Whoa! That Canoli packed quite a punch… Channel Surfing – Arkham


So Oswald shows up on your doorstep after you pretended to shoot him and told him to never come back to Gotham – quick!  What do you do?  You rush him outside and threaten him of course!  Until he tells you to kill him now or trust him to help you in the oncoming war.  War…  he likes to throw that word around so much it seems to be contagious because the next thing you know Gordon’s using it too.

ustv-gotham-s01e04-arkham-04This episode features a killer of city council members, a specialist if you will.  And a specialist that’s more than willing to work both sides of an old-style turf war.  AND one that’s willing to go after a mayor – providing the price is right.  After the grisly murder of a city councilor and his aide in a rather gruesome manner with a weapon of the killer’s own making (am I the only one who thought the weapon would come into play a little more?  No?  Thank God.), Gordon and Harvey find themselves on the case.

In the meantime, Oswald finds himself on the rise in the world of restauranteering: he orchestrates a way for himself to go from dishwasher to manager in one fell swoop – finding time to give Gordon a call and tell him, rather cryptically, that the coming war is all about Arkham.

gotham_season-1_episode-3_the-balloonman-7While Gordon and Harvey are working the case the assassin, Gladwell, goes out and kills another councilor.  And then goodie-two-shoes Gordon starts to connect the dots: this is all part of a turf war, right?  Between Falcone and Maroni over the last undeveloped plot of land in Gotham, right?  Because the choice between slums – er… low-income housing or dumps and renovated asylum or new asylum are soooooo good, right?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Anyways.  The guys get a lead, they decide to chase it down their own ways, and Gordon – of course – gets there first: the mayor is the next target.  Gordon gets there in time to warn the mayor, and Harvey gets there in time to fill Gladwell with lead.  Bottom line, Gordon and Harvey got their man and helped avoid a violent, bloody gang war – or so they think.  Maybe they just postponed it though?  Good times, really.

gotham-1_4_3Fish is off in her own little world the whole show – she’s trying to find some on-stage talent; the kind that’s willing to do anything, including seducing her, to “have it all”.  She has a couple of favourites, and in the end – she has them fight it out.  Hint: there’s a cat-fight towards the end of this show: we don’t mind.

My takeaways from this show are as follows:

  • They aren’t doing a good job at developing characters in this show.  Oswald is the only character I find growing and developing during the course of the show: I honestly believe he thinks he’s doing what’s right for the city, and that he’s a hero – even as he commits gruesome crime after gruesome crime to create his own little empire.  After Oswald, Fish’s development is the most in-depth – and I’m not sure her character should be as big a part of the show as it is.
  • The characters they have introduced seem to be more prop-like than anything: from Gordon’s fiance to Harvey to Alfred and Bruce, they all seem to serve one-dimensional purposes that have become repetitive and uninteresting.  I’m almost wishing that Barbara doesn’t come back unless they’re actually going to give her more than questioning Gordon’s character – it just doesn’t work right now.  So one-dimensional.  And such a waste of Erin Richards.
  • The weekly villains schtick just isn’t working for me.  Great introduction to the assassin this week, focus shown on his weapon, and then…  killed.  Really?!  Develop some guys, or just use the ones they have now so we get more connection with them!
  • Falcone continues to be awesome.
  • Maroni started out cheesy, and has continued to become ridiculously cartoonish: the scene in tonight’s show where he brags about getting to build a dump and then takes a big old bite out of a steak he’s holding in both hands…  Good grief, Charlie Brown.
  • Subtlety is lost on today’s generation…  Nuance has gone out the window, and they feel the need to shove it down our throats repeatedly.  Yes, Oswald walks like a penguin.  Yes, Edward Nygma is the Riddler – stop with the riddles already.  And the list goes on and on.
  • Harvey is almost unbelievable as a goodie two-shoes who needs to grow up.
  • There’s a lot of potential in this show – they just need to do a better job realizing it.  Now that they have the security of Fox having picked up a few more episodes, maybe they’ll work on it.

That pretty much wraps it up – anybody else’s thoughts on the episode?

Until next time.

Gotham airs Mondays at 8pm PST on Fox

J.T. Riles ~


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