4 The Con Series: Rose City Review


After spending most of the year covering Cons and con related fun, this was our chance to step back and Fan Boy out a little; we picked a good event to do that at.  It was likely the last hot summer weekend in the Portland area, not a good sign in the Pacific North West for an indoor event.  The power of Nerdom came through though, compared to last year’s turnout the Oregon Convention Center (OCC) was jumping.  The Cosplay also stepped its game up, Portland gets some bonus points this year for fandom.

Picture from host.madison.com You get the point...

Picture from host.madison.com
You get the point…

Let’s quickly dispatch with the complaints.  If you pre-bought tickets and got to the OCC early, the line to pick up was bordering on stupid levels – across the building, up the stairs, and back across the building.  We walked up to the non-pre-purchase line and made it out in two minutes.  Unlike past years Con-goers are thinking big crowds, and getting those tickets ahead of time.  RCCC could have done better planning for those lines, and we’re sure they will next year.  Hopefully  they start using that extra convention center space in the future too, autographs and photo-ops need to be held away from the crowded booths.  Outside of that, the layout was pretty good: plenty of booths, plenty of aisle space to walk around too, and the panels were held away from the crowds so there was plenty of space outside of them for people to mill about, rest, and stand in line if need be.

wpid-wp-1411435181395.jpegNow for the highlights: Wil Wheaton kicks some serious tail.  We took in his panel, and it really goes without saying he’s a thoughtful and impressive speaker – he also really knows how to get the audience going; afterwards we got giddy when we got the picture opportunity with one of our idols.  We also snagged some autograph swag from two of our favorite actors, Nic Brendon and Sean Astin.  One of the things I always tell people when they ask for Con going advice is to savor the small local Cons, they are great for autograph and photo-op lines.

The booths had their share of kicking art work and writers.  Funko is right up the I-5, so we got to pick up a couple for the collection since the place was swimming in bobbleheads.  All-in-all it was a relaxing Con for the MoGT: it’s great to have one of those every year.

Thanks to Rose City CC for a fun weekend.



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