Channel Surfing: The Flash – Fastest Man Alive


I wrote last week about how The Flash came out of the gate running, and it didn’t slow down in the second episode… in fact it sped up, quite a bit.

ustv-the-flash-s01e02-05Barry is zipping around the city like nobody’s business, saving people with the help of Cisco back at S.T.A.R. Labs acting as his eyes and ears – much Snow’s chagrin.  Immediately after saving some people from a burning building, he experiences a headache/spell of some kind.  He makes it back to the labs just in time to be reminded he has a day job.  Methinks he’s going to need a better memory, or he’s gonna spend a lot of his paycheck on new clothes wherever he may go.

New case!  There’s a robbery in a gun story, and Barry’s been robbed of all common sense – sticking his foot in his mouth in front of his boss… and his boss’ boss.  This episode continues to delve into how Barry is going to balance his life with the duality of being a superhero; cool little scene where he acts as his own centrifuge.

grant-gustin-the-flash-02-350x164While doing his job, we’re reminded again just how bad Barry is at doing the every day stuff anyways: for the second time in as many shows Iris shows up, and apparently he forgot he was doing something with her.  Quick question: how do the people in these shows keep their day jobs when they’re never at their day jobs?  Anyways, he goes with her to an event to explain things to her and gunmen show up to rob the people at the event.  Barry is off in a flash, saving the security guard from being shot, and chasing the robbers in their getaway van only to pass out once he reaches the street.  After a few tests and a run on a kick-ass turbo treadmill, they find out what the issue is.  Turns out – the boy needs to eat more: which is good, because I don’t trust skinny people.

“You need to consume an amount equal to roughly 850 tacos – unless we’re talking cheese and guac which is like a whole other set of equations…”

flash-fastest-man-alive-108788Barry and the police continue to work the case and discover who the criminal(s) is, and Cisco proves again that he will be the comic relief for this show… and the guy that names the villains.  So here we are facing Multiplex, a guy/meta-human with a grudge to pick who was affected by the super-collider exploding.  After a few touchy-feely moments with Detective West, Barry does what has to be done to stop the guy – with the help and guidance of the guys at S.T.A.R. Labs.

Few notes on this episode:

  • There’s decent character/relationship development going on in this show.  The beginning stages of friendship/camaraderie showing between Barry and Cisco; the father/son relationship between Detective West and Barry; the attachment Barry has to Iris; etc.
  • While the development is good for a show in the early stages – the whole Barry pining after Iris thing is already a little over-played.  It’s the oldest story in the book really: guy grows up with girl, guy falls in love with girl, girl sees guy as a brother and starts dating a handsome detective in secret… you kn0w – usual stuff.  I hope they find a way to resolve it quickly – though the scene where Barry super-speeds to spill his guts out to Iris without her hearing is pretty decent.  What one of us hasn’t wanted to be able to do that at least once?  Just, let’s not have that be the norm please!
  • While for shows like Gotham I have mentioned how I dislike the villain of the week feel – it works for The Flash.  There’s a backstory, and they don’t waste time getting into it – which is important, and something they haven’t done well in other shows.
  • The last scene between Barry and Detective West is pretty sweet: always thank the dad who’s been there for you – they won’t always be there.
  • And lastly, Dr. Wells is a character that I want to know more about!  He’s mysterious, friendly, dark, whatever you need him to be…  Who is this man?!

Two weeks in, and this is already one of my favourite shows of the season: keep up the good work!

The Flash airs on the CW Tuesdays at 8 PST

~ J.T. Riles ~


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