Baker’s Dozen: The Ladies Have Their Favourites…. Top 10 Hollywood Heart-throbs

The, um, “gentlemen” of the MoGT told me they had put together a Baker’s Dozen of hot chick actresses.  I was like – wait a minute, I have friends.  We have our own Hunkie Hunk list.  So without further ado, swoon away…


 Honorable Mentions

  • Jesse Williams

    • Cabin in the Woods  and Grey’s Anatomy
  • Jason Statham

    • Transporter and The Expendables
  • Peter Dinklage

    • Game of Thrones and X-Men: Days of Future Past

And now to the Goodie Goods

#10 – Matthew Gray Gubler

MGG1Criminal Minds and 500 Days of Summer

Matthew is from none other than Sin City itself. Early on he made a name for himself as a hot model for Tommy Hilfiger, American Eagle, and then THEE Marc Jacobs.  His shyness and style make him a nerdy heartthrob crime stopper.

#9 – Benedict Cumberbatch

BC1Star Trek: Into Darkness and Sherlock

The man who plays the clever Sherlock Holmes was born into an acting family.  Lucky for the ladies he attended SDCC this year and had all of them swooning.  Unfortunately he’s doing a fair share of voice work this upcoming year.

#8 – Chris Pratt

chris-pratt1Guardians of the Galaxy and Moneyball

Let the hooked on a feeling jokes fly, Star Lord has some swagger.



#7 – Tom Hiddleston

Tom-Hiddleston1Thor and The Avengers

As an English-born star, Loki has the bad-ass swag that makes him seductively dangerous.



#6 – Jon Hamm

jon-hamm1Mad Men and The Town

Jon’s dashing and troubled act as Don Draper has put him at the top of Hollywood’s list for hottest actors in our mind. With his tailored suits and tall dark and handsome attributes working for him in so many ways, women just love watching. Rumors of him packing more than a flask of whiskey in his pockets doesn’t hurt his place on this list.


#5 – Chris Pine

chris-pine1Star Trek and This Means War

Captain Kirk has been on almost every hot list since Shatner debuted. As a man from LA and growing up surrounded by actors he was sure to make a splash with his striking blue eyes and clean-cut look; he has every woman rubber-necking to get a second look.


#4 – Chris Hemsworth

mayChrisHemsworth1Thor and The Avengers

As the third Chris on the list he makes the perfect Thor. The Australian accent doesn’t hurt either!


#3 – Hugh Jackman

Hugh-JackmanX-Men Series, Wolverine, and The Prestige

Being a staple to every hottest actors list for countless years the man who plays the hawt Wolverine doesn’t show any signs of being eliminated from the hot list.

#2 – Robert Downey Jr.

Robert-downey-jr-2011Ironman, The Avengers, and so many more…

From Iron Man to hot, clean-cut, genius he is well-rounded. He is extremely dashing and ever so suave!

#1 – Gerard Butler

gerard-butlergb300 and P.S. I Love You

From hard-core in 300 to melt your heart in P.S. I Love You he had the female audience locked and star struck. It doesn’t hurt when you get to prance around in Spartan armor.



~ S.M. Presley ~



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