September 11, 2001 – The Day That Changed America

This was the day that changed America.

This was the day that changed our lives.

This was the day that changed our sense of security and safety, and forced us to grow up in an era of constant surveillance masquerading as vigilance.  This was the day that took away our innocence and forced us into cynicism about the true nature of human existence.  This was the day that took away countless lives, and over the next decade would change many more.  This was a day that made another generation grow up too fast, if they even got a chance to grow up at all.

This was a day that brought us together only to all-too-quickly tear us apart.  This was a day of heroes and anti-heroes.

This was a day that reaffirmed the strength of a city.  This was a day that showed the powerlessness of a nation.

This was a day that brought us leaders.  This was a day that exposed followers.

This was a day like no other; that beautiful, sunny Tuesday morning of September 11, 2001.  Pearl Harbor struck at our military, an expected target.  Al Qaeda struck at our homes, our bakeries, our fruit stands, our hot dog stands, our butcher shops, our offices, and at the heart of our nation.

This was more personal.  This was an attack on our way of life.  An attack on who we are as people.  An attack on our identity.

Never before has there been such an attack.  Never before has so much changed as a result.  But just like with anything bad, there’s always a silver lining.  9/11 reminded us of the frailty of life, and how we should spend as much time as we can with our loved ones.  And how we should let go of old grudges and anger.  And how we should embrace our lives, because these are the only lives we get.  And how we should love, live, and laugh.  And maybe if we do that enough, we will eventually overcome the hate of that day, and once again bring hope and restore a sense of innocence and trust that once lived in all of us.  And maybe the souls that perished that day and days since will have a semblance of peace because their deaths would not be in vain.  And maybe our country could restore its sense of pride in itself and be a gleaming light of hope.  And maybe then we can say that this was the day that changed America.

To all who sacrificed and perished, thank you.

~ TheRealThirtyMinuteAbs ~


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