Beyond Bizarre: A review of Portland’s Walking Ghost Tour

ghostbustersSo, we’re not saying we believe in ghosts, and we’re not saying that we don’t…  We are saying you probably shouldn’t cross streams when hunting for them!

If you hadn’t gathered yet, we here at the MoGT like Halloween and pretty much everything it has to offer: candy, costumes, candy, horror flicks, corn mazes, candy… you get the picture.  So we’re taking advantage of the season, and sharing our experiences with you!  Just this last week, E.S Norton and I got to take Portland, OR’s very own walking tour for hauntings.  Presented by Portland Walking Tours, they run the tours every weekend and you can tag along for somewhere around $21 as an adult.

Brief overview: You start the tour at either 7pm or 10pm, the duration is around 2 to 2 1/2 hours, and you end up walking about 2 miles.  During the course of the tour, your guide will go over a few things: the different types of haunting classifications, some history of the area, and some local haunts (pun intended).  Note: this is Portland, so dress like it’s raining because chances are it is.

ghostsWe took a 10pm tour, why so late you ask?  Because nighttime.  Duh!  When better to go ghost hunting than late at night (unless never – never is an acceptable answer).  Anyways, we started at 10 outside of their offices and immediately took off walking.  Our tour guide was a personable young woman who kept up the conversation throughout the tour – as mentioned above she walked us through the different types of hauntings, handed us our own EMF (electro-magnetic field) meters, and took us to a few different locations: walked us by the Roseland Theater, took us in the Benson Hotel, a surprisingly empty parking lot, and down into a portion of Portland’s Shanghai Tunnels; while at each of the locations she covered the stories surrounding them.  We ended our tour roughly 2 1/2 hours after we began – we knew a little bit more about Portland’s history, but didn’t see any ghosts (thank God).

All-in-all, while it was an okay experience I’m not sure it was worth the money.  It may have been more enjoyable if there had been libations beforehand, but for something like a haunted walking tour I would expect either an overdose of history or an over-the-top performance: this had neither.  On the plus side the EMFs could be a cool little touch, but they seemed kind of cheap – and, like our guide described them, they looked a lot like stud finders.  Unfortunately for people who go on this tour looking for confirmation of their beliefs, some kind of evidence, or actual ghost sightings – you’ll probably be disappointed.  In fact, after a little research, you could probably put on your own walking tour on your own schedule and have just as much – if not more – fun for much less.

In the end, my recommendation is either grab a brew or two and go on this tour, or check out some of the sites below for local hauntings and set up your own tour!  You never know what you may find… or see.

Ghost Hunting Resources

Happy hunting!

~ J.T. Riles ~


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