The One Featuring Catwoma… er, girl. Channel Surfing: Gotham – Selina Kyle

GOTHAM_CAROUSEL_DESKTOP_1400x386-carousel-1400x386Here we are in the thick of things finally – this week we didn’t have to spend the first half of the episode rehashing another version of the well-documented Wayne murders/assassination.  Though I’m not quite sure why the episode is titled the way it is – while Selina, or ‘Cat’, is in the episode and has a few scenes, she’s not really a focal point at all; they spend just as much time on Oswald this week as they did her.

140929-0003-657x360 - CopyBut!  But we get into part of the seedy underbelly that is Gotham: with a middle-aged, ugly couple (Patti and Doug) going around drugging and dragging homeless kids off the street.  The first group we came across was the group of kids hanging around Cat; when a van pulls up and a couple gets out claiming to be with a Mayor’s council offers them food, Cat wisely hangs back while the rest of the kids jump at the chance for some food.  That’s when Patti starts stabbing the kids in the back of their necks with a pen containing some kind of drug that makes them almost immediately woozy.  Cat disappears into the shadows, another kid takes off down the street and ends up getting thrown through a restaurant window by Doug, and an old homeless man gets shot and dies…  And that’s where the detectives come into play.

gotham_102_gcpdbullpen_0288_hires2We’re again treated to Harvey and Gordon’s dichotomic personalities and approaches to their job: one just wants to punch a clock and one really, really, really wants to do what’s right.  Since this is a show about Gordon, mostly, guess which one wins out.  Long story short, they investigate the murder which leads them to the child smuggling ring.  A calculating mayor gets involved (kudos to Richard Kind, he’s great in this role and it isn’t remotely reminiscent of his previous roles on shows like Spin City and Mad About You), and the detectives track down the missing children.  Then they have to hunt them down a second time because – you guessed it – political calculations screwed things up.

gotham102upstateroadsideautoparts1487hires2jpg-57cf27_960wWhile Harvey and Gordon are looking for a bus-full of missing children, outside the city limits Oswald makes an appearance.  Limping down the road, he’s picked up by a couple of what appear to be frat boys.  Unfortunately for them, it’s not too long before they say the wrong thing to the raging psychopath in the back of the car.  One ends up dead, and the other bound and gagged in the back of a trailer Oswald has rented.  (Note: now may be a good time to acknowledge that if you see a guy with a hooked nose that waddles like a penguin – steer clear.  If you can’t steer clear, at least don’t call him ‘penguin’.  It doesn’t go well for you.  Just saying.)  We leave them there until next week with Oswald’s ransom demand getting shot down by a mother that doesn’t quite believe what he’s saying; something tells me that other kid is screwed.

Heading-1024x576 - CopyBack to our protagonist detectives – they find the kids, and the mayor decides he still wants to ship them up the river without a paddle…  or just upstate to juvie.  Either way it’s a bum deal and Cat knows it; she demands to see Gordon.  With a little convincing, the officer in charge brings Gordon over and Cat tries to strike a deal with him regarding the identity of the Wayne murderer.  Don’t know if he takes it or not – we’ll find out though!

Other things that happened you ask?  Well, we’re introduced to Oswald’s mother – interesting character she is; Gordon’s fiance, Barbara Kean, turns whistle-blower after he tells her information he probably shouldn’t have; we establish that Gordon is a terrible liar – I’d love to get him in a card game; Gordon is visited by Alfred who is struggling relating to young Bruce, so Gordon drops by the Wayne mansion to talk with Bruce; I’m hoping they keep the interactions here to a minimum – it’s my hope the characters will develop away from Bruce as they should… in my not so humble opinion (my opinions are rarely anything but humble); and Falcone makes a visit to Fish in her establishment and – after a brief discussion – re-establishes the pecking order in a very public manner.  John Doman is eminently believable as the criminal boss, Falcone, and a great spot in a show full of good acting.

I like where the show is headed: the second show was better than the first, and I can’t wait to see how things develop.

What did you think about the show?

Gotham airs Mondays at 8pm PST on Fox

J.T. Riles ~


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