4 the Con 2014: Rose City Comic Con, September 20-21 – Portland, OR


4 the Con Series 2014 continues with our home town Rose City Comic Con

It will be held September 20-21 @ the Oregon Convention Center in beautiful downtown Portland!

Anytime you get to hit the local Con it’s a true pleasure, and Rose City puts on a fantastic show in a great venue for the people of Portland.  We have to say after cosplaying in San Diego’s unusually warm summer and the humidity of Atlanta, fall in the Pacific Northwest will be a pleasure. 

The Oregon Convention Center has a ton of room, and you’d never feel cramped here, it allows RCCC to invite a ton of artists and guests.  So let’s talk the guest list, the highlight include:

  • Cosplayer Ani-Mia (@AniMiaofficial) – we are really looking forward to seeing her work.
  • Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings, Rudy, The Strain) – he’s always been one of our favorites, it’s too bad he didn’t survive that little vampire epidemic going around, at least he gets to make this show though. 
  • rcccGarrett Wang, the famous Star Trek ensign.
  • Nicholas Brendon of Buffy fame, JT Riles may violate his restraining order to get another autograph. 
  • The forever lovely Gigi Edgley from Farscape.
  • Original Ghost Buster, Ernie Hudson – make sure if you go see him to not cross streams in the autograph line. 
  • If you’re a fan of such hits as The Goonies, Sopranos, & the Bad Boys movies check out Joe Pantoliano making an appearance. 
  • Now we saved the best for last….. Wil Freaking Wheaton folks!  He’s worth double the admission.  We’re going to see if we can’t talk him into joining our bowling team!

To go along with the above mentioned artists and booths upon booths of exhibitors, Rose City is getting it done right.  There will be plenty of room to hang out and mingle, cosplay, and enjoy the fun.  Look out for our restaurant recommendation(s) as the event gets closer, and most importantly: Don’t forget to look for the Ministers as well (Jedi’s we will be). 

~ E.S. Norton ~


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