Baker’s Dozen: Top Shows on TV

How do the Ministers stay out of trouble? We stay home and watch a lot of TV, it’s one of our most talked about topics. We enjoy a well done hour of drama, or in some cases thirty minutes of comedy. Recently a few of our favorites have called it a series, How I Met Your Mother, True Blood, Breaking Bad. And shortly a few more will join the list of contenders for our all-time retired list, Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, & Sons of Anarchy, but that list is for another article. So without further ado, our Baker’s Dozen Best Shows on TV:













Honorable Mentions

Grimm – Season 4 Friday Nights on NBC

American Horror Story – Season 4 Wednesday Nights on FX

The Black List – Season 2 Monday Nights on NBCagents-of-shield-blog

The Top 10

#10. Arrow/Flash/Gotham/Agents – We love the super hero tv show gauntlet, we aren’t far off of being able to bring you’re a list of these shows all to their own. Until then we are going to have to group them together. Each has its own niche and bright spots. Gotham probably has the best chance of separating itself from the group, but time will tell.

Arrow – Season 3 Wednesday Nights on CW

The Flash – Season 1 Tuesday Nights on CW


You’re telling me there are dozens of her on one show?

Gotham – Season 1 Monday Nights on Fox

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D – Season 2 Tuesday Nights on ABC


#9. Orphan Black – The Clone Club, I’ve written about this show before and it leaves me impressed constantly. Tatiana Maslany plays Sarah Manning and a few more in this suspenseful and witty drama, she’s frankly worth the price of admission. – Season 2 is in the books, Saturday Nights on BBC



#8. The Big Bang Theory – The wonderfully witty comedy about some nerds and the hot girl that lives across the hall. Jim Parsons’ Sheldon Cooper is quickly moving upThe-big-bang-theory-cast-the-big-bang-theory-10450144-640-460 the rungs of iconic TV characters of all time. Kaley Cuoco is often adorable and when the two banter it’s usually the best part of the show. Soft Kitty Warm Kitty Little Ball of Fur… – Season 8, Thursday Nights on CBS



#7. True Detective – Talk about a juggernaut, McConaughey absolutely took this show to ridiculous heightsin season one, Harrelson was also very impressive. It will be almost impossible to top the skill and dedication to work of the original cast, this show could burn out as quickly as it light up. Casting Colin Farrell & Vince Vaughn for season 2 could be playing with napalm. –Season 1 is in the books, Sunday Nights on HBOtd_1




#6. The Strain – Vampires, Nazis, and a CDC guy going through a divorce, sounds like a few bad weekends I’ve had in Vegas. As you should already know from J.T. Riles, this show flat rocks, if it can keep up the suspense it may crack the top 5 next year. – Season 1 is in the books, Sunday Nights on FX The-Strain-01_675x900










#5. Doctor Who – I’m going to get hate mail from Whovians for this show being at #6, the revolving door of time traveling adventurers continues. This show has been around for what seems like forever and really is at the height of its appeal. The BBC is the new Black! If you need to catch up make sure to check out K.L. Davis’ episode recaps. – Season8, Saturday Nights on BBCdr-who-tardis-wallpaper



#4. House of Cards – My guilty pleasure of the list. Kevin Spacey is phenomenal, so was Kate Mara until that little train incident. One of the appeals of the show is since it’s on Netflix I can binge watch it with no remorse. What this is, a fun look at the worst American politics could be. What it’s not, The West Wing, the platinum standard for political TV shows. Still it’s a hell of a good time. Season 2 is in the books, Netflixhouse_of_cards_wallpapers_1920x1080_03




#3. Sherlock – BBC strikes again. Sherlock has been told and play by over 80 actors, I don’t recall any getting the pub Benedict Cumberbatch does. You have to be careful at SDCC not to be between him and the stampede of adoring lady fans. He really does make the show fun and extra witty. Season 4 can’t come soon enough. Season 3 is in the books, Saturday Night on the BBC



#2. The Walking Dead – A show about zombies is the most watched show on TV? Not only that but it is arguably the best. Rick & Carl Grimes, Daryl Dixon, and the rest of the merry band still haven’t made it past the outer limits of Atlanta but the body counts keep finding a creative way to rise. They’ve even inspired their own Con, the dead can’t be stopped, make sure you read our weekly recaps. Season 5, Sunday Nights on AMC




Jon Snow Still Knows Nothing We Assume

#1. Game of Thrones – The only thing more constant then a crowd of virus plagued zombies? Winter, and the fact it’s coming, some day. GoT has everything you can want in a TV show, character development (just don’t get attached), a midget, Hodor, dragons, medieval times, brothels, Hodor, and plenty of sick George R.R. Martin twists. HBO has a knack of deep plots with just enough action and skin to keep you coming back. The only things that could knock this show off the #1 spot is if they made a Mad Men type mistake and took too long of a layoff… Season 4 is in the books, Sunday Nights on HBO


If you aren’t watching what are you waiting for? These shows are Good Taste, get on with it!

~E.S. Norton~



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