Turns out you can outrun those noxious fumes… Channel Surfing – Things You Can Outrun


They continue to pound the pavement in the third installment of this show – would they extend it for a second season already?  I mean, they’ve already been extended for a full first season – time to just bite the bullet and go all-in for a second season.

Anyway… my desire to see this show extended aside – what happened this week?

This week we got to  delve into the other characters a bit more!  Three episodes in, and they’re getting into the kind of character development it can sometimes takes shows a full season or two to get into.  And they did it all while addressing a gaping hole in the plot device section!  Also, Barry like zombie movies.  Barry has a ranking system for them.  This makes us like Barry more.  Enough said.

The-Flash-Preview-Things-You-Cant-Outrun-VIDEOWhen we go to find out more about Barry’s nemesis this week, a quick Google shows that we should have just started our search on Wikipedia: presenting The Mist (as dubbed by Cisco… again).  He starts out killing a bunch of mobsters, then a judge, and is after our favourite detective shortly.

flash-things-you-cant-outrun_article_story_largeA little detective work by Joe, Barry, and the rest of the crew helps them identify who the culprit is; and some research (and I’d wager a good deal of guesstimation) gives Barry a way to defeat him in the end.  Not before there’s a bit of pain for Barry – and yes, he did inhale.

During the course of the show, they realize something that should have smacked people in the face a couple of weeks ago: what are we going to do with the bad people with superpowers?  The solution: turn the S.T.A.R Lab’s useless shell of a blown-up collider into a prison for the cosmically weird metahumans; somethine Caitlin isn’t really all that comfortable with, but whatevs.

The-Flash-Harrison-Wells-Tom-Cavanagh-See-You-Soon-BarryThis episode is pretty full of flashbacks – just not for one person – but for a few of the cast members.  And it helps.  A lot.  It helps us figure out more about each character – like why Caitlin is the way she is, that maybe there’s more to Cisco than his funny-man routine would indicate, and really… who is Dr. Wells?  Seriously!  I want to know more!  Also, was that a moment between Barry and Caitlin?  Is he going to move on from Iris – who finally came clean to her dad that she’s dating the detective (who was clearly a model in this universe before turning to the law)?  Things we’ll have to stick around to find out the answers to.

Down to the nitty gritty for this show: the special effects are great for a TV show -they’re sticking to what they can do and doing it well, though maybe enough of guys that can turn themselves into clouds for a few weeks?  The writing continues to be good – it’s a good mix of humour and angst: humour is sadly (but rightly so I guess) missing from both CW’s sister show The Arrow and Fox’s Gotham.  And the acting is pretty sweet: they have a talented cast, and they aren’t wasting it by focusing too much on Barry.  Overall, great continuation so far – I look forward to seeing what happens.

The Flash airs on the CW Tuesdays at 8 PST

~ J.T. Riles ~



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