Grimm: Last Fight


What happened to Trubel? Last we saw of her, she was kidnapped by Agent Chavez…what horrible plan do they have for her? Chavez questions Trubel in a warehouse, woging in front of her to prove that Trubel is a Grimm. Chavez makes Trubel an offer: There are others like her, a select group who eliminate the influence of bad Wesen on society. She tells Trubel to think about it, and releases her with a subtle threat not to tell anyone about this. Well, that was kinda anti-climatic. At least we have a hint about a Grimm group running around, though. Wonder when Nick will run across them?

In the main story, Nick and Hank investigate a murder linked to a boxing gym. The victim looks like he make have been gored to death, and when they go to the gym to question the owner, they see a young boxer named Clay, the owner’s up and coming star, working out aggression by using a dumpster as a punching bag. He’s putting dents in the dumpster, which is a bit unnatural, and Nick and Hank are pretty sure it’s Wesen-related, but Nick no longer has the ability to identify Wesen. Hank and Nick argue about getting Trubel involved: She’s a Grimm, but Nick doesn’t want her to help them because she nearly died last time they asked her for help. Hank points out that she still has a lot to learn, and she can’t learn without getting into the field.

They tell Trubel to take a look around the gym, not to get in fights or to tick anybody off. They just want her to look for Wesen. The owner, Stan, tries to kick Trubel out when he sees her talking to Clay, but Trubel tells him she’s here to train. Stan is suspicious, so he pairs her up against another female fighter in the ring. After getting knocked down, she manages to take out her opponent, earning her a spot in the gym.

Nick and Hank have questions for Stan. The victim, Bobby Moore called him right before he was killed. Why? Stan tells them Bobby was an ex-fighter, just looking for work. In actuality, Stan paid Bobby to beat up Clay, who is a bull-like Wesen, to enrage him for his boxing match. Clay broke Bobby’s jaw when he fought back, and threatened to turn Stan over to the boxing authorities unless he got 25,000 dollars.

Clay doesn’t know this, he thinks he hit Bobby too hard and killed him. He doesn’t like boxing and is just in it for the money, and he now wants to stop boxing. Stan threatens to tell the police and blame it on Clay if he does. Trubel is able to catch Abe and Stan woging, then meets up with Nick and Hank to head to the trailer. Stan’s Wesen form has some thick spikes jutting from his jaw, perfect for goring people.

After some research, they are able to identify the Wesen types, but get a call, Abe is dead. They go to inspect the crime scene and find a suicide note in which Abe takes credit for killing Bobby. However, it looks like Abe’s body was gored. There’s re-bar in a few of the wounds, but Nick and Hank don’t buy it. The three of them head back to the gym and confront Stan. In the ensuing fight, Trubel accidentally kills Stan by breaking his neck. Nick takes the blame for it, Stan attacked an officer and Trubel was never here. Nick realizes how dangerous this is without his Grimm powers. Stan had him on the ground, and if it wasn’t for Trubel, they both would have died.

Trubel finds Clay, telling him that he can stop boxing, but Clay’s mom is beating him with pieces of a chair, trying to get him fired up for his match. They woge and realize Trubel is a Grimm, but Clay turns on his mom instead of Trubel. He’s tired of fighting. He smashes his arm with a chair leg till his wrist is too injured to fight. Clay is done with boxing.

The other two plots in this episode are rather small.

Adalind is stuck in a dungeon cell in Prince Victor’s castle. She cannot get out using her hexenbiest powers, but the man in the cell next to hers tells her of a secret passage. She comes out the other side and meets the man, Hoffman, who is wild-eyed, wild-haired, and possibly crazy. He claims to know where her child is, and opens a way out for them. For being a witch, Adalind is impossibly naive. There is no way she could get out of Prince Victor’s dungeons that easily. Hoffman is most likely working for Prince Victor, and will probably start leading her on a wild goose chase while pumping her for information about the Resistance.

In the last plot-line, Monroe and Rosalee are still trying to figure out the potion that Adalind used in order to make an antidote to it. They go to see Captain Renard in the hospital, and meet his mother, Elizabeth. Elizabeth volunteers to help them, and they go to Adalind’s storage room and find the dried remnants of the potion, and the spell book. Elizabeth can’t make the potion in Adalind’s place, it has to be free on hexenbiest influence. Rosalee offers her shop, to Monroe’s shock. At the spice shop, they begin gathering the ingredients, while outside, two men pull up in a truck, and put on half-masks shaped like the upper half of a skull…

Perhaps these are the people Chavez was telling Trubel about? Or a different group, maybe?


There seems to be a missed opportunity in this episode. Nick is struggling with not being a Grimm while still knowing about the Wesen culture. It’s difficult and dangerous because he can’t identify the threats he’s facing, which is frustrating him. But so far, neither Juliette or Hank have pointed out that this is exactly what they have to go through every time. This is an opportunity for Nick to experience what it’s like for his friends every day, and no-one seems to realize that. It could be a great opportunity for character building, but instead, we seem to be headed down Angsty-Nick Road, which is a place I’d rather not visit.

I was glad to see that the tables have turned since the last episode. Rather than Nick having to save Trubel, this time Trubel saves Nick. Hopefully this trend continues, though Nick is going to have to teach her how to solve Wesen problems non-lethally. The bodies are starting to pile up, and that’s not a good thing.

How long till Nick gets his powers back? Is Elizabeth really on the up and up? And just who are those masked men, anyway?

With any luck, we’ll find out next week!

~K.L. Davis~


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