Just how many tentacles can go on one head? Channel Surfing: Grimm – Octopus Head


The title of the episode is a bit on the nose, isn’t it? I wonder why the writers couldn’t come up with anything better. Still, it’s a better name for the killer that anything I thought up. Octopus Head it is, then.

The episode picks up right where the last one left off, with Captain Renard pronounced dead by the doctors, his heart flatlined on the monitor. The mysterious blond woman from the end of the last episode storms into the room and sends a pulse of blue energy out through the room, freezing everything in its tracks. She pulls out an obviously CGI snake from her bag.

Seriously, this is waaaaaaay below their usual level of quality. The wesen transformations always look great, so what’s with the rubbery-looking snake? What happened?

The snake turns out to be two snakes joined end-to-end in the middle. One half of the snake bites Captain Renard, while the other half bites her. After a bit, the snakes let go, and she tosses them to floor where they dissolve into ash. Everything jumps back into motion and she passes out. Captain Renard gasps and woges momentarily, alive once more. Hooray! …Anyone have any clue as to what that was all about?

In Vienna, Prince Victor’s main minion (We still don’t know his name. I suggest we call him Butler.) gets a call: Adalind is at the gate. Victor goes to greet her at the gate of the castle. Adalind pleads with him to let her in: she did what he wanted and took Nick’s powers, now she wants her baby back. Victor finally deigns to let her in, but—Surprise! It turns out to be a trap. He throws Adalind into a cell in the dungeons, designed to hold Hexenbiests like her. You can’t be an evil Prince in a forbidding castle without engaging in a bit of schadenfreude, so Victor twists the knife even further: He doesn’t have her baby, the Resistance does. Everything she did was for naught! (We already knew that, as well as the fact that Nick’s mom has her child, not the Resistance.) Victor leaves without a single ‘Mwahahaha‘. Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed. Thought for sure he’d throw at least one out there.

The main story of the episode, however, is Trubel vs Octopus Head. Trubel tails him around the city, following him to a hotel and up to his room. She reports back to Nick and Hank, who tell her only to watch him, just gather info and let them know when he leaves. Ha! Yeah, like that’ll happen.

Trubel is in full-on sneaky spy mode. She listens outside his door and hears Octopus Head call a guy named Kent and set up a meeting with him. We found out last episode that Kent works at the same company as Henry Slocum (One of the victims from last week) does. Octopus Head may say he wants to pass on information about Henry and his ‘accident’, but it’s pretty clear he’s only looking for a head to munch. Trubel thinks so too, and follows him across the city, updating Nick and Hank on her whereabouts.

Meanwhile, FBI Agent Chavez wants a word with Nick. She questions him on Trubel, then woges in front of him to get a reaction. Nick is no longer a Grimm, however, and he can no longer see the woge. He doesn’t notice that she changed. Chavez seems disappointed, and later we see her calling someone. She’s sure Nick isn’t a Grimm, but she thinks Trubel might be. She has a plan to find out…

Across town, Trubel skulks around outside Kent’s house, looking for Octopus Head. Unfortunately he sees her first. He knocks Kent out off-screen, and gets the jump on Trubel, knocking her out as well.

Nick and Hank arrive in the neighborhood at Trubel’s last reported position, but she’s not there. They decide to head to the hotel and search Octopus Head’s room, and one lightning-fast search later, they’ve found the address to Kent’s place on a piece of paper and are heading right back to where they just were. Next time, canvass the area a bit, okay?

Trubel wakes up on Kent’s couch, her hands taped behind her back. Octopus Head wants to know why she’s following him. Trubel refuses to say anything, but he doesn’t mind. All the information he needs from her is in her head. And on that menacing note, he—goes over to Kent and starts to drain his memories with his head tentacles. Wait, what? I realize that he’s not an Evil Overlord by any stretch of the imagination, but when you’re involved in the clearly evil hobby of sucking out people’s very memories, it wouldn’t do any harm to brush up on the rules of the Evil Overlord List. Forget the Overlord part, EVIL is right there in the title! Octopus Head is breaking #4 and #6 on that list. That’ll come back to bite him.

Well, okay, not bite per se, more like BOOT-TO-THE-RIBS! He forgot to bind Trubel’s legs, and she gets of the couch and proceeds to show him why that was a bad idea for him, over and over again. She kicks him off of Kent, but with her hands still tied behind her back, her balance isn’t that great. One quick but intense fight scene later, Trubel is out cold on the floor, having been unable to stop her head from smacking the floor due to her hands being behind her back. Octopus Head has had just about enough of Trubel, woging and attacking her head with his tentacles. He starts to download her memories, but finds out to his horror that Trubel is a Grimm. Memory after memory of Wesen being killed flash in front of his eyes. I imagine that for a Wesen, the experience must be very much like getting memories from Jason or Freddy Krueger would be for us!

By the time Nick and Hank pull up and charge inside, Octopus Head is sitting against the wall, sobbing into his hands, the Wesen slayings repeating on a loop inside his head, over and over and over and over…

Trubel and Kent turn out to be fine—Octopus Head got interrupted both times before he could disrupt their memories. He’s too busy sobbing in horror to put up any resistance to being hauled to jail. Would someone who takes memories getting stuck with unwanted memories count as irony?

What else happened in the episode? Well…

Monroe and Rosalee try to research the cure to the curse that Adalind put on Nick, but Juliette stops by to ask that they hold off for a bit. Being a Grimm hasn’t been good for Nick, and she wants to give him time to see how he likes being normal again. Once she leaves, though, Monroe wants to continue looking for a cure. Just in case they need it…

In the hospital, Captain Renard wakes up, and we find out that the mysterious blond woman is in fact his mother. He tells her about his and Adalind’s child, prompting her to ask will she meet her grandchild. Well, this just got awkward. When Nick and Hank show up to visit, he introduces her as Elizabeth Lascelles. Hooray! We finally got a name for her!

At home, Nick finds Wu knocking at his door. He’s finally figured out that there’s something fishy about Trubel. He found a photo of her from when she first arrived, when she was a suspect in a murder case. He goes to confront Nick about the evidence he found, but Nick suddenly has a splitting headache, right at the same time as Adalind does. They begin seeing out of each other’s eyes; Nick seeing the cell Adalind is trapped in, and Adalind seeing Juliette. Neither one has any idea what is going on. I REALLY hope they don’t do a body-switching subplot: Adalind-as-Juliette was creepy enough, thanks!

And finally, the episode ends with Trubel biking around town when she is suddenly grabbed and dragged into the van at the orders of…FBI Agent Chavez. Guess next week, we get to find out what happens next with Trubel and the Van of Danger!

This episode is good, with lots of tension as Trubel tails Octopus Head around the city. You KNOW he’s going to catch her at some point, but you don’t know when. We never do find out what Octopus Head’s plan was, only “stealing secrets” and “Probably a spy”. Not every loose end has to be tied up and wrapped in a neat bow, though. It does leave the door open for further story possibilities down the road.

That being said, having Trubel kinda-sorta need saving by Nick is rather disappointing. Granted, she did take care of Octopus Head all by herself, but the last quarter of the episode felt more like a stereotypical “save the girl” ending.

You get one freebie, show. Just one. Trubel is young and inexperienced, I get that. And showing her getting slightly in over her head is a good way to help progress the character. But if you keep having the other characters save her, then it’ll change from ‘Trubel is awesome’ to ‘Trubel is a Damsel in Distress: Must Save Her Each Week!’ And nobody wants that. Nobody. Trubel is just too cool for that.

Grimm airs Fridays at 9pm PST on NBC

~ K.L. Davis ~


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