Straight Shooting: Breaking SDCC CCI News with an actual take


Could Comic Con be in for some changes?!

Interesting news out of Comic Con International (CCI), as first reported by Bleeding Cool and not the Unofficial, which later posted it up. CCI is dropping/handing back the Alternative Press Expo (APE) to founder Dan Vado.

This is interesting for a few reasons, SDCCU blog wouldn’t speculate, and I don’t blame them: don’t bite the hand that feeds you.  Bleeding Cool went as far to say that Dan was asked/or asked for it back and CCI gladly did so.

I won’t pull punches with you, here’s my take:

CCI absolutely has been getting hammered by the San Diego City Council, and the convention center needs money put into it if SDCC continues to grow.  I don’t see the city handing that cash away at the rate CCI wants it to, so where does the big event go if it wanted to move?  San Francisco….

But CCI had an event there, Dan Vado could easily move APE to San Jose its original location which then would compete with Wizard World’s San Jose Event. A nice little kick in the dirt at the competitor.

This move makes a bunch of sense for both CCI and Vado, he can continue that event as it was meant to be with none major publishers and cartoonists. CCI gains some leverage, for now, and a landing spot for later if needed.

Another chess move..

~ E.S. Norton ~


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