Do pretty people really taste better? Channel Surfing: The Walking Dead – Four Walls and a Roof

walking dead

Seriously – the questions that arise from TWD are really rather disturbing.  What’s more disturbing?  The fact that it can become the topic of conversation during lunch at work the next day and a legitimate question to other Walking Dead fans.

Last week the group had split up again with Rick and the main company hanging out at the church, Bob hanging out with Gareth and the cannibals for dinner, and Daryl and Carol in hot pursuit of the people who may have taken Beth.  Unfortunately – nobody in the main group knows a thing about what’s going on with the other two, and tensions run high.

the-walking-dead-season-5-episode-3-four-walls-and-a-roof-s05e03-300x216They don’t get much better after Bob apparently loses his mind and reveals to his captors that he was bitten by zombies earlier in the day – this revelation causes some concern amongst the cannibals – who really knows what happens when you eat diseased human flesh?! – and they deposit him back in front of the church.  Sgt. Ford upon hearing about the cannibals’ presence wants to take off for DC.  Like right now… in the middle of the night… with no idea where these guys are.  A tactician/strategic planner he ain’t – let’s leave that to Rick, why don’t we.

the-walking-dead-four-walls-and-a-roof-garethAnyways – Rick and Ford get into it, and the matter is only resolved when Glen cuts a deal; who knew he had it in him?  After mulling over their options, Rick decides it’s time to take the fight to these guys so he heads out the doors into the forest with the bulk of the party: Judith, of course, is left behind – more on this later.  Only minutes after they leave, Gareth and friends show up in the church where they immediately start to look for the people left behind – the intelligence Gareth is able to gather is surprising, any way you could get him to work for the good guys without him eating anyone?   Maybe?

CannibalkillIn the end – turns out it was a trap: brilliantly laid and executed by Rick.  This is why he’s the brains of the organization, and not Sgt. Ford.  Also, it was a brutal and bloody trap – the endgame.  I don’t think we’ll be hearing from Gareth or his companions again, and if we do – there are bigger problems than just zombies and the occasional cannibal.

True to his word, Sgt. Ford stuck around and helped Rick protect his crew, but now it’s time for him to take off.  He bids farewell, hands Rick a map, and hops into the van headed to DC.  That’s pretty much the end of the episode – outside of the fact that on the map Sgt. Ford handed to Rick there’s a love note, and we’re left with another cliff-hanger as Michonne finds Daryl outside the church with someone in tow later that night.  Who is it?  We don’t know, but we have some ideas…

Some other thoughts from this week’s episode:

  • How has Sgt. Ford lasted as long as he has without being able to be level-headed/think strategically?
  • Gareth can be pretty charming when he wants to be, even if he’s eating your leg while talking to you. He also raises some interesting questions as noted above… Do women and pretty people really taste better? What do you think?
  • Michonne has finally been reunited with an old friend, and I’m super happy about that, why isn’t she?
  • The loss of Bob for the team actually isn’t that bad is it? I mean, what did he really bring to the team? If someone had to die – he was probably the best choice.
  • Reason #2154 not to have children: they will give away your location to cannibals in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. Seriously. Babies are bad ideas in these situations, somebody teach her the importance of shutting up already!
  • The note Sgt. Ford left for Rick was touching.   Really. The beginning of a new bromance – just what the show needed.
  • Daryl is finally back! But where’s Carol? And who else does he have with him hiding in the woods? (Hopefully we find out next week)
  • And lastly, how long will it take for these guys to catch up with Sgt. Ford, his team, Glen, and Maggie

Our kill count for the week:

  • Rick: 3 humans
  • Maggie: 1 zombie
  • Sgt. Ford: 1 human
  • Michonne: 1 human
  • Sasha: 1 human

And finally, the zombie kill of the week goes to… there weren’t really that many zombie kills this week so I’m not awarding one.  But Rick and Sasha went to town on those cannibals, so they can split some sick award for that.

And our quote for the week – not involving  what humans taste like and which are better – goes to Bob:

“Nightmares end – they shouldn’t end who you are.”

Until next time.

The Walking Dead airs on AMC Sundays at 9PM PST

~ J.T. Riles ~


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