4 The Con Series: Walker Stalker – Atlanta, courtesy of Vixie PoW

We’d like you to give a Scary Good Taste welcome to Vixie PoW – it’s her first article with us!  In case you’re new, or have been hiding in the woods from the zombies – Vixie has been hanging out with the Ministers since almost day one of our new site, and in case you need a refresher: here’s her CosTalk article.

Without further ado, we’re going to let our favorite cosplayer bring you some Walker Stalker!


Hello my darlings!  AMC’s The Walking Dead is unquestionably one of the hottest T.V. shows in television history, and to satisfy our ever-growing hunger we have been given Walker Stalker Con.  I, Vixie PoW!, migrated south to Atlanta, GA to give you the scoop on this 3 day flesh-eating frenzy, and to enlighten my fellow con-goers on the ins and outs of this Zombified pop culture event.

This is the 2nd year for Walker Stalker in Atlanta, but it was my first, and I was curious as to how massive the crowd would be.  I arrived at the Americasmart three hours early on Friday to pick up my preordered badge. But there was no one there!  On the one hand I was excited because I thought I’d lucked out and I’d have the cast all to myself, but on the other hand, I was afraid that I’d missed the memo that this was going to be a horrible convention.  But as the time passed, people slowly started rolling in.  The cast favs weren’t scheduled for Friday so the crowd wasn’t overwhelming… nothing like Dragon Con.

daleBecause the big dogs weren’t there yet (Lincoln, Reedus, Yeun, Cohen), the other celebs were bombarded!  It took hours just to get through the lines for autographs: there were 3 lines to each star; Gold/Platinum, VIP and general admission, and they were working on a 3:3:1 ratio which made it impossible to get through!  But even with the long lines it was well worth the wait.  I got to meet most of TWD cast including Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn), Tara (Alanna Masterson), Eugene (Josh McDermitt), Hershel (Scott Wilson), and Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman) – along with some cast members from The Vampire Diaries and AMC’s Comic Book Men.

comicbookmenEveryone was so welcoming and excited to meet their fans: it makes it all worthwhile when a celebrity is everything you hope they’d be!  I was lucky enough to shoot a promotional video with Vincent Ward (aka Oscar, TWD) for an upcoming show we are doing together.  He was so funny and kind I could have just brought him home with me.

IronE Singleton (T-Dog, TWD) was a crowd favorite and was passing out hugs like he had a cure for Ebola, while Michael Cudlitz (Abraham, TWD) was signing pics from the mini-series Band of Brothers free of charge.  Overall, Friday was a huge success as my Walking Dead Poster will prove!  I’m running outta space y’all!

abrahamThe weekend arrived, and the electricity was in the air!  Saturday was the day we met Rick and Daryl…by far the two biggest attractions to this con.  Their booths were across the floor from one another, not to mention Glen, Maggie and Carl’s booths as well.  If anyone had wanted to infect Atlanta with a zombie virus, this would have been an opportune time seeing as the place was PACKED!


As you can imagine the lines were incredibly long: they snaked though the isles making it nearly impossible to get around. (In my opinion the Con promoters could have done a better job in their organization.) But as a true Walking Dead fan, I was on cloud nine.  Carl (Chandler Riggs) was a sweet boy, but I must say his mother was a little overly protective.  She was treating his fans like they were infected, snapping at them and hurrying them along rudely.

DarylRick (Andrew Lincoln) was so kind and handsome – however, his clean-shaven face left us wondering what was coming in this upcoming season; and Daryl (Norman Reedus) was so incredible with the children, taking extra time to hug and talk with them.  He even made time for the occasional Silly String fight which would send the crowd roaring.


Lastly, Glen and Maggie (Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohen). We here at Hot Spot Studios had a special gift, a piece created by Matthew Atchley.  They were so appreciative and kind when we presented them with their copies, it made what we do worth every second spent in line, and Ms. Cohen made such an impression that Mr. Atchley has now formed a crush.

Apart from standing in line all day, I did have time to browse the various vendors.  If you were a horror fan of any kind you would have been in heaven.  Some of the most incredible artwork was displayed: Mr. Tattoo Bob could create the most life-like portraits of any I’d ever seen; he completed a portrait of the Bride of Frankenstein right before our eyes – breathtaking to say the least!

vixiezombieThere was also any and every form of zombie fighting gear you could ask for.  Michonne swords were flying off the shel ves faster than the lady herself could swing one.  And if your desires leaned more towards the undead, you could have yourself zombified at several booths. I was asked to star in a zombie music video for Movie Geek Productions Saturday night and hired the lady of Face Candy to do my makeup.  In ten minutes flat she had me as dead as they come (and at a very reasonable rate, I must say!).

One of the most incredible things I witnessed at this con was the love the cast members had for their fans and for one another.  As they walked through the crowds to their booths they would hug, fist bump, and high-five their adoring fans. Always taking time for the children, their care would have melted any heart.  It was like being at a huge family reunion. The cast members would yell inside jokes back and forth, show each other gifts the fans had brought, and just stop their lines and walk across the convention floor to hug one another.  You could tell they really have become a family, and when one is lost to the dead they are truly missed.  As for myself, it was worth every penny and every blister.  If I weren’t a fan already, I’d definitely be one after witnessing this con.

~ Love, Vixie ~












If you want to see more Walker Stalker pics we’ll have a slide show on our main page, or you can check out the awesome art of Matthew Atchley and Vixie Pow at www.hotspotstudios.net


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