Food on the Fly – A Taste of Reno


If you read us often, and you should, you know that the Ministers are world travelers.  Our love for our alma matter Washington State University has us on a road trip this weekend to the lov… err… umm city of Reno for a little tailgate and football.  Now expectations are not high going in that we are going to find some crazy good eats to tell you about, but that didn’t stop us.  Here’s what we found.

Legends Grill, Sports, & Spirits: It seems every bar in this town is in a strip mall, but hey you can’t win them all.  This place has a nice atmosphere & good crowd.  Friendly service, but lacks a little on the stiff drinks.  If you’re into local flair with your micro brews you’d enjoy their selections over their mixed drinks.  Where we highly recommend this place is the food, it’s a solid 9 out of 10.  We attacked the normal bar fare: nachos, dry rubbed wings, jalapeño poppers, and some sandwiches.  All were top notch bar food.  We left a bunch of empty plates and couldn’t stop raving how delicious it all was.

Death & Taxes: This place gives off a creepy vibe upon arriving, the hidden door behind the book shelf doesn’t take any of that away.  It’s a different kind of place.  We took a seat at the small bar and surveyed the liquor selection, frankly I was at a loss.  Bottles upon bottles with names I had never seen before, and trust me I’ve been in a bar or eight.  We watched the gentleman behind the bar make a few drinks as we studied the very creative menu of drinks.  What he was doing could only be called an art form of mixology.  We selected three different drinks, watched again as he carefully crafted these exotic mixtures, as they were delivered the aroma is what hits you first.  A pleasurable blend of fruit and herbs.  Now for the taste: these are meant for sipping pleasure, starting with another whiff of their aroma, you get a wonderfully blended fruit taste followed by the smoothest liquor finish.  We can’t tell you enough, if you’re in Reno and you go to one bar, make it this one.  It quickly jumped to one of our favorites we’ve ever been fortunate to stumble upon.  Frankly it’s far too good for Reno, which we’ve dubbed the “taint of America”, (New Jersey already owns the “arm-pit”).  If you’re ever unfortunate enough to have to be in Reno we highly recommend either of these places, and getting the heck out of there as fast as possible.


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  1. I agree regarding Reno. As for New Jersey, you’d need to travel with me to Atlantic city… You’d have a different experience! Especially the great Bikini Bars!


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