Channel Surfing: The Strain – The Disappeared


Following last week’s episode Creatures of the Night I thought maybe we were in for a little less talk and a lot more action…  apparently, I was wrong.

After moving into an action-packed episode where they kept the adrenaline flowing and vampire heads rolling, Eph and crew must have come off a high and decided to take almost a full episode off.  Cuz it’s not like there are vampires everywhere taking over NYC.  Good grief, guys!  Seriously!  Eph – keep it in your pants!

After fleeing the gas station last week, the Scooby Gang heads over to Eph’s old house – either he wants to check up on his son, or he’s a masochist… or both.  They get there right after Zach gets dropped off by his mom’s obnoxious friend, and Eph enters the house to find Matt trying to feed on Zach.  A brief violent episode later and there’s a head rolling around on the ground – something the kid seems to take in stride just a little too well; it’s almost like this kid expected his mom’s live-in boy-toy to grow a second head and try to kill him – y’know, normal school night stuff.  I’ve got to note: it had to feel good to Eph to whack that guy around, right?

And then it gets weird…  I mean, right after saving his son Eph hands him off to Abraham and the exterminator and hacker he just met: nothing says love like handing your kid over to complete strangers after you’ve hacked a guy’s head off in front of them.  They take off while Eph and Nora stay behind to take care of Matt’s decapitated body and warn Eph’s ex-wife, and then… things take a turn for the frisky – they get it on and that’s where we leave them until the end of the episode.

Vasiliy and Dutch meanwhile enter her apartment to get some supplies only to find out Dutch’s roomate/friend/whatever has ripped her off – but left her gun behind.  She’s busy feeling sorry for herself when her friend walks in – next thing you know, the exterminator has struck again.  (I love this guy!)  They head back out to the van where Abraham and Zach are waiting for them, and head to Abraham’s old pawn shop.  While waiting for his dad and Nora to return, Zach talks with Abraham about what’s going on and they have a pretty good discussion – the kind of discussion you’d hope his dad was ready to have with him, but we all know better by now.

In another part of town, Gus and his cousin, Felix, are being transported by the police after being processed.  Remember last week?  Yeah, we do too.  If only the cops knew what was in store for them…  Either way, the whole episode ends with a crashed van, a couple of dead cops, a dead Felix strigoi, and Gus on the run in a bright orange jumpsuit – I’m guessing the police aren’t really going to spend that much time looking for these guys because they’ve got bigger issues on their hand.

While everything else is going on in this episode – we’re given more views into the past, both Abraham’s and Eichorst’s with The Master (again with the BtVS references!): their part in the making of the casket/crate/planter The Master get’s shipped in, Abraham’s first encounter with The Master, the last days of the concentration camp, and how Eichorst became who he is today.

We end the episode with Eph and Nora making it back to Abraham’s after an encounter with one of his ex-wife’s friends.  Dutch admits her part in the screeching halt of communication systems to Abraham and we’re treated to some more platitudes about giving up and not doing anything, yada, yada, yada – we’ve heard it all before, can we get back to the killing of vampires already?!  Abraham also turns to recruit Vasiliy as the only member of the group who’s been a man of action and will do what needs to be done.  It all wraps up with what I guess is supposed to be a touching father/son scene – but it leaves us all wanting more from the episode.

We here at MoGT are fans of this show, but for all it has built up to – this show seemed like filler: like they were just killing time and filling up space.  Now I won’t begrudge Eph his fling with Nora – Mia Maestro would be hard to turn down; but other than some of the back-story I don’t feel the storyline was advanced at all.  Hopefully we’ll get back to some more action next week, and we’ll see what The Master’s plans are – I can’t wait (and I can only imagine it has something to do with opening the Hellmouth which is Brooklyn?).

Till next time.

The Strain is aired on FX, Sundays at 10pm

~ J.T. Riles ~


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