Hell Hath No Fury Like ‘Women’ Scorned. Channel Surfing: Arrow – The Magician

arrowPicking up right where last weeks episode left off, we begin with a pissed off Nyssa pointing an arrow at everyone’s favorite “Arrow”.  From there, Nyssa immediately joins the investigation into Sara’s death.  It plays well enough thematically, but I just can’t help thinking Nyssa should less controlled/more unhinged.  In the comics, she was the craziest in the whole family of crazies; having her sensible and calm after Sara’s murder doesn’t make much sense to me.  One thing I do like though, is their approach to actually investigating to find the murderer.  With the pace of the show up till now usually sprinting for all its worth, it’s nice to see Arrow take a beat and let the plot develop.  Let us wonder for a while who really was behind it.  Fan speculation later, more threads to talk about.

Team Arrow is still adjusting to Thea’s reappearance.  Thea’s secrets.  They all seem pretty oblivious to what she’s hiding, which: bleh.  Who cares?  Boo-hoo, they all kept secrets from her.  Now, she’s keeping secrets.  Lati-freakin’-dah.  Movin’ on.  And the China Flashbacks reveal that Waller was trying to kill China White way back in the day.

The team hunts Merlyn, who says he didn’t kill Sara.  It was kind of funny seeing Laurel and Nyssa both lobbying for Merlyn’s death while Oliver believed him.  Merlyn did make a pretty good case: he already incurred the wrath of Rhas Al Ghul — why make it worse for himself by murdering his daughter’s main squeeze?  In a desperate attempt to make them see reason, good ol’ Olly tells them Thea is Merlyn’s daughter.

Nyssa goes off the rails *finally*, and kidnaps Thea (well done with the info sharing, Olly).  Oliver arrives to save her, followed by Merlyn.  After a quick rumble, Merlyn manages to subdue Nyssa, but finds himself at the wrong end of Oliver’s bow.  He again makes a good case for himself, even implying that Nyssa’s dad had Sara killed, which we all know is not out of the realm of possibility.  Again, Oliver lets him live.  He also places Merlyn under his protection from the League of Assassins, earning him Nyssa’s undying hatred, and enemy status of the League itself.

Now, the fun part: speculation.

Who did it?  Why?  What do we know?

The killer used arrows.

Is the killer one of the archers, or were they trying to throw people off the scent?  I’d say it’s possible.

Was it Rhas like Merlyn said?  Maybe.  If he thought he was losing Nyssa’s loyalty, he might frame an archer.

Let’s take a different approach.  Who benefits from Sara’s death?

Clearly Merlyn.  I know, I know, he made a very good case for himself, but hear me out.  Look at the results of everything:  Team Arrow has placed him under their protection, he’s solidified his relationship with Thea, *and* he’s drawn Rhas Al Ghul out.  Merlyn seems to be getting everything he wants, and every second that Barrowman is on-screen, you *know* he’s up to something.

But I don’t think Merlyn was the trigger man.

It was Thea!

Going off my previous theory that Thea is going to take on the role of an assassin (see the season three primer).

And it makes sense.  Merlyn trains her in secret, and until Oliver told Nyssa, the League didn’t even know for sure Merlyn had another child.  They would never suspect her as an apprentice.  Sara probably wouldn’t have had her guard up upon seeing Thea.  I can see Merlyn using her as the tip of the spear, setting into motion his plot to rid himself of the League– or maybe even to take over the League.  Who knows what his full endgame is.

felicity_smoak_gif_by_edartgeek-d62tsq3Lastly, was I the only one who really missed Felicity this episode?  Like, really, really missed her?  Well just in case:

~ Joseph Hawkins ~


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