Road Warriors – The Do’s and Don’ts of Road Tripping



The MoGT are huge football fans – especially of our Alma mater; because of that we try to make at least one road game a year.  This year – we’re on the road to Reno!  And we thought this would be a good time to go over the do’s and don’ts of road-trips: they can make or break the strongest of friendships, so it’s important to do them right.

You're drunk - and you're doing it wrong...

You’re drunk – and you’re doing it wrong…

DO plan ahead.  Know where you’re going, when you’re leaving, how you’re going to get there, how much it will cost, etc.  There’s nothing like having to do all that stuff last minute to put you and/or everybody going in a bad mood.

DO communicate!  It’s important to communicate the plan and any pertinent information to everybody going too so that everybody knows when they need to be places, who’s responsible for what, how much money they need to bring, etc.

DO share the costs.  If this is a group trip, it’s best if you split the costs of things you share: gasoline, car rental/maintenance, hotels, etc.  This keeps the costs down for everyone and is just the best way of doing business.

DO bathe before departing!  Especially if you’re going on a multi-day trip without stopping anywhere overnight that has shower facilities.  And use deodorant – nobody wants to smell your nasty stink while in a confined area.

Which brings us to a DON’T…  load up on Taco Bell or any other food items you know disturb the internal workings of you.  Now is not the time to cash in one of your courtesy sniffs: it’s not cool, and it doesn’t endear you to anybody.

Snickers_wrappedgodzilla-2014-snickers-commercialDO bring snacks!  You’re going to get hungry and thirsty, and you may need a little pick-me-up; so pack a cooler and bring some light snacks along for the ride.  Maybe throw a Snickers or two in there for when your friend turns into Godzilla or something.

DO know the group’s musical tastes!  Music can make or break the mood on a trip, and if you’re playing grunge when the other two guys are country fans – there’s going to be some friction.  If y’all don’t like the same kind of music, maybe some talk radio… but not political!  Unless you all agree on the issues, or agree on hating whichever far left/right wacko you tune in to.  Or maybe you all agree to switch genres.  I don’t know what the solution is for you, but know you need one before taking off.  And when you do all agree on the song – pump it up!  Nothing like getting the blood pumping with a little Eye of the Tiger or The Final Countdown, right?

DO share the driving!  Not many people like to be stuck behind the wheel for hours on end, so make sure that you split it into manageable chunks.  This can also be considered beneficial for road safety, as driving too long can lead to drowsiness and inattention – let’s stay safe, people!

DON’T leave the driver to himself: be a pal (unless they really, really want to be left alone – hints may include cussing, glaring, hitti… you get the picture, I’ll let you be the judge).  Driving can be boring, and it’s good if you can keep the driver alert – so talk to him about whatever you guys usually talk about.

DON’T decide that this is the trip you’re going to convert your buddies.  I mean, you’re going to be in a small confined area for hours and hours on end – what better time to tell them they’re wrong: be it in politics, religious beliefs, lifestyle, what have you?!  Just be a pal, not an obnoxious ass-hat.

And finally…

DO HAVE FUN!  This is a road trip, one of the great American past-times!  Since Henry Ford started his assembly lines, Americans have hit the road for no other reason than to go… somewhere… anywhere.  It’s what we do!  So there’s no reason you shouldn’t be enjoying yourself exploring, there’s a lot of land left to see – get out there and hit the road!  And if you feel like it, share your best (or worst) road trip stories with us!



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