Still Waiting For That Balloon To Pop… Channel Surfing: Gotham – The Balloonman

GOTHAM_CAROUSEL_DESKTOP_1400x386-carousel-1400x386Well, this is a show based on the DC universe so we kind of expect vigilantes, right?  So here’s the first crack Gordon has at dealing with one – y’know, before Batman and everything.  Unlike Batman though this vigilante’s run is rather short-lived, and you’ve probably never heard of him: Balloonman.  Exciting, right?  This guy stole some weather balloons, he hunts down individuals in positions of authority, he attaches them to the balloons and sets them afloat until the balloon ascends high enough to where it freezes and pops and then his victim goes splat…  sometimes right on little old ladies.  Problem with this guy is – he only stole a few balloons, so even if he weren’t going to get caught by our gung-ho detective and his less-than-ho partner, his tenure was going to be pretty short-lived.  Spoiler alert though: they catch the guy!  Wouldn’t be much of a detective show if they didn’t now, would it.

While Harvey and Gordon are doing their thing, we get a glimpse of the city and it’s descent into criminal chaos: the perfect breeding ground for a Penguin or a Joker and vigilantes.  In fact, the public seemed to welcome the Balloonman: it was weird, but normal in a comic-type of way.  To further drive home the point that the city is crime-riddled the opening sequence of the show proves that the pull of home/Gotham was too much for Oswald to resist, as he brutally murders a man and deposits his body in an alley.

Interspersed throughout the show we find Oswald making his way back into the seedy underbelly of Gotham sadistic crime after shoe-nabbing sadistic crime, and learn more about the structure and infighting going on between the mob bosses: Falcone is still the most believable character in the show, and it’s obvious he has little faith in his underling/lieutenant, Fish; Sal Maroni is new on the scene and ready to make a splash; and Oswald seems to think he’s the future of Gotham.  All-in-all it’s a rather complicated affair, made even more confusing by the last scene of the show with Oswald showing up on Gordon’s doorstep.

Other storylines include:

  • Gordon working with Cat and dredging around the sewers based on her tip about the Wayne murders;
  • The officers from the MCU still trying to finger Gordon and Harvey as dirty cops and working with Fish to do it;
  • Apparently Gordon’s fiance, Barbara, had a… thing in the past with Renee Montoya, the MCU agent targeting Gordon; and
  • Bruce and Alfred like to fence in the times when Bruce isn’t eating the food Alfred is making for him, and he’s trying to be a detective – having obtained copies of his parents’ murder case files.

What did you think about the show?

Until next time.

Gotham airs Mondays at 8pm PST on Fox

J.T. Riles ~


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