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Here at MoGT we believe the best part of Cosplay is the story behind the creation. CosTalk tells you those stories straight from our favorite Cosplayers.

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Lets Welcome Today’s Feature Cosplayer: St3phbot



MoGT: You’ve got an incredible diverse set of cosplays, what’s your favorite outfit and story?

Steph: My favorite outfit that I’ve probably made is my DC Bombshells: Harley Quinn. It definitely took a long time to make and I tried my hardest to get every detail down.Steph2

MoGT: We all have our favorite moments and stories about Cosplaying, how about yours?

Steph: My favorite stories when I cosplay usually involve when little kids come up and hug me or want a picture with me all dressed up. Especially at this past Nan Desu Kan, I had a little boy in a Totoro outfit that I wanted a picture with, and he just started blowing me kisses and it made my day. Other than that my favorite stories involve running around with my friends, and meeting celebrities. For example, I loved meeting John DiMaggio and asking him for a selfie, even though he was supposed to charge me for the photos, he took my phone and took 4 photos with me making these goofy faces.

MoGT: What inspires you to dress up?

Steph: A lot of DC shows inspire me to dress up, for example Batman Beyond, and Young Justice and all of those DC cartoon shows. I don’t really dress up from movies or books, but I am big on dressing up from mangas/animes and my favorite comic books to. The Teen Titans comic book is a big favorite of mine, and I love JLA, All-New X-Men and many others.

MoGT: When you aren’t Cosplaying what’s your style of choice? Any good shopping tips?

Steph: Hmm, I guess I usually wear just jeans and a t-shirt, usually with something nerdy-related. Although lately I’ve been trying to wear more dresses and boots. I don’t go shopping too often, although when I do I usually go with coupons. And I like checking out Goodwill every now and then.

Steph5MoGT: What got you into cosplay? Where do you want it to take you?

Steph: My friends were talking about conventions one day in school, and I decided that I wanted to go and they suggested that I dress up as a character that I looked like or wanted to be. When I got to the convention I saw all of these amazing cosplays, and it definitely sucked me in. I haven’t always done it, I spent a few years just repeating same costumes, or tearing up clothes and hand stitching it into something for cosplay. Although in the past 2 years I’ve gotten really into it with my friends and bought a sewing machine, and have seriously stepped up in my skills of making cosplay. I just love dressing up, and creating my favorite characters from scratch. I don’t think my cosplays will take me anywhere; I just do it because I love to, not because I expect anything out of it, and if people like my cosplays, then hey! That makes me feel wonderful, but I don’t feel the need to become famous from it.


MoGT: Tell us your best stories about a person or group of people you’ve met while at an event? What is the Cosplay culture where you’re from?

Steph: One of my favorite stories is when I went to San Diego Comic Con this past year and tried to sneak into this huge party with all of these celebrities. I got to the level of the hotel where the party was at, but then the host told me to leave if I wasn’t on the list, so I had to go back down, and as the elevator was closing Phoebe Tonkin, from The Originals, asked me to hold the elevator and jumped on with me on the way down. We talked the whole way down and she was just so nice, and it was unexpected and awesome haha.

MoGT: What is the Cosplay culture where you’re from?

Steph: The cosplay culture in Colorado is amazing. There is such a large community of cosplayers who have amazing talent and are very accepting. If you go to conventions like Denver Comic Con, the percentage of people cosplaying is huge, and it feels great to be surrounded by so many friends with so much talent.

MoGT: What was your very first cosplay: character/event/story?

Steph: My first character that I cosplayed was Kairi from Kingdom Hearts 2 at Nan Desu Kan. I don’t really have much of a story, other than the fact I spent waaaaay too much money in the Dealer’s room my first time because I’ve never seen so much anime stuff in one place before.

Steph1MoGT: Can you share how your costume(s) came about? Any good crafting tips?

Steph: A lot of my costumes came from characters I’ve always loved. I ended up really getting into sewing and crafting with the more complex characters I wanted to be. I definitely suggest tutorials from Deviant Art or YouTube for crafting. That has always helped me, also asking my friends for advice, and experimenting! I usually make a cosplay twice from messing up the first time, but it’s worth trying out and learning from what your mistakes.

MoGT: Outside of cosplay what are your hobbies and/or interests?

Steph: I am really into shows on the CW haha, and I like playing video games like Smash Bros, Arkham games, Pokemon games, and etc. Although usually when I have free time I am either cooking or sewing.

MoGT: What are some upcoming events or projects you are a part of/or looking forward to?

Steph: I will be attending Rocky Mountain Con in October, but I’m really excited to go to Anime Los Angeles, and I have a lot of cosplays that I’m looking forward to making

MoGT: Tells us about what you want your followers to know about you: what are your passions in life? Any advice for our readers and your followers?

Steph: My passions in life usually involve traveling or helping people, I love being there for people and helping in any way that I can. I would love to make a cosplay to take to multiple children’s hospitals and just try to brighten up children’s days. I’m not sure what advice to give aside from don’t give up on what you love doing. Be passionate about what you love and don’t let any person or criticism stand in your way.

MoGT: If your nerd dream came true: what are you starring in, and who are you starring with? Actor/actresses/writer/directors?

Steph: Hmm. If my nerd dream came true I would probably want to star in an X-Men movie with Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Lawrence. Haha, I’ve always wanted to be a mutant from x-men so I would freak out if that ever happened.

If you want to see more of St3phbot and keep up with her adventures be sure to follow her!

~ All her photo’s courtesy of WeNeal’s Photography ~

~ S.M. Presley ~


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