Arrow Season Three Primer… Are you as excited as I am?


Anyone else missing Arrow like crazy?  Well, you’re not alone.

Arrow is coming back, and if any of the details the producers let leak are an indication, we’re in for an awesome season.  Multiple additions from the DC library of characters including Ray Palmer, a.k.a. The Atom, and Ted Grant, a.k.a. Wildcat.  Both great characters and crime fighters in their own right: one is a scientist, the other a wily ol’ boxing champion.  The villain being touted is none-other than Ra’s Al Ghul: The Demon’s Head.  Which can only mean a showdown with The League of Assassins.  Pretty epic idea, if you ask me.

Now, on to casting, which is where Arrow treads some rough water.

Brandon Routh — who once played The Man Of Steel himself — will now play The Atom?  Really?

That just feels off.

And then there’s the casting for Wildcat, J.R Ramirez.  What’s wrong with the casting?  He’s too young.  Wildcat is supposed to be the surly old man who shows the whippersnappers how it’s really done.  Most all the most popular heroes have it in their back story that they trained under Wildcat for a time.  Aging him down takes a lot away from his character.  And the motives behind aging him down are equally troubling.  In the comics, Wildcat helped train Black Canary, but it seems Arrow has aged him down in order for his fatherly mentor role to take on a love-interest role.  *cringe*

0fa826d38f3db2fbd2cf2f649d9320c0oliver-and-sara-kiss the-complicated-love-life-of-oliver-queen-sea-L-3SvuI7






Ed. Note: What guy doesn’t want Oliver’s “problems”?

With the return of Sarah, and Felicity’s emergence as a more important factor in the show, Oliver sure had a lot of women in his life last season.  It seems most of the women will find more men.  His reactions should be interesting at the very least– though I’d much rather the main focus of season three wasn’t on a series of bad love-triangles.  But enough about that, time to speculate on the fate of one of the other characters.

Arrow-season-2-episode-23-recap-Thea-MalcolmNamely, Thea.

Leaving with Merlyn.  Apparently training.  Caught me by surprise at first, but then I remembered something.  In the comics, Roy’s main love-interest, and mother of his child is not a heroine, but rather, an assassin.  They could be molding Thea to fit into this mold.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens this season.  There’s a lot of different angles and seemingly endless possibilities.  The show has been nothing short of stellar so far, and my hopes for a great third season have not dwindled.

Be sure and catch Arrow‘s premier this week, and if you haven’t seen the show yet — set your DVR.  Netflix has all of Season One, and will be getting season two sometime next week.

Bottom line: Arrow is good taste approved.

Arrow Season 3 Premiers on the CW, Wednesday at 8 PST

Ed. Note: Don’t forget to catch The Flash on Tuesday night as well!

~ Joseph Hawkins ~


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