signed by Dan Ackroyd, Supernatural 200th Episode Commemorative Pins, or maybe your own personal stuffed dragon head? Those are just the tip of the iceberg, the crew will be adding stuff as they go. Any of it can be yours, provided you can be the highest bidder of that auction. Why not bid? Everything goes straight to the Child’s Play charity, so you can get neat stuff AND help the children!

Desert Bus for Hope starts November 14th at 10am PST, so head over to, join the chat, bid on auctions, and watch the madness and hilarity unfold—their suffering is our entertainment. It’s all for the children, after all!

~ K.L. Davis ~



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