Can you imagine if one of those guys had been lactose intolerant? Channel Surfing: Gotham – Snakebitten


So…  they’re trying to create a show pre-Batman in Gotham centered around future Commissioner Gordon, and they’ve done a passable job of it… so far.  I mean, the show is struggling to find an identity in my opinion, but they’re doing okay at whatever it is they’re doing.  They’ve spent a good deal of time focusing on the inner workings of the police department along with Gordon and Harvey, they’ve spent a good deal time exploring the seedy underbelly of  Gotham and what appears to be an ongoing/impending turf war, they’ve checked in weekly with young Bruce Wayne and Alfred as they seek to make sense of what’s going on, and then they have their villain-of-the-week.  Because of all that’s going on, it’s hard to figure out what they should focus on, and where they’re headed (or where they should be headed).  And then…  then they make it better by introducing something straight out of the comic book world – something I thought they had done a semi-decent job of avoiding until now – Viper.

The villain of this week is a disgruntled bio-chemist who wants to blow the whistle on some shenanigans going on at one of the division at Wayne Enterprises.  Instead of going through the formal channels like you’re supposed to though, he decided to go ahead and start poisoning the people on the street and ultimately take out some of the Wayne Enterprises board members.

Gordon and Harvey work the case (even if it isn’t a homicide case) when a robbery interrupts their lunch break – something that really, really irks Harvey.  They see a few things during the investigation including a guy who can rip ATMs out of walls and carry them and people collapsing under the weight of their own bodies.  In the end though, they… let their guy get away.  Good grief.

Meanwhile there’s a turf war going on that is increasingly involving Oswald and his new position in Maroni’s organization – even if he is just a “dishwasher in a suit”.  But before Maroni take Penguin seriously they have to drag Gordon in to corroborate a few things.  Also we see an interesting development in the whole Fish is disgruntled with Falcone thing that’s going on.

And then there’s Bruce finally convincing Alfred to finally help him in attempting to discover how it all works – Gotham that is.

Still confused as to what they’re trying to do, and I didn’t really enjoy this episode or think it contributed positively to what this show could be.  Luckily for them, the season has been extended by Fox so maybe they’ll figure something out that would warrant a second season.

That pretty much wraps it up – anybody else’s thoughts on the episode?

Until next time.

Gotham airs Mondays at 8pm PST on Fox

J.T. Riles ~


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