What Scares the Living Hell Out of Us? Our Baker’s Dozen of Scary Villains

Hands down, the single thing that makes a horror movie special is the villain. The guys who gave us nightmares as children, the reason we turn on lights in the middle of the night, and why we don’t repeat any set of words in a mirror three times. Here is our Baker’s Dozen of guys who scare the living hell out of us!

Because it's always a creepy little girl in a dress.

Because it’s always a creepy little girl in a dress.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Candyman – Farewell to the Flesh

  • Samara Moran – The Ring

  • Regan MacNeil – The Exorcist

 #10 – Leather Face

1358176971_LeatherFace_revison1Good ol Leather Face doesn’t really stand out in the ways some others on this list might, but he’s the only one based on true events so he’s got that creepy factor for you. Texas farm-house won’t ever be the same. Started in 1974 with over a half-dozen reincarnations.

#9 – Pinhead

PinheadThis guy seems to have a chip on his shoulder, why so angry, bro?  Hellraiser is one of the more prolific series in the horror genre, so as body counts go he’s up with the big boys.  If you like your villain with a little B-rated story line and plenty of dumb people, he’s got you covered.  Clive Barker’s original has spawned nine others with a possible tenth on the way.

#8 – The Creeper

Jeepers, creepers...  where'd you get those peepers?

Jeepers, creepers… where’d you get those peepers?

Dude can fly, is based loosely on the Jersey Devil, and hunts people for their body parts – plus that song is a little creepy.  Luckily he only comes around for 23 days every 23rd spring.  I’m not at all sure when or where he found the time to learn to drive, but that’s semantics.  Are there really two sequels on the way?  We hope so!

#7 – Jigsaw

jigsawThis guy does some pretty F’ed up shenanigans: the contraptions, the pit of needles… gross and wrong. But hey, it’s your choice, you bad little boys and girls.  We jumped thorough the roof when he got up off the floor in the first flick.  Seven movies later, and you never know when he’ll come back.  We’ve got a few suggestion as to who to go after next: Kanye, we are talking to you!

#6 – Chucky

Wanna play?

Wanna play?

Dolls?  Really, you’re afraid of dolls?  Ok, ok, he’s a mean little brat.  Kind of sick in the head for sure.  Arguably, the best part was Jennifer Tilly as his side-kick.  The little guy knows how to rack up a body count. Six films into the series, if your kids acts like him in public we’ll tie you to a chair and make you watch all of them.

pennywise#5 – Pennywise

Who doesn’t hate clowns just because of this guy?  Tim Curry kills the role, pun intended.  Creepy as all get out. Plus, the mind of Stephen King, yeah, I’m ok never watching this again.

#4 – Freddy Krueger

Sleep kills... and so do this guy's looks.

Sleep kills… and so do this guy’s looks.

He makes Wolverine look like a tiny kitty cat.  Played by Robert Englund for almost 20 years, Nightmare on Elm Street kept many awake on a late fall night.  Freddy lost something with Jackie Earle Haley taking over in 2010, but he is still the dominant creator of nightmares.  This Wes Craven brain child, Freddy, has racked up nine films of haunting death.

#3 – Michael Myers

Michael_Myers_1978He’s chased Jamie Lee Curtis around for many a haunted Halloween since 1978.  A simple yet effective killer, he is relentless if nothing else.  Ten films in – you tell him to slow his roll.

#2 – Jason Voorhees

JasonThe model for anti-bullying, the Friday the 13th star has haunted the woods and even space. If you’ve ever been camping he’s got to be in the back of your mind when things go bump in the woods. There’s no point in running topless through the woods, wait no please don’t stop that tradition. 12 films in total, hopefully the 13th lives up to the legend.

#1 – Anthony Hopkins


(Ed. note: He’s so frighteningly creepy that as a grown man I slept with the light on for a week after watching Last Rite)

He needs no mask, no single character: the man is a living legend of scary.  Obviously Hannibal Lecter comes to mind, but Hopkins has done it without the crazy Doctor as well. How many other horror villains win Oscars?

Your Frightful Host

~ E.S. Norton ~


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