A Few Good Screams: Feature Interview with: Lia Scott Price

As we’ve done all year with Cons and Cosplay, we like to tell you the stories behind the fun, familiar faces, and once in a while introduce you to someone new and upcoming. Since the calendar flip and fall has set in, Halloween quickly approaches.

Our Feature in Scream continues with a take from the writer’s side of horror.  The Ministers are proud to welcome Lia Scott Price!

A vampire film producer, author, and comic book publisher: she is the creator and writer of the Vampire Guardian Angels comic book series, which features her unique creation: Guardian Angels that have become a unique new breed and hybrid of vicious and violent serial-killer vampires.

When we’re done introducing you to Lia, you can find the comic book series at liascottprice.com


  • MoGT: How did you get into the Scream scene and what makes the horror genre apply to you?

Lia: I started producing and acting in my own films in order to “bring my characters to life”. They started out as promotional shorts that I used to promote my Vampire Guardian Angel characters and scenes from my vampire novel. I did a lot of self-promotion and got my film shorts and vampire comic books featured or reviewed on independent horror blogs such as Horror Society and horrornews.net, both are some of my favorite, awesome horror sites. What I love, and why I chose, horror is that you are able to stretch the imagination, play a what-if scenario, and push the envelope psychologically and explore everyday fears (monsters, etc). Vampires are my favorite horror genre but I prefer the “old school” violent, horrific, bloodthirsty vampires that terrify people.

  • MoGT: Halloween is a few weeks away, what are your favorite scares of the season?

Lia: I actually love going into dollar stores to window-shop their Halloween decor aisles. Then I end up buying a whole bunch of stuff. I also once drove through South Central Los Angeles with a life-size plastic skeleton in my passenger seat. The reactions from people, if they do see me, are, well, priceless. I used to do silly things like that.

  • MoGT: What goes bump in the night that makes you jump?

Lia: Spiders. I got bitten by one, had an allergic reaction, and ended up in the emergency room. So yes, that’s one of my biggest phobias, followed closely by dolls. I can’t be in the same room with a doll. It creeps me out way too much.

  • MoGT: What do you feel makes the right horror movie? How do you get the audience to buy into the screams?

Lia: Have an unexpected twist. Something you don’t see coming. Something you don’t expect to be evil that jumps out a grabs you because you didn’t expect it. Scaring is more of a psychological effect, of finding something that disturbs the audience and plays on their fears. And mixing in a little humor, and giving a “breather” before the “big scare” helps too. It’s usually the “what ifs” that scare people if they are played out on the screen.

  • MoGT: Speaking of, there’s a lot of special effects in today’s film world, how does that affect acting and/or directing the process?

Lia: I’ve never done special effects (yet) but it would be kind of interesting to act in a green screen against something that’s going to be added later. But if I’m acting against another actor, it seems a lot easier. I like the old school way of doing horror—campy props, fake blood, people behind the scenes pulling or pushing on stuff, being creative with what they can build. In one scene, it was steam from a vacuum cleaner for a foggy effect. In another of my film shorts, I had one of my actors riding on a skateboard that we pulled with a rope tied to it to make her seem like she was “gliding”. I love that kind of DIY stuff.

  • MoGT: Who are your role models in the industry? Anyone you “kill” to work with?

LSP2Lia: Elvira, and Rob Zombie (Dawn of the Dead). And I would actually love to be a weird crazy serial killer in an Addams Family movie. Or a Japanese horror film. I love psychological and “action” horror, so directors like Christophe Gans (Silent Hill) are pretty cool!

  • MoGT: Tell us about your on set experiences and how you handle them?

Lia: My sets are always professional and fun, and I always keep things positive, so things go pretty smooth. And after filming, I’ve heard some funky things happen, like when an actor’s car broke down on the freeway after midnight and she was still covered in prop blood, and had to call a tow truck. And after one film shoot I had to drive home covered in prop blood with a fake body bag also covered in prop blood in my back seat, hoping I wouldn’t get pulled over.

  • MoGT: Now let’s get into your past and future projects?

Lia: I started out in horror by first writing a Vampire trilogy novel called “The Guardian, Revenant, and Dominion”, then I adapted scenes from that book into film shorts and feature films. My latest project has been my “Vampire Guardian Angels” Comic Book series, also based on the novel. The comic book series is a condensed version of the novel, and my future projects are writing the sequels in comic book format.

  • MoGT: What is your dream scream film experience?

Lia: A showdown with a monster like Jeepers Creepers, where I’m pretty much trying to kick its ass before I run away screaming, or being in a creepy Japanese horror film. I really like the horror action stuff like Underworld, Resident Evil, Dawn of the Dead, and if I ever get to fight with a badass Silent Hill-type monster I want to go down kicking and screaming with a machete in my hand.

  • MoGT: There’s a lot of clichés in the history of horror movies, how do you feel about that being part of the genre, and do you work those clichés into your work?

Lia: I love being part of the horror genre, and yes I do yell at the screen. But that’s what makes this genre so much fun. I love B-movies (and sometimes I feel like my life is one big B movie), bad special effects, and the campiness of old horror movies, such as the Hammer vampire films, but I also like the look and feel of the X-Files, Twin Peaks and Twilight Zone, which, although they are not scream-slasher, they are a big influence on my films and my style of filming, and I work those influences into my films. But the one thing I don’t want my Vampires to be associated with, though, are the new generation of that genre of love-struck tween sparkly vampires. I focus more on the violent, brutal, vicious non-wimpy vampire and hopefully I have achieved that with my characters and my comic book series. I like my vampires deadly and merciless (30 Days of Night being one of my favorite vampire films).

  • MoGT: Lastly What do you have coming up that our readers can follow or see you at?

LSP3Lia: I’m currently working on my Vampire Guardian Angel comic book series, which features art by my two talented friends, artist Andrew Setter who does the illustration and inking, and Chad Hammontree, who is the colorist and letterer. Chad and I are exhibiting the comics at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles on Halloween Oct. 31, 2014, and on Nov. 1-2, 2014 in Artist Alley, where we are signing comic books and promoting the 4th issue in the series. And I’m planning to make the rounds at more comic book and horror conventions. I’m also working on Issue number 5 which is currently in the drawing and coloring process. This is my first comic book series, and so far it’s going great! Thank you again for the interview and for your support of indie artists!


We hope you enjoy Lia’s take on Vampires as much as we do, check her website out and if you’re planning to attend Stan Lee’s Comikaze in LA stop by and check out the work in person!

~ E.S. Norton ~

Your Frightful Host


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  1. What a great interview. Very in depth. I can imagine the look on some poor drivers face as they pull up to a red light, look over, and see either Lia or one of her actors covered in prop blood. Hysterical! It’s also interesting to see how a creative professional can take one idea–a vampire novel–and spin it into multiple creative projects. What a great way to meet new fans or offer a little extra content to current ones.

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