Road Warriors – Do’s and Don’t of a Traveling Fan.


This week, we will be taking MOGT on the road to celebrate the opening of the College Football season (lest you thought we were all comics and food, we also like fooooootball and Vicky Valencourt…).  Most of us are pretty seasoned travelers, and over time we’ve picked up a few Do’s and Don’ts when doing the annual College Football pilgrimage.  So, without further ado (which is French for “we will have an above 50% third down conversion rate this season”) lets do this!

DO represent your team.  Wear your jerseys, your hats, your lucky team socks.  Make sure people know you’re there to support your team.  Bring a flag and/or a poster sign.

DO tailgate!  This is football, people – you must, must, must show up a couple of hours early, grill some stuff, talk football with people you’ve never met before, and throw the old pigskin around.  Your team’s success depends on this!  No, really – it does.

Don't be these guys

Don’t be these guys

DON’T be an idiot.  That means, don’t drink a fifth of whiskey to pre-game and then act like a total ass@#$% to the home team’s fans.  You’re not only making the rest of the fans look bad, you’re also putting your friends in an awkward spot because at some point, someone’s gonna take issue with you and it won’t end well.  (Exception to the rule:  If you’re traveling to a University of Oregon game.  Pre-gaming with a 1/5 of whiskey or moonshine is essential because Oregon fans are the worst.)

DON’T cut – DO take turns.  Everywhere.  This ties into the above point, but we felt it needed it’s own bullet point.  This includes the lines into the game, the lines at concessions, the bathrooms, and the parking lot after the game.  What you do reflects on the colours you wear and the school you call your own – don’t make people unnecessarily hate your school, and wish you hadn’t come because you couldn’t show some common courtesy.

DO be this guy!

DO be this guy!

DO buy a program, collectible cup, or something else that you can remember this trip by.  Take pictures with your friends.  Take pictures with complete strangers.  Take pictures with the mascot and cheerleaders!  You traveled some distance to support your Alma Mater which indicates they do have some importance to you – so being something home that you can remember it by!

DO make noise and support your team.  Most likely you’ll end up sitting in a designated visiting team section, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to start chants and do your fair amount of yelling.  Friendly trash talking with the opposing fans is always encouraged and generally makes the experience that much better.

DON’T be a poor sport: win or lose.  It’s a game, stuff happens.  Don’t forget it’s a game, and be gracious if your team wins: it’s never cool to be beat on your home field/court/turf, and the other fans are having a bad enough night already without you making it worse.  If your team loses – that sucks, and we’re sorry; we’ve been there before though (many, many times) – don’t let it get to you too much, and don’t respond to the fans from the other side if they can’t be good sports.  You can only control you – so be cool.  (Again, we note that none of this applies to games at Oregon.  If you ever go as an opposing fan, you’ll see what we mean.)

LASTLY… Much like our road trip advice yesterday: DO HAVE FUN!  Whether this be a once-in-a-lifetime trip, a weekly event, or an annual pilgrimage – this is a game, and nothing should get in the way of everybody enjoying it.

We hope you guys have an awesome season… as long as it doesn’t interfere with our team having one.

~ TheRealThirtyMinuteAbs & J.T. Riles ~


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