I Went to a Concert, and I liked it… Katy Perry – Prismatic World Tour


I have never been the type to deny my mental age of 12 (16 on a good day). I get excited about simple things, because I believe that it’s the little victories and sweet moments that make life memorable. Any occasion involving wrapped gifts is a major deal to me (because of course I tear into it like a three-year-old), I love stuffed animals and action figures; glitter makes me super happy.

10583806_10152544762187949_2308783614945246378_nMy opinion is this: Life is so full of adult responsibilities, serious decisions, national/worldwide concerns, that to have something simple affect your life in a positive way seems like a legitimate option to let a ray of hope and sunshine into life. My ways of letting sun in are just so simple that it makes my home look like a mix between a Star Wars/Elvis museum and a 13 year-old girl’s bedroom.

One of my simple pleasures in life is music, and my favorite artist, Katy Perry, just charged into her Prismatic World Tour; with her third stop being Portland, Oregon. As soon as I heard she was going to be even REMOTELY close to me, I was looking into tickets. Katy Perry is almost an equivalent to Elvis in my life, and I was NOT missing this opportunity to see her and let her light up my life like a “firework”.

10387677_10152544765122949_4013686855718629414_nOf course, if I was purchasing tickets, I was going to go all out and get as close to her as I could; therefore, floor seats was the only way to go. $320.00 later, I had what I wanted.
Katy Perry has a way of making everything so – with a lack of a better description – magical. It’s like your favorite cartoons and fairy tales come to life right before your eyes with a Dubstep-ish soundtrack. Her shows throw you into a glitter-confetti world with neon lights and a kaleidoscope of designs that make you just dizzy enough to be swept off your feet with wonder. Her inner child shines so bright that it makes the whole coliseum’s inner child pop out for a three-hour chunk of time to dance and sing as loud as possible.

10659455_10152543955022949_8319974818581557180_nThere is a list of the top 14 things you should expect at a Katy Perry concert. All 14 items happened that night – including the blue hair, which I proudly wore.

There is no way to really describe the diversity of Katy Perry fans. The age group ranges from 8-year-olds (which were in front of me) to 45-year-olds (the group of soccer moms to my left). I love to people watch, and this concert was like walking into a Wal*Mart candy store for me: I saw Portland weirdos, hippies, tattooed and dread-locked men, women in fancy dresses and suits, and teenagers in daisy dukes and tutus; the range was so broad that I was overwhelmed. But we all fit together in that huge room because of Katy Perry.

10347422_10152544764852949_1258635030555728262_nI’ve included treats of photos and videos so that I can reveal a glimpse of the magic that happened in my life that night. Hopefully you enjoy.

Basically I’m trying to say that if you should ever hear that Katy Perry is somewhere near you, GET TICKETS!

And take me with you.

~ S.M. Presley ~


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