Beth, oh Beth, where are you? The Walking Dead – No Sanctuary, a blow-by-blow

So, I’m hoping you watched last night.  If you didn’t you should realize by now there are spoilers below; here are our blow-by-blow reactions to the show with some commentary once the episode was over.

It was an action packed night, I’ve got to say I’m very happy with season 5’s opener: Terminus didn’t drag out, although I do love a good Donner Party.

walkingdeadHere we Go!!

Terminus is about to go down… As it is, it turned out not to be the gauntlet we expected: no deaths of major cast members.

There are some bad intentions inside this box car… and Rick Grimes gets his ass whooped again.  He’s like a pro-wrestler who gets whipped and gets up to win.

We’ve got a bleeder… was the baseball bat needed?  The crack-and-slash was unreal.  Like we thought headed into this season, the residents of Terminus really are cannibals – they’ve got a whole slaughterhouse set-up going on.  I almost threw up in my mouth a little…

For a guy who gets beat up as much as Rick, he sure talks a lot of trash.  But for a guy with his head over a tub where he’s about to be bled out – he’s got a lot of balls.

Carol my home-girl gets the First Zombie Kill of the season!  She’s gonna be a baller this year.  She’s really grown on us as a character, and we’re glad she’s getting back with the gang.

Zombies go boom!!!  Rick really is lucky Carol is there to back up his smack talk.  Really lucky.  Kind of lucky for the Terminus guys too – Rick’s probably tough and stringy.

I like this Terminus guy they have tied up, boy is honest.  Kill or be killed.  Then he had to touch the baby, not cool bro.

Flaming Zombies!!!!!!!! Totally my favorite kind.

There’s that Rick Grimes we were promised…  Shanking some bad guys.  I guess with all that time in the prison he learned how to fashion a proper shank.

Carol with the headshot!!!

And there’s the butcher room…  and didn’t these guys say something about a smoker?  I’m eating salad all week.

Daryl saying “hello ladies” with his first ZK of the season.

This lady has screwed with the wrong bad-ass, she’s getting a Carol whooping, and then Carol brutally leaves her to be eaten.

Bad news for Tyreese, we had him at 10-1… Power slam…  Don’t F with that baby.  Nobody’s dying tonight – we can tell.  (sidenote: so we saw the zombies outside the cabin – especially the one impaled on the pike that was still twitching…  I don’t recall seeing that one there when the rest of the crew showed up at the end.  Now, I don’t think Tyreese killed the guy from Terminus – but did he shove a zombie in the room with him?  Inquiring minds want to know…)

They finally asked Deliverance about the cure!!!! And it’s classified… Spill, bro. spill.

Hey, look!  Rick remembered the baby.  And its hugs and kisses and a giant family reunion in the most effed up world ever.

For the record:

  • Maggie picks up sexiest Zombie Kill of the week (duh).
  • Carol earns Zombie Kill of the week with her exploding zombies (again, duh).
  • WTF moment:  Who is the guy in the mask???
  • Quote of the week:

“They don’t get to live.”

~ Rick ~

Now for our unofficial death counts and kill rates (these are confirmed kills that we counted during the course of the show – we’re sure there are more that occur off-screen, but we’re not going to go there.):

  • Carol: A crapton of zombies, no specific count as we couldn’t tell exactly how many she blew up, 2 humans
  • Cannibals/Terminus Residents: 10 zombies, 4 humans
  • Rick: 1 zombie, 4 humans
  • Daryl: 4 zombies
  • Maggie: 4 zombies
  • Glen: 3 zombies
  • Tyreese: 3 zombies
  • Bob: 2 zombies
  • Sgt. Ford: 1 zombie
  • Rosita: 1 zombie
  • Tara: 1 zombie
  • And the zombies themselves: 5 humans

The Walking Dead airs on AMC Sundays at 9PM PST

~ The Ministers ~


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