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The Ministers of Good Taste like to reach out and conduct interviews with fellow cosplayers around the world to see what’s going on.  If you would like to be part of CosTalk, or know someone who would – please contact us at

This week we are fortunate enough to be able to interview fellow cosplayer LipRipper! 


Rob Schofield Photography –

  • Let’s get rolling, tells us about yourself and how long you’ve been Cosplaying? 

I’m a cosplayer from West Yorkshire, England. I’ve not been cosplaying for very long; my first convention that I cosplayed at was London Super Comic Con in March this year. I think it’s safe to say that I’m hooked though! So far this year I’ve attended: London Super Comic Con, Edinburgh Comic Con, Button Mash 8, Yorkshire Cosplay Con, Halifax Anime & Manga Con, MCM Manchester and Sheffield Film & Comic Con!

  • Where did your Nerdness come from and what kind of story is behind it?

I have two older brothers so even when I was pretty small I’d watch things like Red Dwarf and Buffy the Vampire Slayer with them, even if I did hide whenever it got scary! I was lucky enough to be a kid when Pokemon first got big here in the U.K. and I think that was the first thing I was ever obsessed with, I collected anything that I could get my hands on that related to Pokemon! So my nerdyness has always been there!

  • What are the shows/comics/books/ movies that inspire you to dress up? Role models? Actors/Actresses you aspire to look like? How would you describe your style away from cosplay?

Well, I love Harley Quinn so anything to do with her is a given, I’m currently trying to collect every comic that she’s appeared in! Apart from Harley, I adore superhero films and shows like Doctor Who, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc so whenever I watch one now I usually find a character that I’d like to cosplay. I’m also getting more into other comics, particularly DC ones so I get a lot of inspiration there. Also, quite often one of my friends will either suggest a character or pick a character that I could accompany!

My style away from cosplay is mainly a nerdy t-shirt and jeans, although I’ll mix it up with dresses and skirts on occasion. I don’t really follow fashion, if I like I wear it!

  • Can you share the design aspect of your costume(s), and how they came about? Any good shopping tips?
Photo Credit: Caelien Creations -  as Hawkeye & featuring Sharpe Dressed Man -  as Sinestro

Photo Credit: Caelien Creations – as Hawkeye & featuring Sharpe Dressed Man – as Sinestro

Whether I’m buying or making a costume I always try to sketch out a rough idea of what I want it to look like and then go on a Google hunt for pictures of the character. I find looking at pictures of other cosplayers who have done the character helpful too, I try not to copy them but they’re great for initial inspiration.

My Arkham Harley Quinn was bought from the internet, my key tip there is to bookmark the page and keep checking in case the price drops! I’m now looking at upgrading it piece by piece, at the moment I’m waiting for a corset to arrive that I’ll be altering the colour of and using to recreate the top. I’ve found using that as a start is much easier than starting from scratch.

Also, if you can go to Primark! Most of my New 52 Harley’s clothes were from there and it makes life so much easier when you can get clothes cheap! It’s much less of a worry about going wrong if a top was under £5!

  • You’re part of a Cosplay group? Tell us about that?

It’s a very new cosplay group that we haven’t actually got anything together for it yet, but we have so many plans! At the moment it’s just myself and two of my besties.

  • What are your biggest pet peeves while Cosplaying?

I’ve been very lucky in that I’ve not had any problems with people being mean to me or anything inappropriate at conventions, the only thing that bugs me is when people take pictures of you sat on the floor eating at conventions. This happened to my friends and I at Yorkshire Cosplay Con this year and it’s just so weird when the photos show up online. I would have had no problems if we’d agreed with the photographer that it was okay but we didn’t and they didn’t ask.

  • How do the people you meet cosplaying inspire you? Any that have really made a specific impression?

I feel very lucky to have met some amazing people in the short amount of time that I’ve been on the scene. I’ve yet to meet a cosplayer who hasn’t been welcoming and friendly towards me. One that made a specific impression would have to be Colin of Caelien Creations ( who my friends and I met at London Super Comic Con this year, we all stayed in touch and he has become a good friend to all of us!

  • What’s cosplay like where you call home?

There isn’t really much of a cosplay scene where I live, sadly I don’t think most people around here have heard of it!

  • Do you have any good dating stories about breaking the news that you cosplay? Or how does your significant other feel about your nerdness?

I’m lucky enough that my significant other is a massive nerd and was a cosplayer long before I was so there are no problems there! They are very encouraging and always there to help if I need them.

  • What are some upcoming events or projects you are a part of/or looking forward to?

I’m attending EGX London in September, Button Mash 9, MCM London Comic Con in October and Thought Bubble in Leeds in November. I’m hoping to have at least one new costume per event, which is a challenge I might live to regret!

  • Tells us about what you want your followers to know about you: what are your passions in life? Any advice for our readers and your followers?

Away from cosplay I’m pretty average! I like comic books, board games, video games (I’m not a gamer – I’m rubbish!), watching films/shows and hanging out with my friends.

My advice would be to do what makes you happy and not worry too much about what other people think. That’s a piece of advice I need to listen to more myself!

  • If your nerd dream came true: what are you starring in, and who are you starring with? Actor/actresses/writer/directors?

Oooh! Can I be on Tabletop with Wil Wheaton? It would have to be more people than usual on there though! I’ve narrowed it down to: Wil Wheaton (obviously!), David Tennant, Matt Smith, Patrick Stewart, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Emma Watson. Hmm maybe I also want to be in a Sherlock/Dr Who mash up!


Photo Credit: Joanne Saunby – – Featuring Caelien Creations – as Riddler, Charlotte Wood – as Poison Ivy, & Darren Ellis – as Batman

  • Thanks for taking the time to share with us, LipRipper!

You can keep up with LipRipper cosplay’s adventures in Con below:

~ S.M. Presley ~

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