Road Warriors: Top Ten – er, 13 Road Trip Songs

Well, our road trip for the year has come and gone.  But while we were on the road we put together a list of the songs we think should be a part of any road trip playlist – check it out!

Honourable Mentions – Mustang Sally, On the Road Again, Desperado

#10 – Don’t Stop Believing

Journey and power ballads go hand-in-hand, power ballads and road trips go hand-in-hand, ergo: Journey and road trips go…  you already know.  Anyways, we haven’t stopped believing that this song should be a part of any outing of considerable time on the road, and neither should you.

#9 – Hotel California

My personal #1 song of all time, with some truly iconic lines. Who doesn’t immediately bust into a sing-along when it comes on?  It brings me to instant memories of road trips to sunny Cali destinations.

E.S. Norton

#8 – Highway to Hell

What kind of list would this be if didn’t include a little AC/DC?  Turn this track up and get a little head-banging in on your trip to… wherever it is you’re going.

#7 – Hollywood Nights

If you’re anywhere close to our generation, you couldn’t have taken a family road trip without Dad blasting a little Seger. Still classic and iconic today, we never leave home without that raspy voice.

E.S. Norton

#6 – Old Time Rock and Roll

It may not have much to do with traveling, but man, do we love rocking out to this song!  It’s definitely a track that should be taken off the shelf – we could sit and listen to them by ourselves, but we think you should join us!

#5 – Life is a Highway

Because life is a highway, and road trips usually happen on them – this song makes a perfect road trip song.  It’s fast, it’s upbeat, it’s got great lyrics, and boy! does this guy get around – from Mozambique to Memphis?  We all need a road trip like that one.

#4 – Ticket to Ride

We all have that girl or someone who drives us mad, who makes us sad, who should have thought twice – and who better to put that into song than one of the greatest bands of all time?  The Beatles almost always have songs you can sing along with, and this one made our list for road trips.  A couple of others you could grab: Drive My Car and who doesn’t love a little Yellow Submarine?

#3 – Sweet Home Alabama

“Turn it up” – well, that’s what we do whenever this song comes through on our playlist.  Lynyrd Skynyrd hit it out of the park with musical refrains that are familiar to us all – who doesn’t know what song is coming on with that opening guitar riff?  …and now I’m pulling it up on YouTube to listen to it.  “Big wheels keep on turning…”

#2 – Summer of 69

Road trips are a perfect time to get a little nostalgic – they give you plenty of time to think about the good things in life like a first love; and this song plays right into that.  Definitely a song that should make any road trip playlist.

#1 – Boys of Summer

What’s more classic than a summer road trip? Baseball, a road trip, and a girl. Not many intros in music are better than this one. Our admiration for Don Henley/Eagles knows no bounds.

E.S. Norton

~ E.S. Norton, TheRealThirtyMinuteAbs, and J.T. Riles


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  1. Good list. Missing a few: Good to Go to Mexico by Toby Keith, Just Like Heaven by The Cure, Take On Me by A-ha.


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