Channel Surfing: Doctor Who – The Caretaker


We begin with the Doctor and Clara chained to a pillar, on a sandy world under a couple of bright suns. They are arguing over vibrocutters, specifically the ones that could free them from their chains, if only Clara hadn’t left them in her other jacket.

Scene change: Now we’re back on Earth, and Clara is meeting Danny for a date. He remarks that she’s suddenly quite tan, most likely from all the sun on that planet. Lucky girl. My skin would fry right off me with that much sun and no sunscreen.

Scene change: the Doctor asks Clara to go along with him on a trip, the only thing he tells her is “fish people”. Clara eagerly accepts, entering the TARDIS and—

Scene change: jumping into a cab Danny’s already in. He wonders why she’s soaking wet. She claims it was a freak rain shower. Danny’s wondering why she had a piece of seaweed on her dress. “I said freak.”

Scene change: The Doctor and Clara are in a metal corridor, lasers blasting around them. “I hate soldiers!” The Doctor shouts. “Don’t you hate soldiers?” Clara agrees, but it looks like her face disagrees. They’re going to have to run for it!

Scene change: Clara, in the same clothes as the previous scene, opens the door to find Danny in running clothes. “Ready to run?”

Scene change: Clara comes back into her room, dressed in running gear and looking like she;s about to fall over. She collapses at her vanity. She just can’t do this anymore. As soon as the words are out of her mouth, though, she decides she can do this. She’s got this all under control. I guess she’s having too much fun to stop living a double life.

Personally, I’m getting whiplash from all the scene changes. Slow down, Clara!

Clara enters the TARDIS, wondering where they’ll go today. The Doctor tells her there won’t be a trip today, he has a thing he’s got to do. Alone. It’s going to be undercover. Deep cover, he won’t tell her where. Clara tries to get a glance at the navigation screen, but the Doctor switches the display to a different readout. Clara questions his ability to go into deep cover. Can he actually do that? “Of course I can!” He snaps his fingers and the TARDIS doors swing open. Time to leave, Clara.

Clara isn’t having any of this. She can play that game too, remember? She snaps her fingers and the TARDIS doors snap shut. This launches a fingers-snapping duel between the two of them. Any second now, I’m sure the Sharks and the Jets will join in. Clara finally leaves, but not before trying to sneak one last peek and give the Doctor the “I’m watching you” gesture. With Clara gone, the Doctor switches the screen back to his destination: East London.

The next scene opens on Clara and Danny’s school. They meet up and talk as they walk to their classrooms. Danny wants to know if Clara is okay: every time he sees her, she always seems in a rush, in a state, or in a space helmet that one time. I kinda want to know about the space-helmet time. Why aren’t we watching that one?

Clara doesn’t give him a straight answer, telling him only that she “had a thing, but the thing is gone.” She tells him that the next few days are all about him. We see the tail end of a staff meeting, but before anyone can leave the principal of the school introduces their new temporary caretaker of the facility: the Doctor. He introduces himself as John Smith, but adds that people just call him…the Doctor. As Danny and Clara leave the meeting, Danny wants to know if she knows this Mr. Smith. They looked at each other like they knew each other. He saw the Doctor wink at her. Clara brushes off the question. It was more of a general wink to everyone. Clara makes an excuse to leave and heads back to the Doctor to find out why he’s in deep cover in her school.

The Doctor congratulates Clara for seeing through his disguise. Clara responds that he’s just wearing a different coat! The Doctor won’t tell Clara why he’s there, but Clara is pretty sure it involves aliens of some kind. Because it’s usually aliens. Clara is concerned about the safety of the children at the school. The Doctor tells her no, they are not safe. Nobody is safe. But, he says, soon the answer will be yes, everyone is safe—as long as she leaves him alone and lets him get on with his plan. The less she knows, the better. Uh, no, Doctor. The more she knows, the better she’ll be able to help cover for you among the teachers and the students. That would imply, however that the Doctor needs help maintaining his deep cover mission, and the Doctor is simply to prideful to think of that. This can only end in tears. I’m hoping tears of laughter, mind you, but this is Doctor Who, after all. You never can tell.

We switch to a couple kids from Clara’s school playing hand-held video games near an abandoned building. A policeman chases them off, but then he hears a sound inside the building. He goes inside the building to investigate. Inside the building, something watches him with Terminator-like vision, all oranges, reds and purple colors and a big target sight right in the middle. The policeman hears a robotic voice muttering to itself. “FIVE. STOP. INTRUDER.” The policeman thinks it’s one of the kids playing video games. The mystery squatter reveals itself: It’s a four-legged alien-looking robot with quite a lot of weaponry. It opens fire with one rapid-fire laser gun, filling the air (and presumably the policeman) with green laser blasts. A hand and part of an arm fall into our view, heavily charred. I’m pretty sure he’s dead, and I think this is why the Doctor is at Clara’s school. Brilliant deduction, I know.

On that cheerful note, we switch to Clara teaching her class, when the Doctor sticks his head in the rear window. He’s up on quite a tall ladder: It looks like Clara’s classroom is on the third floor. He points out that the Jane Austen quote on the board is wrong: the quote isn’t from the year Clara wrote down. Clara, as you might expect, does not take kindly to being corrected in front of her class. She tries to shut him up, and goes on an exasperated rant about how Jane Austen was probably his ‘bezzie mate” and got kidnapped by boggans with her, formed a band and met Buddy Holly! That does sound like something that would happen to the Doctor, honestly.

The class doesn’t know what to make of this. The Doctor says no, he read in in the back of one of Austen’s books, on her bio page. Clara shoos him away, out of the window, and then dismisses her class without any homework. She goes out into the school, looking for the Doctor, trying to see what he’s up to. Students and Staff keep getting in her way, talking to her about school matters, but her mind is on other things, namely the Doctor. She spots him in a courtyard, talking with Danny and another teacher as he inspects an electrical junction box. The new teacher looks rather familiar. Nice dressed, bow tie, mussy brown hair. Where have I seen that style before? Anyway, the new teacher is talking Danny up to the Doctor. Five years of military service so if you need help, Danny’s your man. The Doctor says he can handle it, then jams a screwdriver into the junction box wires, accompanied by a shower of sparks. Need to sell that a little better, Doctor. The Doctor tells Danny he can get back to his P.E. Class. No, Danny tells him, he teaches Math. The Doctor thinks its as a substitute. No, as a math teacher. The other teacher agrees before running of to deal with a student. The Doctor is unconvinced. That can’t be right. Clara clears her throat and tells Danny that he has a class waiting for him. The ball won’t kick itself, the Doctor says. Danny reminds him that he’s a math teacher, not P.E. The Doctor can’t handle the idea of a soldier teaching Math, his brain just can’t accept that. Having trouble fitting things into your preconceived notions, are you, Doctor?

Clara asks the Doctor if Danny’s last name reminds him of anyone. The Doctor says yes, the color. That wasn’t what Clara was going for. She meant Orson Pink, time-traveler from the future. The Doctor doesn’t see the resemblance. The Doctor places a device with blinking green lights in the junction box and locks it. What is he doing? What was that? The Doctor changes the subject. Is the guy Clara keeps going on dates with here? The bow-tied teacher comes up to Clara and and asks if she has this period free. Great! Shakespeare! Clara calls him Adrian, and asks what he means. You know, this guy looks like and acts an awful lot like the Eleventh Doctor. “Oh, I see,” the Doctor says with a smile. Oh great, he thinks Adrian is Clara’s boyfriend because he looks like the Doctor’s previous incarnation. No lack of ego on him, is there?

Adrian and Clara walk off to discuss changes in the Shakespeare curriculum, the Doctor following along behind for a bit. Clara hasn’t figured out why he’s so happy yet. Pretty sure that’s going to be a problem later.

The Doctor sets more of those devices in various places, and is finishing up putting one inside a grate when he bumps into Clara again. Danny appears in the background, keeping an eye on the Doctor. Like Danny keeps telling everyone, he’s not stupid. I think he knows something is going on. The Doctor places one more device outside the Caretaker’s door, then heads inside. Along with the usual Caretaker supplies, the TARDIS is sitting in a corner. The Doctor heads inside to see “the lay of the land”. Perhaps those devices were sensors? A glow comes from inside the TARDIS. Unfortunately, the Doctor forgot to lock the door, and a student, Courtney (we’ve heard about her in several episodes. She’s apparently ‘a disruptive influence’), comes in looking for towels to clean up a spill in geography. The Doctor storms out of the TARDIS. Can’t you read? The sign says Keep Out! No it doesn’t, it says ‘Go Away Humans’. Brilliant deep cover there, Doctor. Courtney wants to know what the Doctor was doing in the box. The Doctor tries to pass it off as a caretaker’s box, but Courtney points out it says ‘Police’. The Doctor tells her that it’s got a policeman inside for emergencies. Courtney doesn’t seem to be buying this perfectly reasonable, not at all made up explanation. The Doctor hands her towels for the spill. Courtney tells him he’s weird. The Doctor agrees. Who is she? ‘I’m a disruptive influence.” They shake hands. “Pleased to meet you! Now get lost.”

Clara enters as Courtney leaves. What did she want? The Doctor holds up the paper towels…the ones Courtney left without. Doctor, you’re a terrible caretaker. The Doctor tells Clara that he’s sure she has many questions. Fire away, he won’t answer any of them. Clara does have a question, though it’s not one the Doctor expects. What were his previous companions like? Did they let him get away with things like this? Clara tells the Doctor that the school is in danger, in danger from the Doctor. She’s sure he’s here to deal with an alien threat, and his plan involves endangering the school. She doesn’t know what he’s doing, because he hasn’t told her, which means she wouldn’t approve, ergo, he’s endangering the school.

The Doctor takes out the sonic screwdriver, turning it on and creating a spherical hologram over a nearby table. Add another sonic power to the list! What is it? It’s a scanner, the Doctor tells Clara exasperatedly. He wants to know why he keeps Clara around. Because the alternative would be developing a conscience of your own, she tells him. Ouch. I mean, it’s kinda true. The companions do tend to function as the Doctor’s moral compass. But still, ouch.

Any alien technology nearby should show up. Right on cue, the alien robots appears in the hologram. The Doctor says it’s a Skovox Blitzer, one of the deadliest killing machines ever made. Huh. So I was closer than I thought: it is a Terminator! The Doctor says it probably homed in on ‘artron emissions’ in the area. I don’t know what those are, but we should probably stop making those. Why is it so deadly? It has enough explosive in its armory to blow up the whole planet.

Clara tells the Doctor to just leave it alone, then. The Doctor points out that sooner or later the Blitzer will leave its hiding place, and then some ‘military idiot’ will attack it. I imagine that battle would be a lot like the Iron Giant vs the Army, only with a smaller robot. The Doctor says the world is full of P.E. Teachers. Why do I get the feeling that the Doctor had a bad time in gym class growing up?

The Doctor shows Clara his plan. It’s a watch.

It’s a special watch, though: He puts it on, presses a button, and vanishes from sight. He’s invisible! He’s going to give the Blitzer a small taste of non-threatening (I think that part is pretty important) alien tech, then lead it back here. The invisibility watch is to prevent the Blitzer from scanning him while he does so. Clara is not enthusiastic about leading a killer alien robot into her school. The Doctor tells her that the devices he’s been setting up around the school are ‘time mines’, chronodyne generators that will create a time vortex and send the Blitzer billions of years into the future where it can’t hurt anyone. Clara wants to help, but the Doctor tells her he doesn’t need her this time. He’ll see her tomorrow and they can take a trip. Tonight she can ‘canoodle with her boyfriend’. Uh-oh. He thinks it’s Adrian, and Clara doesn’t know that…they’re going to be talking about two different people, aren’t they. Clara is happy, he did recognize him! The Doctor admits he did remind him of a certain ‘dashing young time traveler’. Clara thinks he means Orson Pink, but the Doctor’s referring to his previous incarnation. I don’t want to repeat myself, but the sheer, massive ego of this guy is simply breathtaking! And irritating. Clara apologizes for underestimating him. Does he like her boyfriend? Yes, he likes him! He tells Clara again to go ‘canoodle’. Clara says just this once, she’ll do as she’s told. She runs off, happy that the Doctor has accepted Danny…except he hasn’t. Those tears of laughter seem rather unlikely, now.

She immediately bumps into Danny, who wants to know if they’re still on for tonight. He says she has her “about to cancel” frown on. She’s canceled enough that you know the look on her face? Bad Clara! Bad! Danny says that’s okay, though. He’s got a…thing, tonight himself. My guess is he’s going to look around to see what the Doctor is up to. Maybe they can reschedule for tomorrow evening? Clara points out that tomorrow is Parent’s Evening at the school. Danny says that it doesn’t last all evening. How…romantic? Danny sees the Doctor leave the caretaker’s shop. What does Clara think of him? Where did he come from? Danny doesn’t think he seems like a caretaker. Clara tells him that he “speaks very highly of you”. I’m just going to sit here and shake my head. Danny’s face says that he’s wondering why Clara and the caretaker seem so close. They says their goodbyes, and Danny head off.

It’s now night-time, and the Doctor enters the school, scanning for the Blitzer with his screwdriver. Meanwhile, Danny starts looking around, and spots a chronodyne generator under a fire alarm, blinking green and beeping away merrily. Well, that doesn’t look suspicious or bomb-like at all!

He pulls it off the fire alarm, causing the lights to turn red and stop the beeping. I think he just accidentally ruined the Doctor’s plan. Oops.

The Doctor traces the Blitzer to the abandoned building. He opens the metal gate, then activates the watch, disappearing from sight.

Clara bursts into the caretaker’s shop, but the Doctor isn’t there, or is just invisible? Clara swears she is going to confiscate that watch, then heads out into the school to see if she can find him. The school she knows he’s going to lure a killer robot into. Seems a bad plan, in my opinion.

The Doctor finds the Blitzer and yells at it, causing it to follow the sound of the invisible voice.

At the school, Clara is wandering the halls calling for the Doctor, just missing Danny, who knocks on the caretaker’s door. “Hello?” Why haven’t they heard each other? Danny spots the chronodyne generator the Doctor planted in the hanging basket. This one is still beeping, but the lights are red. Danny grabs that one too.

The Blitzer is still following the Doctor, but it’s switched modes and is following the thermal traces of the Doctor’s footprints. It’s learning. Better hurry, Doctor!

The Doctor charges invisibly through the school, the Blitzer following close behind. Close behind him, though is Danny, who heard the commotion and is coming to investigate.

The Doctor enters the school theater and uncloaks. There is a large circle of chairs set up on the floor, each with a chronodyne generator on it, all beeping away with red lights. The Doctor is quite upset. They’re supposed to be green! This isn’t good. The Blitzer enter the room and begins scanning the Doctor. The Doctor tries to make it understand that he’s unarmed and no threat. The Blitzer doesn’t seem to care. I’ll bet that for the Blitzer, things come in only two categories: Threats, and Eliminated Threats.

Danny enters, holding one of the chronodyne generators. “I want a word with you.” I guess he didn’t notice the four-legged alien robot? The Blitzer has three words for him: “PROBLEM. SOLUTION. DESTROY.” See what I meant? The Blitzer opens fire, green streaks of energy blasting in rapid-fire at Danny. Danny is no stranger to firefights, though, remember? He manages to dive out of the way, dropping the generator as he does so. The generator slides to a stop against a chair and the lights turn green. Danny picks up a chair to fight the Blitzer with, but the Doctor is able to activate his time vortex with his screwdriver, sucking up things from around the room. The Blitzer is slowly drawn into the vortex, and Danny is fighting the pull as well. Clara runs in and grabs Danny, calling for the Doctor to stop as they both slide towards the vortex. The Doctor has his hands full keeping the vortex in place. It looks like its trying to suck the screwdriver right out of his hands. The Blitzer gets swallowed up by the vortex, which then dissipates. Whew! The alien threat has been defeated. Now the real trouble is going to start.

Once he’s got his breath back, the Doctor immediately starts berating Danny. He’s already figured out that Danny is the one who put the generators out of sync.

Clara wants to know what Danny was doing here. He was checking up on the Doctor. He knew he was up to something, “fiddling with the electric”. Danny has bigger problems now. The alien robot is still very much in his mind. Clara saw that, right? Yes, she did, but she wants to know if they’re safe. Is the planet safe?

Oh, it’s safe for the moment, the Doctor tells her with false joviality. But the thing about chronodyne generators is that they have to be precisely aligned. And since Danny threw them off, instead of sending the Blitzer into the far, far future, it’s probably only going to be gone for about 74 hours. The Doctor has 74 hours to think of a new plan, and he is not happy about it. Three days to come up with something new, because the Blitzer will be expecting the vortex, plus it scanned the Doctor and will now kill him on sight. Well, good luck with that. I’m out of ideas.

Danny wants to know why Clara is using words like ‘chronodyne’. Was the robot a space thing?A look of horror creeps across his face. Clara is from space! She’s a space woman!

Clara frantically tries to salvage the situation by telling Danny this was all just a secret play. Danny doesn’t believe her. He’s not stupid, you know. That’s almost becoming a catch phrase for him. The Doctor isn’t a caretaker, he’s her space dad! The Doctor is not impressed by this. How can he be her dad when they look exactly the same age? Looked in a mirror lately, Doctor. I think you’re thinking of your previous face. This one has a few years on it. The Doctor has had enough. He’s going to hypnotize Danny with the sonic screwdriver and erase his memory.

Clara won’t let him, he’s her boyfriend. She thought he knew that. The Doctor doesn’t believe her. She wouldn’t go out with a P.E. Teacher! She has made a ‘boyfriend error’! Danny reminds him once again, that he is a math teacher, not P.E.

But he’s a soldier! Why would Clara go out with a soldier!

“Because I love him!”

Everybody looks shocked at that one. I’m guessing she hadn’t told Danny that yet. How long have they been dating? From Danny’s point of view. It could be months or years from Clara’s perspective. Personal time-lines and calendar time don’t always add up when you’re a time-traveler.

The Doctor wants to know about Adrian. Clara says he’s just a friend and not her type. The Doctor looks a bit affronted by this.

Danny wants to know just who the Doctor is. Why hasn’t she mentioned him? Clara explains: The Doctor is an alien. She’s still just from Blackpool. They travel through time and space together, which is the Doctors cue to pull back the stage curtains and reveal the TARDIS. Clara explains the TARDIS to Danny, who looks a bit shell-shocked. It’s a bit weird, and if you recall, Danny doesn’t do weird.

Danny wants to know: Did the Doctor bring the robot here? No, he’s going to protect them from the robot when it comes back. Danny is concerned for the school. They need to evacuate and call the Army! This does not win him any points with the Doctor. He tells Clara to take Danny away so he can get to work. Clara leads Danny away, telling him that everything will be explained. The Doctor tells her when she’s done to come back and finish the job. She’s explained the Doctor to Danny, she still has to explain Danny to the Doctor.

Back at what I assume is Danny’s place, Clara and Danny talk. Danny provides an summation of this season: “There’s an alien who used to look like Adrian, and then he turned into a Scottish caretaker, and every now and again when I’m not looking, you elope with him.” Clara disagrees with the “elope” part of that statement. They quietly argue over whether or not Clara loves the Doctor. Either Danny doesn’t understand the different kinds of love, or he’s being difficult to make Clara clarify her feelings for both men in her life.

Why does she do it? Why does she travel with the Doctor? Danny wants the truth.

“Because…it’s amazing. Because…I see wonders.”

Danny’s hurt that Clara saw those things and kept them from him. What is she like when she’s with the Doctor, not him?

It’s now the next day at the school, and Clara comes out of the caretaker’s shop, handing Danny the invisibility watch. Clara is trying to show Danny what she’s like when she’s around the Doctor: exactly the same way she is normally. Danny activates the watch, and they step inside the TARDIS.

The Doctor is gruff and abrupt, working on some kind of device. He still seems upset with Clara as she talks to him, sarcastically remarking that the device is going to be a “long and fiddly job” so Clara should just keep right on talking and distracting him. If she wants to bother someone, go bother “P.E.”. Clara tells him Danny’s a math teacher, not a soldier.

The Doctor gets a strange look on his face. “Interesting.” Suddenly, his whole demeanor changes. He’s bored, why don’t they go somewhere? He’s flipping switches and pushing buttons on the TARDIS control panel with manic happiness. He starts talking about places they could visit. Clara protests: The Blitzer is coming back! The Doctor points out that it’s a time machine, they can be back right at the same moment they left.

Clara doesn’t think they should leave. The Doctor finds this a bit suspicious. She’s never said no before. Clara begins to make an excuse, but Danny uncloaks. He knows that the Doctor knows that he’s here, it’s why the Doctor started acting weird; he’s being clever.

The Doctor says that as a Time Lord, he can sense light shield auras when they’re close by. Add another Doctor power to the list!

Danny isn’t impressed by the Time Lord name. He should have know, he says. You can always tell the aristocracy. It’s in the attitude. Do you salute a Time Lord? The Doctor says no.

So of course Danny starts saluting and calling the Doctor “sir.”

The Doctor does not want to be called “sir”, and of course, Danny starts ending every sentence in ‘sir’, just to irritate the Doctor. This is worse the Doctor vs. Robin Hood from a few weeks back! The Doctor tells him to get out of the TARDIS. Clara protests that it is unfair.

Danny tells her that he is a soldier, but the Doctor is an officer. The Doctor finds this very offensive. Danny explains. “I pull you out of the fire, and he’s the one that lights it.”

The Doctor tells him again to get out. Danny asks, “Am I dismissed, sir?” “Yes, you ARE!”

…just like soldier and a superior officer. Well played, Danny. The Doctor realizes it too, and he doesn’t look happy about it.

Danny leaves, and the Doctor turns to Clara and says, “On balance, I think it went quite well.” Clara looks at him sadly and walks past him and out of the TARDIS.

Really Doctor? That’s your attitude? Seems a little…out of place. I mean, you meet a psychotic brain-washed assassin trying to kill you? Wonderful, pleased to meet you, stay awhile; feel like getting married? The female head of a religious military order? Let’s flirt every time we meet, shall we? A soldier? Get. Out. Wait a minute… the Brigadier was one of the Doctor’s closest friends, and he was the quintessential soldier. A rather large and hypocritical blind spot there, is what I’m saying. Someone needs to give the Doctor a good slap upside the head…where’s River when you need her? Yes, yes, I know she’s dead. Like that’s going to stop her.

Clara chases after Danny, reminding him that it’s Parents’ Evening. They can’t go home yet. The Doctor is left alone, but not for long. Courtney shows up, wanting to know what’s really in the blue box. The Doctor is exasperated with people continually interrupting him. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! He throws up his hands and tells Courtney everything, showing her the inside of the TARDIS. Courtney wants to know if she can travel with him, but the Doctor says not at the moment. He only has two days to finish…whatever it was.

Clara and Danny are with the other teachers, preparing for the onslaught of parents. Courtney’s parents are on the other side of the windows, right at the edge. Courtney’s been appearing a lot in this episode. Might we be seeing a new companion soon?

There is a bit of a problem with Parent’s Night: The Time Vortex is returning. Not two days from now, not at some point in the future. NOW.

An alarm goes off in the TARDIS, alerting the Doctor to the Blitzer’s incoming arrival. “NO! No, no, no, no!” He goes out to find Clara during Parent’s Night, signaling her that she’s needed. Danny and Clara excuse themselves, the caretaker wants a word with them.

The Doctor explains what’s going on, telling Danny to shut up every time he speaks. Clara wants asks him what she can do, and the Doctor gives her the sonic screwdriver and some quick instructions. She runs off, and Danny tells the Doctor he’s using her like a decoy. Not like a decoy, as a decoy! The Doctor can be pedantic at the worst of times. Danny wants to know what he can do to help. “Leave us alone!” The Doctor runs off to finish the gadget he’s been working on.

Clara enters the hall as the Blitzer reappears and uses the sonic screwdriver to lure it after her. Danny sees Clara running as fast as she can, the Blitzer in hot pursuit, and heads after her. Clara makes it inside the caretaker’s shop just before the Blitzer blows the door into splinters. The Doctor is trying to get his gadget on; it’s a backpack that looks very, very similar to a Ghostbuster’s proton pack. Instead of firing a stream of protons, however, it makes the Blitzer think that the Doctor is his superior. Like an officer, you might say. He commands the Blitzer to shut down, but he forgot the final input code, so the Blitzer starts a self-destruct countdown instead. In a few seconds, the Earth’ll crack like an egg. The Doctor needs a few seconds to enter the code, he needs a distraction!

Danny yells at the Blitzer, causing it to turn away from the Doctor and Clara. He uncloaks while running at it and flips right over it’s head as it fires. The Blitzer tries to track him with its energy blasts but just misses him. I guess it needs a world-cracking self-destruct, otherwise it’d never be able to hit anything!

The Doctor jumps in front of Danny and orders the Blitzer to accept the final input code. The Blitzer accepts the shut-down commands and shuts itself off.

Danny tells Clara that he was with her the entire way, invisible. The Doctor doesn’t thank him for distracting the Blitzer, but Danny says that’s okay. He doesn’t need to like Danny, all Danny needs to do is be good enough for Clara. He did just save the world, Clara chides the Doctor.

It’s a good start, he replies.

Now the TARDIS is floating in space, the Doctor bidding farewell to the Blitzer as it drifts off into the emptiness. Courtney is along for the ride, but the view of endless space is making her feel a bit sick. She runs out of sight to be noisily sick. “Ah yes, there has been a spillage.” Looks like the Doctor gets to be a caretaker after all!

Clara and Danny are cuddling on the sofa. What does he think of the Doctor now? Danny has served under men like him: they push you to make you stronger. He watched Clara tonight; she wasn’t afraid when she was following the Doctor’s orders, even when she should have been. Danny makes her promise to tell him when she’s been pushed too far. He’s been there, he can help. If she breaks this promise they are through, because if she won’t tell him the truth he can’t help her, and he can’t stand not being able to help her.

The scene shifts to…the policeman who encountered the Blitzer? That’s weird, I thought he was dead. He’s telling his story to a man at a desk, but then he realizes, he can’t remember how he got away from the robot! The man apologetically tells him that “he really, rather didn’t.” The policeman looks around. He’s in a white hallway that seems endless. Where is he? “What name would you like?” the man responds. The Afterlife, the Promised Land, the Nethersphere. Ooh, ooh, the last one! Tell me more about the last one! Missy walks into the hallway, but doesn’t stop to talk. She’s a bit busy today, the man informs him. Any questions?

Yes, quite a few! What is the Nethersphere? Who are you people? Why did the episode end right there?!?

Guess we’ll have to wait to find out what’s going on. This episode was a lot of fun. Watching the Doctor try to be normal and fail so very badly is quite funny. The Danny vs the Doctor was just about as vicious as I thought it’d be, but I hope we see more of those two together. It’s very interesting watch their personalities bounce off each other. Maybe Danny will get to go on a trip in the TARDIS in the next episode? We’ll have to wait and see. Next week, the MOON! …and spiders? I don’t remember hearing about spiders on the moon…

~ K.L. Davis ~


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