Channel Surfing: The Walking Dead Season 5 Preview


Rick Grimes and his merry band of undead decapitators are finally back!  When we left them in that dark boxcar things looked dire, possibly captured by flesh eaters of a different kind.  Terminus turned out to be a glorified Donner Party, because hey one kind of flesh-eating monsters wasn’t enough.  And the big question?  Where is Beth?  Is she on that grill?

Walking-Dead-Season-5-Pic-20I’m looking forward to season 5 with baited breath I guess you could say.  Seasons 1 & 2 where about as good as TV gets, wonderful character chemistry, and story building.  I can’t say I’ve enjoyed the last two seasons as much.  For me the overall consistency just hasn’t been there from episode to episode.  They haven’t built on the story line of why every person is infected, and even though Dr. Eugene Porter is on the scene, no one seems to want to know what he knows.  Maybe it’s just me but I’d want some knowledge transfer.

With the Governor and Hershel gone the shows lost some depth of acting as well.  Daryl needs to be a little more like

The Walking Dead - Season 5 - Comic-Con PromoMerle for my taste, Rick needs to pull his head out and stop dwelling on what he’s had to do, maybe worry about your missing daughter, chief?  Carol seems to be the model character now, I’d like to see her continue to do what’s necessary and maybe put Rick in his place.  She may not have to if Rick executes what he’s promised in the last scene from season 4.

What do we expect from season 5? Death. Lots of it, I think this is a make or break for the writers, they either go full Game of Thrones or lose their bandwagon audience. Terminus will provide the gauntlet for the current cast, but hopefully we get on our way to the how’s and whys of the back story, if just for a little while. We certainly hope this season doesn’t go the way of so many white-hot shows, stay true to your fan base my writing friends. Don’t ruin a good thing.

Now for some fun, we here at the MoGT like a good death pool every now and again, degenerate gamblers that we are.  Here are some odds and a prop bet or two:

Death odds

  • The-Walking-Dead-Season-4-poster-5Lthe-walking-dead-maggieauren Cohan/Maggie: 5-1 – The love story is about to end
  • Steven Yeun/Glen: 7-1 – We’d bet she goes before he does, but his grief won’t let him last much longer
  • Emily Kinney/Beth: 20-1 – You can’t knock off the prettiest character, can you?
  • Chad L. Coleman/Tyreese: 10-1 – He not the bad ass we wanted him to be
  • Danai Gurira/Michonne: 40-1 – She’s not going anywhere…..yet
  • Andrew Lincoln/Rick: Off – Come on you think we’d put money on him?
  • Chandler Riggs/Carl: 8-1 – Carl dies in the end, maybe it takes until season 6
  • Melissa McBride/Carol: 12-1 – We aren’t ready to let her go
  • Josh McDermitt/The Doc: 2-1 – We won’t get the answers, I can feel it
  • Michael Cudlitz/Abraham: 15-1 – He hasn’t done enough ass kicking to die yet.

Prop on Daryl doing something that doesn’t relate to the overall show, like this entire maybe he’s gay thing. Who cares first of all, but it’s a writing ploy at best if it happens.

Michonne and Tara hooking up?  Let’s bring back the Andrea love affair that was underlying?

Over/under on zombie kills at 12 per episode for a total of 192 on the season.

The Walking Dead airs starting next Sunday on AMC at 9 PST

~ E.S. Norton ~

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