A Few Good Screams: Introducing you to Julie Ann Hamolko

As we’ve done all year with Cons and Cosplay, we like to tell you the stories behind fun, familiar faces, and once in a while introduce you to someone new and upcoming.  Since the calendar flip, fall has set in and Halloween is quickly approaching.

We’d like you to meet Julie Ann Hamolko, an FX artist and actress from New Jersey. Scientist of Entertainment, Seller of Screams, Maker of Monsters – Scream Queen of 2012


  • MoGT:  With the Halloween season quickly approaching, what are your favorite frights of the season?

Julie Ann: I actually have not been to a haunted attraction in a few years, and when I go the actors don’t really like me too much because they don’t scare me lol, sorry guys. Otherwise, the month of Halloween (yes, it is a month!) Usually consists of the usual horror movies, like Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street. But every year has to include watching Nightmare before Christmas, Hocus Pocus and Rocky Horror Picture Show! This year I am actually graduating college on Halloween so I will be in Florida for the main day.

  • MoGT:  How did you get into the scream scene?

Julie Ann: When I was in middle school my mom dressed up as a zombie and hid behind the front door for when my sister and I came home from school, so essentially that planted the seed for sure. The first horror film I ever saw was the original Exorcist when I was 13, let’s just say it really scared the hell out of me! After that I started watching more when I reached high school, during that time I started working on the hayride during six flags fright fest and that’s when it really took over. It’s so much fun to scare people and to get scared! I started getting more and more involved in horror until I finally went for auditions and went to school to do special FX makeup. I got my first role in a film called Deadly Detour. After that it kind of snowballed.

  • MoGT:  What do you feel makes the right horror movie? How do you get the audience to buy into the screams?

Julie Ann: Honestly nowadays it’s not so easy to get people to actually be afraid, which sucks. But, there are still directors/writers out there who know how to do that and I’m not talking about just gore factor. James Wan is one of those directors who really focus on the scares and creepy factor, and he does any amazing job at it!! Then there are directors who focus on the gore to really get people freaked out and disturbed like Rob Zombie. Both avenues work depending on whose watching it, as for me I watch both those types of films and love them. To get people to see your film, you need a good trailer and a lot of hype. People love horror movies; you just have to make sure people know about it.

  • MoGT:  Who are your role models in the industry?  Who would you “kill” to work with in you dream flick?

Julie Ann: James Wan, Josh Stewart, Rob Zombie and The Soska Twins.

Working with James Wan – I don’t care if I say 2 words and die!!! He makes some of the most original horror of the supernatural type for this day and age and it packs a punch! Also, The Soska Twins have it nailed with a fresh perspective on psycho killers etc. It’s also refreshing that they are women!

  • JAH2MoGT: How serious does it get on the set?  What stories of crazy things happening can you share?

Julie Ann: So far honestly every set I’ve been on has been an absolute riot… It was fun and a lot of laughs. Obviously it can get stressful especially when you film to about 2-3am. But I love every second of it.

  • MoGT:  How are future projects coming along?

Julie Ann: I do have a short film coming up, and it is horror and I have an awesomely crazy role. And that’s all I can say about that until after it’s getting ready to be released lol. Also I will be appearing in a calendar as one of Vlad’s Undead Angels. I will be portraying Tiffany the Zombie graduate, and that photo shoot will be happening within the next 2 weeks!

  • MoGT: There’s a lot of clichés in the history of horror movies, people like to yell at the hero not to go in that room or go back for that girl.  What are your thoughts being part of the genre?

Julie Ann: These clichés are such staples in the horror genre it would be hard to get rid of! It’s part of the genre and I think it always will be because it is a part of the original formula of these films for decades. It started when chivalry was well known and common, even though people yelled at the hero for going back for the girl they too were hopeful that he would make it back to her in time. You can find some films that do not keep to that, and I have certainly been in some. It’s refreshing to see new takes on the old formula.

  • JAH3MoGT: Special FX can make or break a film, who are the prop/makeup artists you’ve worked with and how is their craft important to the film? How does it affect acting/or directing the process?

Julie Ann: As an FX artist myself, I think it helps a lot when it comes to acting and directing. FX like blood, guts and gashes helps the actor really feel that shock and overall fear because it’s something they can physically see and touch. Not to mention it makes the shoot even more fun!

I have worked with a few good FX artists such as Brandon Grether, John Knyff, Lisa Forst, D.M. Atlas and Mike O’Mahony. I have also worked with myself! The work is not only important as a visual tool, but it also helps the actor really feel the pain and terror that the visual is depicting.

  • MoGT:  Any last thoughts for the horror fans out there?

Julie Ann: Horror is a genre that has popular moments in the mainstream, but you can always find it on the indie circuit. Always check out indie films and support your local indie filmmakers, they spend a lot more than you realize to make their vision a reality for the enjoyment of others. And there are certainly a few good gems out there!!

Please give Julie Ann some love @Queen0fScream

Stay tuned for next week’s editions of Scream

~ E.S. Norton ~

Your Frightful Host


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