People taste like chicken… Channel Surfing: Walking Dead – Strangers

“First I have to say: people taste like chicken.”

~ Chad L. Coleman aka Tyreese ~

We left the group last week bloodied but surviving Terminus.  They’re back on the ground, and maybe headed to Washington DC…


Rick and his merry band of zombie slayers are almost back together as a group, and with a little shelter – compliments of a new “friend”, the priest, along with some new-found food that’s nothing close to the Donner Party dinner they were last offered up, they seem pretty dang care free.  They shouldn’t be.

We aren’t sure what’s up with Father Stokes yet, but based on the picture of his lady friend – he did a bad bad thing.  The big question is, how much of a fight is he going to put up when the gang finds out?

bobGareth is on the loose and he’s rounded up what’s left of the hungry Terminus crew, I swear these people eat more than a Friday night crowd at Home Town Buffet. But more on that in a minute…

We didn’t see Morgan back this episode, but the tree markings are back. Bad for us, and bad for Bob.  I’ve digested his return for a week now and I have to guess he’s back as the nut case – not the helping hand Rick had early on.  Who’s carving the trees?  Hard to say….If you held a gun to my head I’d put $5 on Carl.

wdDaryl, hot off rekindling his romance with our new favorite Carol, was swooning again.  Just when you thought it might get steamy……was that Beth on a drive-by? Off to the chase we go… This three-headed love affair could get sketchy.  Money on Carol, who – as a footnote – was saved from the chopping block during her hiatus: Melissa McBride talked her way into the writers not killing off Carol, much to our pleasure the last few episodes.

Lastly the big revelation of the week? Bob is the new Hershel, and apparently he’s tasty.  I resisted the “that’s what she said” joke, and you should as well.  Poor Bob is in some trouble, emotionally and physically. He may be the first to go…

Unofficial death counts and kill rates:

  • Michonne: 5 zombies
  • Rick: 4 zombies
  • Carol: 2 zombies
  • Sasha: 1.5 zombies (the new lovebirds, or Basha/Sashob combined for a zombie kill… they killed my gut more with all the necking though)
  • Bob: 1.5 zombies
  • Daryl: 1 zombie
  • Preacher man: 0 kills, lots of strange vibes
  • Gareth: 1 person’s leg – that tasted better than he thought it would

And our Zombie Kill of the Week goes to Michonne with the eye-popping rifle butt.

Our Stupid Moment of the week also goes to Michonne:

“I don’t miss that sword.”

What’s wrong with you?!  That sword was the perfect weapon for the zombie apocalypse!  Good grief…

Join us next week and finding out what happens next!

The Walking Dead airs on AMC Sundays at 9PM PST

~ The Ministers ~


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