Spoilers be Damned! Hidden Gems of Netflix – From Dusk till Dawn the series


As a fan of the movies – all that blood, guts, bad-assness, and (mmmm) Salma Hayek – I was stoked to see a series.  The Gecko brothers are back in action as the series plays in-line with the first film.  D.J. Cotrona and Zane Holtz have some big shoes to fill, as does the lovely Eiza Gonzalez playing Santanico Pandemonium.  The pilot opens with a little voodoo snake pit and an interesting place for a snake to travel…. Oh, hey look!  It’s Don Johnson!  This is going to be a fun ride!

dd2Holtz is far too much fun as the maybe-out-of-his-mind-killer-at-random.  The show uses flashbacks and bouncing from story line to story line to keep you paying attention.  Now if I have to give you something I don’t agree with, it’s Fez Wilmer Valderrama playing a semi-badass vamp.  He’ll always be dumb, lovable Fez.  Wait is that Jake Busey looking like Doctor Stu from the Hangover?  Ok I’m back with this show!

Episodes 4 and 5 drag on as an attempt at character development takes place, I found myself wandering into thoughts of where is all the typical blood, guts, and boobs?  Then BANG!  End of episode 6 we find our characters starting to gather at the Titty Twister, open from dusk till dawn!  Parenting tip, never take your underage daughter into a seedy Mexican strip joint.

Alright another Wilmer complaint, does the sun kill him or even require a little SPF?  It’s kind of hit-and-miss, and the appearance as other thing kind of was out-of-place. Oh no, Holtz is walking down the pedo path…. These two arguing about whether to stay at the strip club reminds me of old drinking days with a certain other Minister, someone always wanted to leave.

Eiza Gonzalez does a tasty little snake charming dance and we are back in action, then she gets hungry – what kind of floor show is this?  Busey’s back with a strap-on pistol, this keeps getting better.  Now we are getting our money’s worth of blood!  WTF!  Chainsaws!!!

Ok, ok – enough spoilers, the last few episodes get a little strange, and frankly, for some anti-hero brothers on the run from the law finding vampires at a seedy Mexican strip joint, that’s saying a bit.  Overall the show lived up to well beyond my expectations.  I’m looking forward to season 2.  It’s not The Strain, as vampire shows go, but I will recommend it.

So who’s hotter Salma or Eiza?













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