Life isn’t a fairy tale… or is it? Channel Surfing: Grimm – Season 3 Finale, where did we leave off?


Grimm returns to NBC tonight!

This fantasy police procedural is one of my favorite shows. Partly because it’s set in the Pacific Northwest, home-base to many of the Ministers, but also because the fairy-tales that the show takes its inspiration from aren’t the Disney-fied ones, full of happiness and singing and cheer. No, these are the old fairy-tales.  The original ones.  The ones drenched in sorrow, blood, and violence. Just check out the Robber Bridegroom, or any of the other tales hereGrimm does not shy away from the utter creepiness of some of the old tales, and that’s one of the reasons I love it.

If you want to check it out, Amazon has all the episodes available for streaming purchase, but if all you need is a quick refresher to get you back up-to-date before the season 4 premiere, we’ve got you covered right here!

Last season ended with Monroe and Rosalee getting married.  Before that, though, several other important events happened:

Adalind had her baby, but the Royals were hunting the baby because of the child’s royal blood.  Captain Renard was the father, and he was the previous prince’s half-brother.  The Royals wouldn’t stop hunting the child, enlisting a wesen FBI agent, Weston, to track them down.

Nick’s mother took the child into hiding after Renard, and Nick, threatened Weston into helping them, setting things up so Adalind thought the Royals had the child, and leaving the Royals thinking that the wesen Resistance had her.

Nick finds another Grimm, a young woman named Theresa Rubel (Trubel for short).  He brings her to stay with him so she can learn about being a Grimm; for the longest time she thought she was crazy, seeing things no-one else could.  She’s happy to find out there are others like her, and Nick is happy to have another Grimm around.

Distraught at the loss of her child, Adalind got in touch with Prince Victor, and offered her services in exchange for her child back.  Victor decided to use Adalind, stringing her along without revealing that the Royals don’t know where the child is.

At Victor’s orders, Adalind uses a potion to turn herself into Juliette, Nick’s girlfriend, and tricks Nick into sleeping with her, somehow removing Nick’s power as a Grimm.

Renard has been keeping tabs on Adalind, but doesn’t understand what she’s planning until it’s too late.  He brings an antidote to the spell to Nick’s house, but he and Juliette have already left for Monroe and Rosalee’s wedding.  He starts to leave to bring it to Nick, but is shot multiple times in the chest by Weston.  He spots Trubel and gives chase, and after a brief fight Trubel cuts off his head.  Trubel calls 911 for Captain Renard and drives to the wedding with the antidote.  She tries to give Nick the antidote at the wedding, but the wesen guests panic at the sight of a Grimm and try to grab her, knocking the bottle from her hands and causing it to smash on the floor.

The season finale ends with everyone traveling: Captain Renard is strapped to a stretcher in an ambulance, coughing up blood; Adalind is flying to Europe; and Nick, Juliette, and Trubel are driving away from the wedding, with Nick coming to terms with the realization he’s no longer a Grimm…

Quite the downer ending, isn’t it?  Well, we’ve been waiting five months to find out what happens next and the wait is almost over!

My personal theory is that Trubel will sacrifice her powers to give Nick back his.  I just find it very suspicious that Nick just happened to find another Grimm who wants to be normal right before he loses his own powers, is all.  Grimm is not afraid of being unpredictable, however – this is the show that ended the second season by turning its protagonist into a zombie, after all.

The show has had three great seasons so far. The storyline keeps getting better, the mythology keeps getting richer, and the characters keep getting more interesting. Here’s hoping that trend continues in the season 4!

Grimm airs on NBC Fridays at 9/8 C

~ K.L. Davis ~


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